Teri wade|大转变..

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Teri wade|大转变..

When you step out of third dimensional reality just once it'll change your life forever.You'll be able to see your Library of Self.When you open that door there is infinite amounts to learn,so ask your guide to help you.You need to ask them or they cannot help you it's that free will thing.


You need an outside source to open these doors of knowledge,these guides will accompany you because your path requires many doors.That's why you have guides in this lifetime.Everything you'll find in this library of self will be relevant to your life.


Door of Relationships when opened will be filled with every relationship in every past lifetime you've ever had and it will be beautiful.


Door of History when opened will be all the knowledge referring to the history of the human being.


The Door of Death will have no door knob because it cannot be opened because death does not exist.


Door of the Future will be completely empty because it hasn't happened yet.It's empty because it hasn't been created yet.


The multi dimensional human being that you are,in your DNA,is all yours...THIS IS THE PROMISE OF THE SHIFT!We are in the infancy of something enormously grand that will develop over lifetime after lifetime.Your guide was only necessary in the third dimensional old energy.


The shift of 2012 into the Age of Aquarius gave you the keys to your library.Remember,the human body deteriorates and goes away but your essence of who you truly are(soul,spirit)never goes away.💙



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