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A troubling new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Turkey's vow to create a peace corridor in Northern Syria with or without the United States—a vow reinforced by Turkish President Erdogan declaring a few hours ago that his military air and ground forces are preparing a combat operation to confront US troops in Syria in the lands East of the Euphrates—states that at this time,no American military response to this dire threat appears imminent—and is more than likely due to American military forces,instead,preparing to do battle in their own country—best evidenced by the thousands of elite US Army paratroop forces currently training to invade their nation's capitol city Washington D.C.—who were joined 48-hours ago,on 3 October,by thousands of elite US Marine troops ordered to be activated on 19 October for a"National Emergency"—a domestic combat order specifically stating that this activation is legally based on THE ROBERT T.STAFFORD DISASTER RELIEF AND EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE ACT—but whose only use in history was in an episode of the House of Cards television series when fictional President Frank Underwood unleashed it to declare that Washington D.C.was a disaster area—which,in fact,is an apt description of what is now occurring there after Obama's former CIA Director John Brennan threatened the Republicans in the US Congress that unless they threw President Donald Trump from power,they would no longer have a future—a threat Trump immediately responded to by ordering a massive cut in his National Security staff—that in plain speak means he just threw the CIA out of the White House.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份令人不安的国防部(MoD)新报告,指出土耳其承诺在叙利亚北部建立一条和平走廊,不管有没有美国的参与。土耳其总统埃尔多安几小时前宣布,他的空军和地面部队正准备在幼发拉底河(euphrates)以东的叙利亚地区对抗美军,美国对这一可怕威胁的军事反应似乎并不迫在眉睫ーー很可能是因为美国军队准备在自己的国家作战ーー最好的证明就是数以千计的美国精锐伞兵部队正在接受入侵美国首都华盛顿特区的训练。103日,数千名美国精锐海军陆战队士兵在48小时前加入了他们的行列,命令他们在1019日启动"国家紧急状态"。这是一项国内作战命令,明确指出这种启动是根据《罗伯特·t·斯塔福德救灾和紧急援助法案》(ROBERT t.STAFFORD DISASTER RELIEF AND Emergency ASSISTANCE act)合法启动的。但是,这项命令在历史上的唯一用途是出现在《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)电视系列剧的一集中,当时虚构的总统弗兰克·安德伍德(Frank Underwood)发布了这个命令,宣布华盛顿特区政府将启动这项命令。奥巴马的前中央情报局局长约翰·布伦南(John Brennan)威胁美国国会的共和党人说,除非他们把唐纳德·特朗普总统赶下台,否则他们就不会有未来。对于这一威胁,特朗普立即下令大幅削减国家安全部门的工作人员。事实上,这恰如其分地描述了那里正在发生的事情。简单地说,这意味着他刚刚把中央情报局赶出了白宫。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,perhaps the only way to understand what is now occurring in the United States as it hysterically tears itself apart,is to view if from afar,and as horror movie—a feat just accomplished by the award-winning American playwright,novelist and political satirist based in Berlin-Germany named C.J.Hopkins—who in his powerful essay sweeping across the world today titled"Trumpenstein Must Be Destroyed!"lays bare the most essential fact that"2020 Is For All The Marbles"—advises everyone to"dig into your bucket of popcorn,pop the flap on your box of Good&Plenty,turn off your mind,and enjoy the show…from the looks of the trailer,it's going to be a doozy"—then correctly states and asks:

根据这份报告,或许理解美国正在发生的事情的唯一方法,就是从远处观察,把它看作是一部恐怖电影——这一壮举刚刚由美国获奖剧作家、小说家、政治讽刺作家 c·j·霍普金斯(c.j.hopkins)完成,他在今天横扫全世界的有力文章《特朗普斯坦必须被摧毁!(Trumpenstein Must Be Destroyed!)2020大理石世界》揭示了一个最基本的事实,即"2020年是为了所有的大理石世界"——建议每个人"挖开你的爆米花桶,打开你的 Good&Plenty 包装盒的盖子,关掉你的大脑,享受这场表演......从预告片的外观来看,这将是一场精彩的表演"——然后正确地陈述并问道:

No,this was never just about Donald Trump...


The stakes have always been much higher than that.


