瑞典银河真理报|第264期 琳达•狄龙:圣母玛利亚~高举更高的愿景

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TZ here;The importance of this channelled message from Divine Mother cannot be overstated.I suggest that you read it carefully.She is providing us with so much information here and this is THE most reliable source of channelled information available that I am aware of.

TZ here;这个来自神圣母亲的信息的重要性怎么强调都不为过。我建议你仔细阅读它。她在这里为我们提供了如此多的信息,这是我所知道的最可靠的渠道信息来源。

They[the human collective]are choosing truth,they are choosing love,they are choosing generosity,they are choosing equality and fairness.These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth.


瑞典银河真理报|第264期 琳达•狄龙:圣母玛利亚~高举更高的愿景Linda Dillon:Universal Mother Mary~Holding the Higher Vision



They[the human collective]are choosing truth,they are choosing love,they are choosing generosity,they are choosing equality and fairness.These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth.


This wonderful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.


Universal Mother Mary~Holding the Higher Vision


Greetings,I am Mary,I am Mare,Universal Mother,Mother of Love,Mother of One,Mother of All,and yes,sweet one,Mother of Change,Mother of Infinite Constancy.Welcome,my sweet daughter,sweet angel of blue,angel of hope,angel of peace,angel of change,yes,part of Mi-ka-el's Legion of Blue,in service to the Truth,in service to the One,for these are interchangeable.…


Susan:I understand we have a lot more intense challenges to go through in the next while and then a lot of upliftment and light…




S:You know,of course,I want timelines that I know we don't get…How much easier will next year be…or will it be?


UMM:It will.The first part of your 2021 will continue to see some upheaval,some clean-up–and I do not simply mean in the USA,but on a more global level as well.There are those,many of whom have existed in positions of favour or power,who are,shall we say,resistant to a shift on the planetary level and so that creates some of this back and forthing in the clean-up.But,by springtime,you will literally feel as if you are living in the promise.


S:Oh,that's wonderful.


UMM:There is much discussion on your planet about these infamous timelines.And understand,as I have said to you earlier,I am not simply waving my hand to create a Nova Earth.Gi'Anna[Gaia]herself is more than capable of taking care of what you can think of as planetary adjustments,and she will do so particularly in concert with her Star brethren.So that is attended to.

UMM:在你们的星球上有很多关于这些臭名昭著的时间线的讨论。请理解,正如我之前对你们所说的,我并不是简单地挥手创造一个新星地球。Gi'anna[Gaia]本人完全有能力处理你所认为的行星调整问题,她将特别与她的 Star 兄弟们一起这样做。所以这个问题已经解决了。

But the joy,the excitement of being Nova Gaian on Nova Earth is the construction,the foundation of what is possible,because the awakening to love is done,yes,ever-expanding;that is the nature of love.But we are not going to rob you after you have,as you have pointed out,"endured for so long".We are not going to deny you the pleasure of the reconstruction,not as struggle,but as joy.


So does the reconstruction take several years?Yes,that is the Plan for this decade.But is the freedom to begin and really be in the reconstruction already underway?The answer is yes.So does 2021 bring relief?That is truly your question and the answer is yes.Does it bring the fulfilment of several dreams and projects that you have kept near to your heart?The answer is yes.


S:Excellent.Are people indeed going to be without healthcare,even worse than they are now,for a period of time in these next few months?




S:The threat of that is merely a threat and that's gone?


UMM:Correct.It is not even a threat.It is a lie.


S:Okay,so eliminate worry?


UMM:Eliminate worry.Those who wish to control the narrative,the unfoldment,have created many lies,many untruths,many distractions.Simply look at it and let it go.


S:So are we on a more positive trajectory now,or do we have lots more trudging to do until spring or until things brighten up?


UMM:It is not written,and part of it is the level of recalcitrance that is in the air.Now,for example,you are doing your part by that transmuting through your body.Think of it in this way.The collective energy of what is acceptable will determine how much or how little chaos or upheaval takes place.


When the collective is anticipating massive upheaval,violence,civil war,civil unrest,etc.,then,in fact,that is what is creating it.The expectation is feeding the creation.So when you hold the intention of peace,of a kinder,gentler,more compassionate,cohesive world,then that is what you are creating.So the fear factor is,in fact,encouraged by those who wish to maintain the chaos and upheaval.Do you understand what I say?


S:Absolutely,yes!What an important thought.


UMM:So hold the vision of the peace.


S:"Hold the vision of peace,"yes!Everyone needs to know that,don't they?


