现在不是总统解雇福奇博士的时候了吗?——帕特里克 j 麦克沙伊

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这种冠状病毒大流行的说法每天都看起来越来越可疑,在我写了生物武器专家FrankBoyle博士相信新型冠状病毒肺炎显然是来自武汉四级生物实验室的一种武器化病毒的近一个月后,福克斯的Tucker Carlson Show和肖恩·汉尼提秀的突发新闻报道了这件事。

现在不是总统解雇福奇博士的时候了吗?——帕特里克 j 麦克沙伊


"The NSA's goal is total population control"


*William Binney-High Level NSA Official And Critic of Bush Administration Policy Turned Whistleblower


"I believe that science should be accepted without question.I'm a doctor.I'm a scientific expert.I decide what science is.You,on the other hand,are only a parent.If you don't respect my scientific and medical credentials or refuse to follow my advice,I think the state should take your children from you."


*Doctor Paul Offit


"I had to be restrained by 3 other presenters on stage from ripping this idiot's head right off of his neck 17 years ago in Verona Italy,where I was one of 2 Key Note Speakers at a pediatric neurological medical conference."


*Doctor Rashid Buttar-Referring to Dr.Paul Offit


This Coronavirus pandemic narrative is looking more and more suspect with each passing day,and nearly a month after I wrote that Bio-Weapons expert Dr.Frank Boyle believed COVID-19 was clearly a weaponized virus from the sloppy level 4 Bio-Lab in Wuhan,it was breaking news on Fox's Tucker Carlson Show and the Sean Hannity Show.

这种冠状病毒大流行的说法每天都看起来越来越可疑,在我写了生物武器专家FrankBoyle博士相信新型冠状病毒肺炎显然是来自武汉四级生物实验室的一种武器化病毒的近一个月后,福克斯的Tucker Carlson Show和肖恩·汉尼提秀的突发新闻报道了这件事。

Like the Russia collusion hoax and the impeachment hoax,this pandemic has a lot of credibility problems as well.That's not to say that people haven't died,but since it was revealed that that the CDC was instructing doctors to count anyone who had a typical cold or flu symptom when they passed away as a COVID-19 casualty,we know these numbers coming from the CDC are bogus!Why has this revelation not changed the narrative?


This was confirmed by Dr.Deborah Birx days later in a press conference with the president.That should have been a major red flag to everybody watching but not one reporter there that day questioned it!Doctors,scientists,and researchers,however,have come forward and said this edict is insane and a major departure from the way it's always been done.


The question every American should be asking is,why are they deceptively inflating the number of deaths from COVID-19,and why are these Doctors and other professionals being ignored by the media?


Something else that researchers are finding is those countries that chose not to implement lockdowns,quarantines,and other police state measures have not experienced much higher infection or death rates than those who have.The question is,why is the media keeping these important facts from the public,and is there another agenda at play here?


Dr.Frank Boyle says yes!Dr.Boyle,a Bio-Weapons expert with 3 degrees from Harvard and the man who wrote the Biological Weapons And Anti Terrorism Act in 1989 during the Reagan Administration said in a recent interview with Alex Jones,the Neo-Cons in George W.Bush's Administration tried to sell this Bio-Warfare arms race to the American people and Congress as a defensive strategy which was in violation of the law that Dr.Boyle authored years before.


Boyle believes the people around the President are traitors,and are lying to him about everything!He told Alex Jones that these Bio-Labs need to be closed and scientists like Dr's Fauci and Birx need to be purged from the government.He agrees that the Chinese government is lying right along with our government and the mainstream media.Trump,whose popularity was on the rise when this crisis started has been falling lately,no doubt due to the constant attacks from the media.


It should surprise no one that the disrespectful Fauci and Birx were both Obama supporters and both supported Hillary Clinton's ill fated run for the White House.

毫不奇怪,无礼的福奇和比尔克斯都是奥巴马的支持者,而且都支持希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)那注定失败的白宫之旅。

In his book,"Bio-Warfare And Terrorism"Dr.Boyle said that"the Agenda pushed by the Bush Administration would render a Bio-Warfare incident a statistical certainty."He went on to say that"If a catastrophic incident were to occur,it would mark the end to democracy,human rights,the rule of law and the Constitution",which was already greatly diminished by Bush after 911.


South Korea,Taiwan and Sweden among others have successfully contained this virus without implementing lockdowns,quarantines,and unconstitutional police state measures,so what is really going on?


