视频:爱泼斯坦医学检查员扔下尸检炸弹;没有进行 DNA 测试来确认爱泼斯坦的身份

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视频:爱泼斯坦医学检查员扔下尸检炸弹;没有进行 DNA 测试来确认爱泼斯坦的身份

The high-profile and decorated medical examiner who supervised the New York City autopsy of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein revealed in a shocking interview that no definitive DNA tests were performed on the disgraced sex trafficker during the autopsy—or anytime after the pedophile's reported prison-cell suicide.


Dr.Michael Baden,the former New York City medical examiner hired by the Epstein family to oversee the autopsy,said in a new interview that no DNA test was performed on Epstein to confirm the identity of the Justice Department's highest profile suspect who died mysteriously in federal custody.

前纽约市法医迈克尔·巴登博士(Michael Baden)受雇于爱泼斯坦家族,负责监督尸检工作。他在一次新的采访中表示,没有对爱泼斯坦进行 DNA 测试,以确认司法部(Justice Department)最引人注目的嫌疑人的身份。这名嫌疑人在联邦拘留中神秘。

Shockingly,Dr.Baden—who worked on hundreds of high-profile cases during a five-decade medical career—added:


"He(Epstein)was brought there(to the Coroner's office)from the prison and had been previously identified in the prison,"Baden said during an exclusive interview."Now,if somebody switched the body in the prison,you know that's beyond our expertise."


What did he say?


Federal officials maintain Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan federal prison cell in New York City in August,a reported victim of suicide.But Dr.Baden revealed in a separate interview on FOX News just last week that Epstein's autopsy and body showed telltale signs of homicide,specifically homicidal strangulation.


Not suicide.


Now Dr.Baden reveals no DNA tests were performed on Epstein—a potential homicide victim—to confirm the identity of body examined during the autopsy after being transported from federal prison.Instead,Dr.Baden said Epstein's brother made'visual identification'of the body.Mark Epstein,the brother,is also who hired Dr.Baden to supervise the autopsy.

现在,巴登博士透露,没有对爱泼斯坦进行 DNA 测试,以确认从联邦监狱转移出来的尸检尸体的身份。爱泼斯坦是一名潜在的凶杀案受害者。相反,巴登博士说,爱泼斯坦的哥哥对尸体进行了"视觉识别"。他的哥哥马克·爱泼斯坦也是雇佣巴登医生监督尸检的人。

The latest bombshell revelations in the mysterious Epstein death baffled veteran Justice Department officials.


"How can(Attorney General)Barr claim the FBI is conducting a thorough investigation of Epstein's death if there is no DNA test?,"one high-ranking FBI official said."If Epstein was murdered,how can you bring charges against anyone?A defense attorney is going to ask:'Can you prove the victim was Jeffrey Epstein;what tests did you conduct to verify the identity?'"

"如果没有 DNA 测试,(司法部长)巴尔怎么能声称联邦调查局正在对爱泼斯坦的死进行彻底调查?一位联邦调查局高级官员说。"如果爱泼斯坦是被谋杀的,你怎么能指控任何人呢?辩护律师会问:'你能证明受害者是杰弗里·爱泼斯坦吗?你进行了哪些测试来验证身份?'"

Dr.Baden said the FEDs and city officials took Mark Epstein's word that the body in the New York City Medical Examiner's office was indeed his brother.Mark Epstein is Jeffrey's only next of kin and named in Epstein's will and presumably the primary beneficiary of Epstein's$578 million in assets protected by a family trust.The body was released to his custody.


Meanwhile,Epstein's supposed remains were reportedly entombed by his brother in an unmarked stone crypt next to his parents in Florida.The names of his parents were removed from their granite crypt to protect the tombs from vandals.Epstein's autopsy results have not been released.


"This is absolutely outrageous,"another top Justice Department official said about the failure to perform a DNA test."This is not a routine case where someone died in their sleep.He was in federal holding in MCC."

另一位司法部高级官员在谈到未能进行 DNA 测试时说:"这绝对是无耻的。""这不是一个常见的案例,有人在睡梦中死亡。他被关在 MCC 的联邦拘留所。"

First,Epstein reportedly dies in federal custody and now there is no medical proof that the autopsy was conducted on Epstein.And the body has been released.


