2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

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 April 26, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年4月26日

2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

In the upside-down world behind the looking glass we are getting more and more examples of the dualistic world we inhabit, with the living being dead, and the dead becoming the living—and that’s just on Twitter. Wait until it comes to a reality near you.

在镜子后面颠倒的世界里,我们越来越多地看到我们所居住的二元世界的例子,生者已死,死者已成为生者ーー这只是在 Twitter 上。等到你面对现实的时候。

Nothing is what it seems, and the twists and turns in this historic ‘movie’ will keep those who think they know what is unfolding on the edge of their seats.


If ‘The Plan’ was simple, the enemy would see through it, so we are as much in the dark as they. The “show” is not for us; it is for those who refuse to truly see the world around them due to the hypnotic spells cast, the indoctrination, the MK Ultra mind control who keep them neatly packed into their comfy little boxes.

如果“计划”很简单,敌人会看穿它,所以我们和他们一样被蒙在鼓里。这场“表演”不是为我们准备的,而是为那些因为催眠咒语、灌输和 MK Ultra 精神控制而拒绝真正看到周围世界的人准备的,他们把这些东西整齐地装进自己舒适的小盒子里。

2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

They are slaves in part by choice and must be shown that they are captive. We can’t simply open the door, we must lead them through it to freedom. Americans have been told for decades they are free, and they believe it because they have nothing for comparison.


The globalists live a rich life off the backs of Human endeavour while they keep us as serfs, continually handing off our sweat equity to them with almost zero return on investment in our education, creativity, and drive to succeed.


The slaves are in revolt, however, and while full vindication is something that may still be a distance away, it seems a giant roadblock sits squarely in our path and those still sleepwalking will get a rude awakening. I can’t wait to see what the White Hats have devised to pull this off.


2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

Charlie Freak did a brilliant analysis of a White Hat television series aptly called, “Rabbit Hole”. The video below is long, but what we learn is that the White Hats have been using Hollywood against the cabal to wake the normies and provide confirmation for those with one eye open of the way the world works. I’ve seen remarkable references and examples in other shows, as well, like Law & Order, Resident Alien, Dexter, and more.

查理·弗瑞克对一部名为《兔子洞》(Rabbit Hole)的白帽子(White Hat)电视连续剧进行了精辟的分析。下面的视频很长,但我们了解到的是,白帽子一直在利用好莱坞打击阴谋集团,以唤醒普通人,并为那些睁一只眼闭一只眼看世界运作方式的人提供确认。我在其他电视节目中也看到过引人注目的参考和例子,比如《法律与秩序》、《居民外星人》、《嗜血判官》等等。

We have known for some time that Sidney Powell and Steve Mnuchin are both movie producer-types. You can’t make this up.

我们早就知道西德尼 · 鲍威尔和史蒂夫 · 马努钦都是电影制片人。你不能瞎编。

One isolated remark Charlie made in his commentary below was that the Fondas have always been White Hats. That’s good to know because I always got good vibes from them and when Jane began her leftist rants I was disappointed. Her latest tirade suggesting that pro-life politicians should be murdered for their views was astonishing—but makes sense.


It was too outrageous to be believed and had to be a script but she got a couple of bit parts to play to support the movement and have a place in “the movie”. Claiming she was arrested for it was meaningless except on the surface to illustrate the morality aspects the White Hats are bent on putting in front of us.


Together we watch the second to last episode in the season and then Charlie, Colleen and Justin Carpenter discuss the dialogue, the imagery, the suggestion, and the blatant examples of life coming to the screen as entertainment with parallels to Hillary Clinton, for example, and “the plan” as part of the script. It is gripping. 2 hr. 49 min.

我们一起看了这一季的倒数第二集,然后查理、科琳和贾斯汀 · 卡彭特讨论了对话、意象、建议,以及作为娱乐节目出现在银幕上的生活例子,比如希拉里 · 克林顿,还有作为剧本一部分的“计划”。真是扣人心弦。2小时。49分钟。

Charlie Freak LIVE ~ Decoding Rabbit Hole: Unveiling the Cabal

查理·弗瑞克现场解码兔子洞: 揭开阴谋集团


We repeat often that there is more going on in the murky depths of the swamp than we see. There’s the odd ripple or shadow of movement in the darkness so we know something is happening and at some point the details will break the smooth surface.


In due time we see the after-effects of the tousles beneath the waves.


Citi Banker Leaves Firm After Report of Jeffrey Epstein Meetings


Social media is replete with possible meanings and backstories for the headlines. Some theories are correct, others are not. It’s like an intricate jigsaw puzzle. We see the ‘big picture’, but the details are a little fuzzy at times because there are still pieces missing. The disinformation required to confuse the enemy and guarantee the element of surprise can be frustrating for some but the pieces are dropping into place much faster now as a result of so many people on the inside putting out key information and it is getting more and more incendiary.