UMM:Yes,they do.There is a curious phenomenon in the human psyche that has developed as a reactive behaviour to being abused,to being controlled,and that is the false belief system that if they sit in fear and worry,that somehow it creates a positive outcome–and that is absurd.It is,yes,one thing to be aware and vigilant,but it is another to call in the storm.


S:Got it!


UMM:You have–and yes,share that.


S:What a wonderful reminder,thank you.


UMM:You are welcome.And I say this to you,sweet daughter of my heart,because I know you truly understand what I say.


S:Yes,I needed the reminder.


UMM Reminders are helpful!Just like when you look at a picture…think of it,a family picture when the children are small and you are all filled with love and hope and the dream of the bright future.That is what you are doing.You are holding the vision for the bright future.


S:Excellent.And I really do get that the more people who could do more of that will decrease the fear that is being put out there.


UMM:That is correct.There is nothing to be fearful of in the change to love.So yes,there is much that is being fed into the fear machine,but let us override it.


S:I'm just basking in the light of your wonderful energy.


UMM:Dearest heart,you are loved.


S:Oh,I do know that and I am very fortunate.


UMM:As am I.


S:My situation in the world is so much easier than for so many people and I really do appreciate that,and I'm grateful that we are so close to making things better for more people.


UMM:And that is the vision:that people do not live in hunger and starvation,in bombed-out rubble,in places with no water and no hope.


S:Absolutely.No peace and no comfort…I'm grateful that it will be possible for a lot of that to be changed very soon.


UMM:And you are changing it,let me be clear with that.So,for example,if a neighbour came to your door and said,"Can I borrow a cup of flour or a pinch of salt?"you would give it to them.Your collective neighbours are saying to you,"Can you give me a pinch of hope?Can you give me a cup of comfort?"And make no mistake about it,sweet daughter–you are!So you are sharing it.


You have had the discussions with my beloved Mi-ka-el about how you beam,how you transmit,and that is what you are doing.You say,"Well yes,I see the turbulence in my country and in the politics and societies and chaos.So to those in your country or those in Yemen,you say,"Well,let me give you a cup of comfort,let me give you a pinch of hope,"and you send it to them.

你已经和我亲爱的 Mi-ka-el 讨论过关于你如何发射,如何传输,这就是你正在做的。你说:"是的,我看到了我的国家、政治、社会和混乱中的动荡。所以对于你们国家或者也门的人们,你们说,"好吧,让我给你们一杯安慰,让我给你们一点希望",然后你们把它送给他们。

And they don't know the how or the why,and they do not need to.But all of a sudden,they wake up the next day and the world seems more hopeful,a little bit brighter.And that is what you are all doing and that is what makes the difference.That is the sharing of the love and the real creation of Nova Earth.


S:Excellent.I guess there are many more people doing that now.


UMM:Yes,there are.The feelings that many have had of hopelessness is significantly shifted,and that has actually been one of the gifts of my Pause:that in travelling within to see what is worthy,what is valuable,what needs to be maintained,many have realised that their situation and what they have to offer,and what they value,is in fact this type of love.And then that is how they wish the world,the planet,the galaxy,the universe to be.


So with that reawakening literally changes,shifts,into a new reality.So many more,each in their own way,are doing this energy of holding and shifting the perspective not only of what is possible but of what is.…


S:Excellent.So the political changes that so many people are putting energy toward really are creating a positive?


UMM:Correct.They are choosing truth,they are choosing love,they are choosing generosity,they are choosing equality and fairness.These are the foundational elements of Nova Earth.


S:And so we're creating that,putting that in place?


UMM:Correct.You are claiming it and you are also,at the same time,saying…not with giving it too much attention…but you are saying there is no room for anything else.…


S:And your Plan is my plan.


UMM:Yes,it is,dearest heart.The privilege of leadership,the honour of leadership,is a sacred trust.The leadership of Nova Earth is like a shepherd gathering unto themselves those who are lost or forgotten,not forgetting about the rest of the flock but attending to everybody.


It is a trust that is placed not only in an individual but in a group that they will come together to create a cohesive community.Note what I say:not government,not institution,not society.That they create community and the unity of heart,the unity of purpose.That is the future of my Gaia.




UMM:So yes,beloved,hold the vision,share the vision.When the fear or trepidation rises up,give it to me.I am capable of taking care of it and so is my beloved Mi-ka-el,as you well know!

UMM:是的,亲爱的,保持愿景,分享愿景。当恐惧或者恐惧升起的时候,把它给我。我有能力处理它,我亲爱的 Mi-ka-el 也是,你知道的!

Channeled by Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon 转播

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