The bombshell DNA revelations by Dr.Baden is certain to create more additional troubling questions about Epstein's reported death in federal custody while he was awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls,was reportedly discovered dead in his cell on Aug.10.

巴登博士披露的令人震惊的 DNA 信息,肯定会引发更多令人不安的问题。据报道,810日,爱泼斯坦被发现死在自己的牢房里,当时他正在等待联邦政府以涉及未成年少女的性交易指控进行审判。

Baden's disturbing DNA-related revelations about the Epstein autopsy were divulged during an interview with CrowdSource the Truth's Jason Goodman.A video of that interview is attached and a partial transcript is included herein,including the following exchanges:

巴登令人不安的 dna 相关披露的尸检爱泼斯坦是在接受 CrowdSource 的真相的贾森古德曼采访时泄露的。本报告附上了这次访谈的录像,并附上了部分文字记录,其中包括以下几段对话:

GOODMAN:I saw your reports where you were convinced that it was a homicide rather than a suicide and I was curious if any testing had been done to the body with regard to DNA verification that it was,in fact,Jeffrey Epstein being autopsied.

古德曼:我看了你的报告,你确信这是一起凶杀案而不是自杀,我很好奇是否对尸体进行过 DNA 鉴定,确认这是杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的尸体。

Dr.BADEN:Not that I'm aware of.He was identified by his brother as being Jeffrey Epstein.


GOODMAN:So his brother looked at him and said,that's Jeffrey Epstein?


Dr.BADEN:That's correct.


GOODMAN:But no DNA test was done?

古德曼:但是没有做 DNA 测试?

Dr.BADEN:I don't know anything that the medical examiner did other than when I was there at the autopsy;I doubt that they were any DNA test done.I don't know of any.I mean usually if there's a direct identification of a decedent,DNA isn't done.

巴登医生:我不知道验尸官做了什么,除了我在验尸房的时候;我怀疑他们做了 DNA 测试。我不知道。我的意思是,通常如果有一个死者的直接身份,DNA 是不会做的。

During the interview,Baden was questioned about the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein was removed from the prison as part of a staged death.


"I think that's preposterous,"Baden said.


Howewer,Baden quickly noted again he believed there were no definitive tests performed to confirm the body's identity during the autopsy.Shockingly,Baden said if Epstein's body was swapped out at the federal prison,the medical examiners wouldn't have known the difference.


This alarming fact cuts to the heart of a much larger story,especially since it has been reported that Epstein DID NOT die in his prison cell.To wit,if the Feds are investigating Epstein's mysterious death in a federal prison—a simple DNA test would be an important and primary protocol.Yet no such tests were performed.

这个令人担忧的事实触及了一个更大的故事的核心,特别是有报道称爱泼斯坦并没有死在他的牢房里。也就是说,如果联邦调查局正在调查爱泼斯坦在联邦监狱的神秘死亡,一个简单的 DNA 测试将是一个重要的主要方案。然而,没有进行这样的测试。



Dr.BADEN:He looked like him(Epstein),the brother identified him,but that's all I can say.As far as I know the only way he was identified was by direct visualization.I doubt if they did DNA testing…It's standard practice that direct visualization is by far,by far the most usual way of identifying the decedent.Occasionally if questions come up,dental identification can be made,DNA identification can be made.

巴登医生:他长得很像他(爱泼斯坦),那个哥哥认出了他,但我只能说这么多。据我所知,唯一能确定他身份的方法就是直接想象。我怀疑他们是否做过 DNA 测试......到目前为止,直接可视化是鉴定死者最常用的方法,这是标准做法。有时如果出现问题,牙齿鉴定可以进行,DNA 鉴定可以进行。

GOODMAN:And of course you participating in the autopsy,you saw him there his face looked exactly like photos of Epstein you've seen in the newspaper?


Dr.BADEN:That's correct.That's correct.And also he was brought there from the prison and had been previously identified in the prison,Now,if somebody switched the body in the prison,you know that's beyond our expertise.




Truly shocking.


"Where's the chain of custody?"one FBI official asked."This is a federal investigation."


A valid point.Where is the FBI?


The FBI is investigating Epstein's prison death but are we to believe the Bureau too failed to obtain a DNA sample from Epstein for analysis at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory(FBI Laboratory)which routinely conducts analyses of forensic DNA cases as well as of convicted offender samples?The Justice Department collects and warehouses DNA samples from persons who have been charged or convicted of certain crimes,especially like Epstein's previous crimes.Epstein was a registered sex offender.