Tom Mach, Author on Twitter: "Is this true? If so, this should go directly to the SCOTUS. pic.twitter.com/dfsypwmBVz / Twitter"

Is this true? If so, this should go directly to the SCOTUS. pic.twitter.com/dfsypwmBVz

The fake reality the New World Order has been creating is not only clearly on display, but is disintegrating almost as quickly as the buildings they demolished. We believe the most evil parties have already been dealt their hand and justice has been done in military courts. Now it’s a matter of justifying those actions to the masses. Had it not been handled that way, Humanity as unwitting prey would surely have perished. Time was of the essence. Now the public has to learn and accept what has been done to our civilization over eons; long and short term, at the hands of these satanic psychopaths. There are tough lessons to learn.


2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

Aside from the obvious booby traps the cabal set and left like land mines to trip us up, the White Hats’ campaigns are extremely successful. They have the people in place to orchestrate the most spectacular win in the Milky Way.


I listened to this conservative man, a pastor, below elucidate on why Tucker Carlson was fired, and not being a religious person at all I found it very interesting to hear his perspectives. He just may be correct, but if you didn’t watch that weekend address by Tucker at the Heritage Foundation that we shared yesterday, this will be your chance. It begins after the 25 minute mark in Professor Toto’s video. First time I ever heard of him, but he is full of energy and passion.

我听了下面这位保守派牧师解释为什么塔克 · 卡尔森被解雇,而且我根本不是一个宗教人士,我觉得听听他的观点很有趣。他可能是对的,但如果你没有看塔克在传统基金会的周末演讲我们昨天分享的,这将是你的机会。开始于 Toto 教授视频中的25分钟之后。我第一次听说他,但他充满活力和激情。

Was this departure from Fox planned? Perhaps, or not. You can decide. It’s about 20 min. long and the text isn’t quite accurate due to the strong accent they are detecting.


Toto Tonight LIVE @8Central – “I Know Why They Fired Tucker”


The tangents we see in the news leave us flabbergasted, and in my case, giggling. I would hate to be a normie. This is an excerpt from the latest from Natural NewsLink to Telegram.


Latest government excuse for deadly covid “vaccines:” We said you should take them but didn’t actually mean it

最新政府借口致命冠状病毒疾病“疫苗”: 我们说你应该接种,但实际上并不是这个意思

As usual, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going to bat for lying government officials like Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, and fake president Joe Biden, all of whom lied to the American public about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

像往常一样,美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)将为托尼 · 福奇(Tony Fauci)、罗谢尔 · 瓦伦斯基(Rochelle Walensky)和假总统乔 · 拜登(Joe Biden)等撒谎的政府官员辩护,这些人都在武汉冠状病毒(2019冠状病毒疾病)“疫苗”问题上对美国公众撒了谎

Each of these seditious traitors on at least one occasion told Americans that if they agreed to get jabbed, it would stop all transmission of the Fauci Flu. This was a lie – and the government is now admitting it was a lie – but the FDA is trying to defend these globalist crooks by claiming that they did not actually mean what they said.

这些煽动叛徒中的每一个至少在一个场合告诉美国人,如果他们同意接受注射,就会阻止福奇流感的所有传播。这是一个谎言——政府现在承认这是一个谎言——但是 FDA 试图通过声称他们实际上并不是他们所说的意思来为这些全球主义骗子辩护。

We need to remember that we are incarnate here in this world to advance spiritually; and to do that by living our joy and passion in every moment we can. We were never meant to work eight hours a day, five days a week. Those who toil in excess of that are not “living”, they are existing, but some do it because they have learned to love it. It became habit.


We were meant to have ample leisure time to enjoy nature and our beautiful surroundings, family, friends, the arts, travel, and pursue our interests—all amplified by a solid connection to our Creator.


As the ‘movie’ plays out for the normies, hopefully we can begin to relax into a healthier and happier life by beginning to assume our role as Humanity was meant to be, and hopefully too, those who have been working so hard to bring this plan to fruition on the clock have time to enjoy life as well.


It will take awhile for our society to evolve and relax the boundaries we lived within because we had to. Just as our grandparents didn’t always relax the constraints of raising a family in the Great Depression and continued to live frugal lives even after it was no longer necessary, it will take a generation or so for Humanity to find their footing in a personally satisfying way without the regimentation of a job, worry about finances, health, and “saving for a rainy day” and the tax man.


Life will be unrecognizable, and it will be direct reflection and result of the selfless efforts of millions world wide who rose to the challenge to free the world. It could have gone differently. If the Earth Alliance didn’t come together, if the White Hats were unsuccessful in convincing leadership and militaries in most nations to cooperate and work together for the greater good, ‘The Plan’ could have failed and we might not be here in this moment talking about it.


As it happens, oppression is something most Humans did not want or invite and an opportunity to overturn the monsters imposing their will on us was embraced. Our future will be glorious and we can begin preparing for it in the here and now. It’s incubation time. No need to allow the best—or worst—reality show of all time to get us down. Every day brings new victories to celebrate.


2023年4月26日: 地狱军团被吓坏了|星际飞船地球

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