What we've witnessed over the last three years(and what is about to reach its apogee)is a global capitalist counter-insurgency,the goal of which is:


(a)To put down the ongoing populist rebellion throughout the West.


(b)To crush any hope of resistance to the hegemony of global capitalism…in other words,a War on Populism.


The global capitalist ruling classes either crush this ongoing populist insurgency or...God knows where we go from here.


Try to see it through their eyes for a moment.Picture four more years of Trump…second-term Trump…Trump unleashed.


Do you really believe they're going to let that happen,that they are going to permit this populist insurgency to continue for another four years?



Confirming this assessment as being 100%true,this report notes,was no less a person than US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—the most powerful socialist Democrat Party lawmaker in the United States who,just yesterday,openly and shockingly declared on nationwide television that the American people no longer have the right to elect their own leaders anymore—with her exactly stating"the re-election of Donald Trump would do irreparable damage to the United States…This–we have some serious repair and healing to do in our country for what he's done so far.I don't–I'm not sure that two terms,it might be irreparable"—who was then followed by socialist Democrat Party leader Hillary Clinton stunningly calling for the Constitution of the United States to be shredded if President Trump isn't impeached.

这份报告指出,证实这一评估是100%正确的人,不亚于美国众议院议长南希·佩洛西(Nancy pelosi)。佩洛西是美国最有影响力的民主党社会党议员,就在昨天,她在全国电视上公开、令人震惊地宣布,美国人民不再有权选举自己的领导人,她确切地说,"唐纳德·特朗普的连任将对美国造成不可弥补的损害......对于他迄今为止所做的一切,我们国家需要进行一些重大修复和治疗。"。我不——我不确定连任两届,可能无法挽回"——随后,社会主义民主党领袖希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)令人震惊地呼吁,如果特朗普总统不被弹劾,就把美国宪法撕成碎片。


As to the"irreparable damage"President Trump has done to the United States needing their nation's Constitution to be shredded unless he's impeached,this report continues,no evidence of such a thing occurring can be found at all—with,in fact,the exact opposite of this being true as the staggering list of Trump's accomplishments for the American people since taking office is unrivaled in all of their nation's history—and which yesterday were added to when it was announced that unemployment under Trump has now hit a 50-year low—and which saw the unemployment rate for Hispanics hitting a record low,while the level for African Americans stayed at the lowest number ever.



When speaking of the"irreparable damage"President Trump is doing,however,this report points out,these socialist Democrats aren't talking about America itself—but Trump's deliberate and systematic destruction of their demonic leftist globalist agenda—which,indeed,if given four more years in power,Trump is on course to effectively destroy for the next half-century—thus necessitating these Democrats having to eliminate him before this is done—but whose every attempt to do so ends up disintegrating into a comical farce—the most current of which sees them trying to bring Trump down with an unnamed whistleblower—a whistleblower who it's now been revealed worked for a 2020 Democrat Party presidential candidate—actually committed a criminal felony by deliberately failing under penalty of law to note on this whistleblowing form that he met with members of US Congress prior to filing his complaint—and who was not just a CIA agent in the Obama administration,but also a member of the team investigating candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.



The unintended catastrophic consequence to these socialist Democrats continually trying to frame President Trump for crimes he never committed,this report details,is that this spectacle is being played out in full view of the black peoples in America who for centuries,and even to this present day have,likewise,been framed for crimes they've never committed—the critical importance of which lies in the fact that even if only 20%of these black voters support for Trump for reelection,it would all but dismantle Democratic Party presidential hopes for 2020-a fact best exampled when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because she only received 88%of the black vote—which was about a six-point falloff from Obama's share of the black vote in 2012—and now sees these socialist Democrats cowering in fear and terror because black peoples'support for Trump is holding steady at an astonishing 30%.

