Opening this post with a powerful reminder that the [D]eep [S]tate MSM is PROPAGANDA. The video is only 1' 30" - love the expression on the young woman's face. Please pass it on. This video is a giant red pill for those with ears to hear and eyes to see...
以一个强有力的提醒开始这篇文章,深层国家MSM 是宣传。视频只有1'30"——喜欢这位年轻女士脸上的表情。请传下去。这个视频是一个巨大的红色药丸,那些耳朵听到,眼睛看到..。
Online TRUTH journalist Jose Vega savaged a panel of tight-lipped media executives at a conference, including speakers from the New York Times. They sat there mutely, looking stupid, while Jose red-pilled them mercilessly from the floor. A must watch. Bravo to Jose, one gutsy Light Warrior (3 minute video).
在线真相记者何塞 · 维加(Jose Vega)在一次会议上猛烈抨击了一群守口如瓶的媒体高管,其中包括《纽约时报》的发言人。他们一言不发地坐在那里,看起来很愚蠢,而何塞则毫不留情地把他们从地板上扔了下去。一定要看。布拉沃对何塞,一个勇敢的光战士(3分钟视频)。
My role as an online TRUTH journalist is backed by my own experience working in MSM decades ago - when journalists at least PRETENDED to be objective and unbiased. I have watched the gradual decline in integrity within the MSM over many years. My own personal lack of MSM consumption is reflected in this sorry state. I stopped listening to the radio 35 years ago (I worked in radio broadcasting for 13 years as a creative writer, journalist and sales executive and couldn't wait to switch off forever)...I stopped reading the newspaper 13 years ago (I worked as a freelance newspaper journalist for around 6 years and couldn't wait to stop reading forever)...and I stopped watching television 13 years ago. It was a complete detox and my life has been much the richer for it.
作为一名在线真相记者,我的角色得到了几十年前在 MSM 工作的经验的支持——当时的记者至少假装是客观和公正的。多年来,我一直关注着 MSM 内部完整性的逐渐下降。我个人对 MSM 消费的缺乏反映在这种可悲的状态中。我35年前就不再听收音机了(我在无线电广播做了13年的创意作家、记者和销售主管,迫不及待地想永远关掉电台) ... ... 13年前我就不再看报纸了(我当了6年的自由撰稿人,迫不及待地想永远不再看报纸了) ... ... 13年前我就不再看电视了。这是一次彻底的戒毒,我的生活因此变得更加丰富多彩。
These days I briefly check the NZ Herald headlines online every day, mostly to track the utter absurdity that passes as 'news' and to understand how New Zealanders can still be so mind-controlled. The daily pathetic line-up of sport, murder and royal gossip never changes. But I am a Light Warrior digital soldier so I need to keep an eye on the opposition.
A former Trump advisor Jason Meister was interviewed about [B]iden's dismal voter base, i.e. 70% of likely voters don't want [B]iden to run again. As Meister said, 'This is intentional, the controlled demolition of the country...' (44" video).
特朗普的前顾问杰森 · 梅斯特接受采访时谈到了拜登糟糕的选民基础,也就是说,70% 的可能选民不希望拜登再次参选。正如梅斯特所说,‘这是蓄意的,对这个国家的有控制的破坏... ...’(44"视频)。
A young woman describes Dylan Mulvaney's behavior as 'fetishizing' - and she is right (38" video).
一位年轻女性将迪伦 · 马尔瓦尼的行为描述为“迷恋”——她是对的(38"视频)。
This is excellent news. You can almost smell the collapse of the US dollar.
And this....love it.
还有这个... 我喜欢。
This profound message could be the mantra for Light Warriors.
Finally, it is Melania Trump's birthday on 26th April. Happy Birthday Melania...!
最后,4月26日是梅拉尼娅 · 特朗普的生日。祝梅拉尼娅生日快乐... !
Keep shining your Light brightly, Light Warriors. You have great role models right there in President Trump, Commander-in-Chief, and his First Lady. They have sacrificed a safe secure lifestyle for their family in order to help the Alliance liberate humanity. We Are With You, Sir.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light

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