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There is a kind of General Narrative in alt news which is a safe space to operate from that runs,as you know,along the lines of:Trump and the Alliance are taking down the Deep State in a gradual-to be effective-process that will eventually yield growing signs in the media with advances in tech and all kinds of positive knowledge to come.


Put Q in the centre of all that and you have your General Narrative.


Now if you are a hunter in the wild places for narratives that give more insight or info on the General One there is always the problem of running into counter or conflicting narratives which usually means your intuition will pop in with a thumbs-up for one over the other.


I'll give you an example,without links as all these sources are easy to find,and also paint a rough picture of my overall posish in my current intel gathering journey.


The President,when the rioting looked bad,announced his possible intention to call in the military to quell them-which my read is he was simply saying what a true president would say at such a juncture as a means of reassuring the peace-loving nation,'Don't worry,there are resources we can use if this doesn't fizzle out.'


Retired Gen Mattis promptly wrote a letter criticising him generally expressing a lack of confidence in his ability.


Not being aware where GM might stand in'the scheme of things'Alliance wise I did not give the matter that much thought.Then an answer to a question turned up in the current zeta talk saying that GM as part of the junta involved in taking down the Deep State,being afraid the President might be overstepping his role(it being a secret military op)wrote a letter to rein him in,so to speak.

由于不知道通用汽车在"事情的计划"中的位置,我没有对这个问题进行过多的思考。然后,在当前的 zeta 谈话中出现了一个问题的答案,通用汽车公司作为军政府的一部分,参与了深州,担心总统可能会超越他的作用(这是一个秘密的军事行动)写了一封信来约束他,可以这么说

Ok,for want of anything better I decided to travel with that as a possible interpretation.


Then I caught Austin Steinbarts latest phone interview on babyq plus youtube(and I do not discount Austin as a valid intel source whatever is claimed about his future self and suggest you don't to).

然后我在 babyq plus youtube 上看到了奥斯汀·斯坦巴茨最新的电话采访(我不否认奥斯汀是一个有效的情报来源,不管他声称自己未来会是什么样子,我建议你不要这么做)

And there he says clearly that GM(the hawks hawk)far from being an Alliance spokesperson,was criticising the President because a major play in the Deep State playbook has been to incite insurrection in other countries and when the military of that country is bought in to bring order,to call attention to the apparent injustice and call for American intervention,which,if such a situation were to outplay in the homeland as a legitimate evolution of events(military response to unrest),would then be exposed as a hypocritical position to take in the future.


Now being very pro the President and having heard enough about GM to be not so keen on him this is how I scored these two narratives.






(Zetas also keep banging away on that'Beware Niburu'theme which I think is a dud note.)


Let me take you just a few steps further in my journey to offer some,what may be helpful impressions,as you make your own.


Ben Fulford(and I have all the time in the world for BF and believe is heart is totally in the right place seeing him as one whose only limitations are those imposed on him by his intel sources…)will often take a sideswipe at the President-he is not totally convinced Trump's agenda is pure.


I fairly recently took in an interview of him by Dr William Mount on his channel where both of them were again critical and it was easy and clear to see why both men were not complete believers.


They were really disenchanted that there were no real outward signs of progress,no world breaking news or arrests.Basically they were fed up that the President appeared to be sitting on the Longest Egg Ever waiting for it to hatch and they had kindof given up on him.




Ben also has brought up the Jared Kushner-666-let's-chip-the-masses connection as part of his reasoning of why the President should not altogether be trusted,but for me this is no longer a prob since I have become assured by the narrative(mainly to be found on The Real Dark Judges twitter feed)that JK and many others have become replaced and are following Alliance scripts.

本还提到了贾里德·库什纳-666-let's-chip-The-masses 连接,作为他推理为什么总统不应该完全被信任的一部分,但对我来说,这已经不再是一个问题,因为我已经被叙述(主要可以在真正的黑暗法官的 twitter feed 上找到)所保证,JK 和许多其他人已经被取代,正在遵循联盟的脚本.

So the President remains ok in my book,given I stay comfortable in this particular offshoot of the rabbit hole...


Can't wait for that Egg to crack tho.



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