这份报告详细描述了这些社会主义民主党人不断试图将特朗普总统从未犯下的罪行归咎于他,而这些无意中造成的灾难性后果是,这一场面正在美国黑人民众众目睽睽之下上演,几个世纪以来,甚至直到今天,这些黑人民众同样被诬陷犯下他们从未犯下的罪行ーー其关键的重要性在于,即使只有20%的黑人选民支持特朗普连任,这几乎摧毁了民主党对2020年总统大选的希望——最好的例子是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)2016年大选中失利,因为她只获得了88%的黑人选票——2012年奥巴马在黑人选票中所占的比例下降了大约6个百分点——现在看到这些社会党民主党人在恐惧中畏缩,因为黑人民众对特朗普的支持率保持在惊人的30%


While despising to their very core seeing anyone being framed and falsely accused of crimes they've never committed,this report continues,the black peoples in America equally detest corrupt white privileged politicians—best exampled this past week when the lying about her racial heritage Elizabeth"Pocahontas"Warren held a campaign rally at an historic black college in South Carolina where virtually no black people showed up to hear her speak—and is why these socialist Democrats pulled from the political graveyard Obama's former Vice President Joe Biden to have a go against President Trump—who though admittedly having past strong support among black peoples,sees Joe Biden now embroiled in a vast international corruption scandal along with his cocaine-laced cigarette smoking alcoholic drug addicted son Hunter Biden—a scandal President Trump and his Republicans are exploiting by launching$10 million in negative TV adswith$1 million targeted at the early nominating states alone—pushing Trump's claim that Biden and his son Hunter engaged in corruption in Ukraine—but in an astonishing and unprecedented response to,saw the nearly broke Joe Biden campaign ordering the entire American media establishment not to air these ads—an order quickly obeyed by the leftist news network CNN who refused to air them—but saw the Fox News Network firing back at Biden and stating:"We are not in the business of censoring ads from candidates on either side of the aisle.Vice President Joe Biden has a standing invitation to appear on any of our platforms."

尽管他们非常鄙视看到任何人被诬陷和诬告他们从未犯过的罪行,这份报告继续写道,美国黑人民众同样憎恨腐败的白人特权政治家ーー最好的例子是上周在南卡罗来纳州一所具有历史意义的黑人大学举行的竞选集会,在那里几乎没有黑人听到她的演讲ーー这就是为什么这些社会主义民主党人从政治坟墓中拉出奥巴马的前副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)来反对特朗普总统——·拜登(Joe Biden)现在卷入了一起巨大的国际腐败丑闻,还有他那个吸食可卡因、吸烟、酗酒、吸毒的儿子亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)。特朗普总统和他的共和党人正在利用这一丑闻,投放了1000万美元的负面电视广告,仅针对提名初期的几个州就投放了100万美元。这让特朗普宣称拜登和他的儿子亨特(Hunter)在乌克兰参与了腐败,看到几近破产的乔·拜登(Joe Biden)竞选团队命令整个美国媒体机构不要播放这些广告(这一命令很快得到了左派新闻网络 CNN 的遵守,CNN 拒绝播放这些广告),但看到福克斯新闻网(Fox News Network)对拜登进行了反击,并表示:"我们的业务不是审查两党候选人的广告。副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)受到长期邀请,可以出现在我们的任何一个平台上。"


With President Trump,just hours ago,having gathered in the White House hundreds of young black leaders to warn them that"the radical Democrats are willing to do anything,to smear anyone and to lie about everything in their craven quest for power and money and other things…they're trying to steal your vote,they're trying to steal your voice,and trying to steal your country",this report further notes,being lost in the demented minds of these socialist Democrats is the fact that he can't be defeated—most particularly because Trump's many exaggerations and outright falsehoods are judged by a different standard—a standard going back to his days as a casino mogul and reality television show host when Trump established a brand for bluster or"puffing"that people accept when they see commercials for the"best car ever"and the"greatest show on earth"—which in turn makes fact-checking Trump a waste of time as much of the public accepts his bluster in a way no established politician can ever get away with.


In the face of this stark reality,this report concludes,these senseless Democrat lunatics are now trying to convince the American people to really be mad at Trump for asking foreign leaders to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton—which means these voters need to believe that Clinton and the Bidens aren't inherently corrupt—and they must also believe that just about all the rules and established groups within Americangovernment,especially the intelligence community,deserve unquestioned respect—but Here's A Newsflash:"A very large number of Americans don't have that trust and respect,and they're generally OK with Trump being the junkyard dog who digs it all out."This is,after all,Donald Trump's brand.




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