Why is the President and the mainstream media Ignoring every expert on the planet with the exception of Dr.Anthony Fauci and his team of Gates Foundation minions who clearly have an agenda to continue this police state,vaccinate every citizen and digitally track them with Bill Gates"Mark Of The Beast"chip to be injected into their system?The Gates Foundation has already called for"global solidarity to vaccinate 7 billion people from this virus!"


When Alex Jones asked Dr.Boyle what he thought about Dr.Fauci's handling of this crisis he replied,"Fauci was installed by the Neo-Cons and if they keep doing what they are doing,they are going to kill us all."He also said that what Fauci is doing is criminal and that Trump needs new leadership immediately.


Robert Kennedy Jr.recently said that Fauci is poised to make millions of dollars from Bill Gates new vaccines.Why does the President trust him?Why does anyone trust him?


I wrote in my article,"COVID-19:Was This Medical Police State Planned"that Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai,a Fulbright Scholar who holds 4 degrees from MIT,and is running for the US Senate believes Dr.Fauci should be criminally indicted for his mishandling of this crisis.


Dr.Rashid Buttar is a board certified Surgeon,an international best selling author,and serves as the Medical Director of the"Center For Advanced Medicine",specializing in the needs of patients with immune dysfunction and toxicity issues.Dr.Buttar has called out the fraud perpetuated by the WHO,Bill Gates,the deep state,the mainstream media,and the criminal CDC.


He believes this is a conspiracy,and that they are using false data to perpetuate this fraud on the American people and the world.They aren't telling us that the Bio-Lab at the University of North Carolina took an existing,relatively benign strain of Coronavirus that can do harm but is not deadly,and genetically modified it through"Gain of Function"research to make it more deadly,more virulent and more resistant?


Dr.Buttar also believes that what Dr.Fauci has done is criminal,and said the testing being used is inadequate and should never be used for the purposes of diagnosis.He says Fauci knows this and said that people who have received a flu shot over the years are testing positive for COVID-19.He said we need to find out how many of these people who have tested positive for COVID-19 had a flu shot in the last ten years!


In a study done by German virologist Hendrik Streeck,he found that the lethality of this virus based on cases was 0.37%and the mortality based on population of 0.06 which corresponds to a strong seasonal flu.


In a recent interview,Dr.Sherri Tenpenny discussed the legislation that allows the government to legally mass vaccinate,not only children,but also adults.She talked about two pieces of legislation that most Americans know nothing about.Usually when Americans read something they know nothing about they label it a conspiracy theory,but Project BioShield and the PREP Act are no conspiracy theory.


*Both BioSheild and the PREP Act would set the course to legally force mass vaccinations during pandemics and Bio attacks.What is going on now has been planned for years.


A Top virus expert in England,Professor John Oxford has called this virus a"media epidemic"and said that"COVID-19 will be no worse than a normal flu season."Emergency rooms in America are empty and hospitals are laying off Nurses and other employers.

英格兰顶级病毒专家John Oxford教授称这种病毒是一种"媒体流行病",并表示"新型冠状病毒肺炎将不会比正常的流感季节更糟糕。"美国的急诊室空无一人,医院正在裁减护士和其他雇主。

Why is the media ignoring the fact that Dr.Fauci broke the law when he sent$3.75 million of National Institute of Health funds to the Bio-Lab in Wuhan?Why after dozens of press conferences has no reporter shown any interest in this treachery?Why is Trump not making a bigger deal of it?


Doctor Fauci continues to spread fear,and the Democrat Governors have doubled down on insane unconstitutional police state measures since Trump announced he would open the country.The hostile media continues to attack Trump and refuses to ask relevant questions about this agenda.


No questions about the Gates Foundation's pandemic simulation,no questions about the Rockefellers"Lockstep"simulation that mirrors what is going on right now,and no questions about Johns Hopkins Clade X pandemic flu simulation.Its time America has an awakening and realizes we have the power!We must never lose our freedoms and we must never relinquish our right to bear arms,it's more important than any time in our lives.


If Trump continues to support Dr.Fauci's and Bill Gates insane plan to vaccinate and chip the world,how long can Americans continue to support him?

如果特朗普继续支持福奇博士和比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)的疯狂计划——接种疫苗并为全世界注射芯片,美国人还能支持他多久?

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现在不是总统解雇福奇博士的时候了吗?——帕特里克 j 麦克沙伊

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