联邦调查局正在调查爱泼斯坦在狱中死亡的案件,但是我们是否应该相信联邦调查局也没有从爱泼斯坦那里获得 DNA 样本以供联邦调查局实验室(FBI 实验室)分析?司法部收集并保存那些被指控或被判有罪的人的 DNA 样本,特别是爱泼斯坦以前的罪行。Epstein 是个登记在案的性犯罪者。

These convicted offender DNA samples are uploaded into the Combined DNA Index System(CODIS)and compared with DNA profiles generated from evidence
collected from crime scenes and victims as part of routine criminal investigations.

这些已定罪罪犯的 DNA 样本被上载到联合 DNA 索引系统(CODIS),并与从犯罪现场和受害人收集的证据中提取的 DNA 图谱进行比较,作为例行刑事调查的一部分。

It appears the FBI dropped the ball here as well by not treating Epstein's body as evidence and securing a DNA sample prior to releasing the body.

联邦调查局似乎也搞砸了,他们没有把爱泼斯坦的尸体当作证据,而是在放出尸体之前采集了 DNA 样本。

Perhaps Epstein used his political and intelligence connections to dodge the federal and state requirement in New York to submit to a DNA swab so that his DNA could be warehoused and accessed in CODIS.That is a troubling possibility,but a likely reality given what we have learned about the Justice Department's handling of the ongoing Epstein scandals spanning decades.

也许爱泼斯坦利用他在政治和情报方面的关系来逃避联邦和州政府在纽约的要求,提交一份 DNA 样本,这样他的 DNA 就可以进入仓库并在 CODIS 被获取。这是一个令人不安的可能性,但是考虑到我们已经了解到的司法部对持续数十年的爱泼斯坦丑闻的处理,这很可能是一个现实。

Do the Feds even have a DNA sample from Epstein warehoused in CODIS?Perhaps this unveils yet another Justice Department-related Epstein scandal because such evidence—when cross referenced in CODIS—could have linked Epstein to unsolved crimes including sexual assault,sex trafficking,missing person probes,suspicious deaths,or other assorted schemes.

联邦调查局在 CODIS 仓库里有爱泼斯坦的 DNA 样本吗?这也许揭示了另一桩与司法部有关的爱泼斯坦丑闻,因为这样的证据——当在 CODIS 中交叉引用时——可能将爱泼斯坦与未破的犯罪案件联系起来,包括性侵犯、性交易、失踪人口调查、可疑死亡案件,或其他各种。

If the Feds failed to swab Epstein for his DNA,he couldn't be linked to pending and unsolved cold cases.

如果联邦调查局没能从 Epstein 身上提取 DNA 他就不能和悬而未决的悬案联系起来。

A protection racket.Beyond troubling.


Meanwhile,the New York City's Chief Medical Examiner,Dr.Barbara Sampson—who Dr.Baden supervised—did not return calls for comment about her office's reported failure to conduct a DNA test on Epstein's'body.'

与此同时,纽约市首席法医芭芭拉·桑普森(Barbara Sampson)没有回复记者就她的办公室未能对爱泼斯坦的"尸体"进行 DNA 检测一事发表评论的电话。芭芭拉·桑普森是巴登的监督人

In a boilerplate statement,Dr.Sampson defended her autopsy:


"Our investigation concluded that the cause of Mr.Epstein's death was hanging and the manner of death was suicide.We stand by that determination.We continue to share information around the medical investigation with Mr.Epstein's family,their representatives,and their pathology consultant.The original medical investigation was thorough and complete.There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office."

"我们的调查结论是,Epstein 先生的死因是上吊,死亡方式是自杀。我们坚持这种决心。我们继续与爱泼斯坦先生的家人、他们的代表和他们的病理学顾问分享医学调查的信息。最初的医学调查是彻底和完整的。我们办公室没有理由再次进行医学调查。"

Especially when the body is either buried or cremated.


Or walking around on a beach somewhere after dodging prosecution.


"Thorough"autopsies rarely miss injuries consistent with homicidal strangulation.


Moreover,the big and troubling question here is was this autopsy actually conducted on Epstein?And who can prove it?It appears no one can.


No body,no evidence,no case.


Case closed.—Thomas Paine



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