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Introduction:The CIA in conjunction with Stanford University operated a program known as STARGATE to investigate'paranormal'abilities and phenomena that some humans are capable of,and perhaps all of us are capable of.One of the programs under the STARGATE umbrella was the remote viewing program.Remote viewing is the ability to describe a remote location,regardless of distance and ones proximity to the target,from a given location independent of the target.So basically,if you had this ability you could accurately"see"what's on the back side of the Moon,if anything,or you could see what's inside a specific building in another country if you were given the coordinates.


The U.S.government program ran for approximately 25 years before it was declassified and supposedly'shut down.'From the literature that has been made available,the program was clearly very successful and the remote viewing phenomenon was quite useful for the intelligence community.


A paper published one year after the declassification of the program by one of the programs co-founders Dr.Harold(Hal)Puthoff in the Journal of Scientific Exploration states the following,


To summarize,over the years,the back-and-forth criticism of protocols,refinement of methods,and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the(remote viewing)phenomenon.Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing,often to their own surprise…The development of this capability at SRI has evolved to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no previous exposure to such concepts have performed well under controlled laboratory conditions.

总而言之,多年来,对方案的反复批评、方法的改进以及在独立实验室中成功复制这种遥视方法,为(遥视)现象的真实性提供了相当多的科学证据。使这些结果更加有力的是,人们发现越来越多的个人可以展示高质量的远程观察,这往往出乎他们自己的意料...SRI 的这种能力的发展已经发展到了这样一个地步:访问中央情报局的人员,以前没有接触过这种概念,在受控的实验室条件下表现良好。

Dr.Jessica Utts,former Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California,Irvine and a professor there since 2008 states the following about the program:


What convinced me was just the evidence,the accumulating evidence as I worked in this field and I got to see more and more of the evidence.I visited the laboratories,even beyond where I was working to see what they were doing and I could see that they had really tight controls…and so I got convinced by the good science that I saw being done.And in fact I will say as a statistician I've consulted in a lot of different areas of science;the methodology and the controls on these experiments are tighter than any other area of science where I've worked.(source)


In my opinion,it's a shame that'special abilities'like these are not studied within mainstream academia yet studied at the highest levels of governments with the intentions of intelligence gathering.When it comes to technology,special abilities or solutions to the world's problems,it's not the technology,the ability of people or those solutions that will change the world,it's the consciousness behind these things.What do we use our new discoveries for?What's our intention?Do we use them to advance the human experience and for the good of all people,or something else?This is why solutions that do pop up in various fields,like clean energy technology for example,are never implemented.


Remote Viewing,and the"Galactic Federation."


The declassified literature has numerous examples of successful remote viewing experiments,and real world examples as well.It's safe to assume that the entire program and its contents was not declassified,and this seems evident from the testimony of multiple CIA/military remote viewers that were verifiably part of the program for many years.One common theme among many of the viewers is their heavy interest in the extraterrestrial phenomenon.Why?Did their experience in the remote viewing program influence this heavy belief and interest?Is there something we haven't been told?

解密的文献中有许多成功的远程观察实验的例子,也有现实世界中的例子。可以有把握地假设,整个程序及其内容都没有解密,这一点似乎从多个 CIA/军方远程观察者的证词中可以明显看出,这些远程观察者多年来一直是该程序可核实的一部分。许多观众的一个共同主题是他们对外星现象的浓厚兴趣。为什么?他们在远程观看节目中的经历是否影响了他们这种浓厚的信仰和兴趣?还有什么我们没有被告知的吗?

We will get to that a bit later in the article,as well as more examples,but what I wanted to provide you with here is a link to a remote viewing session conducted by the CIA to view the"Galactic Federation"headquarters on Earth,it seems.


Below is a screen shot of the document,you can access the full version here.It's unclear who the remote viewer is.In many other documents from the Remote Viewing program,the names are usually listed.




It's interesting that this remote viewing session was conducted in 1988.First of all,where would the CIA get the idea to even look for some sort of galactic federation?It raises many questions.


The idea that there is some sort of"galactic federation"of races that represent a benevolent force in our galaxy or universe is not a new idea.Channelers,those who claim to be in telepathic communication with different groups of extraterrestrials,have relayed this idea to the human race for many decades.This idea was recently sparked again when Haim Eshed,former head of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate,former General and respected professor claimed that the U.S.&Israel have been in contact with intelligent extraterrestrials for quite a long time.He specifically referenced the"Galactic Federation"emphasizing how they are waiting for humanity to evolve,and that we are not quite ready for contact.This sentiment echoes the message from the broadcast above.You can read more about that story here.

在我们的银河系或宇宙中,存在着某种代表着仁慈力量的种族"银河联邦(消歧义)",这种观点并不是什么新观点。那些声称与不同的外星人群体有心灵感应沟通的通灵者,几十年来一直向人类传播这一观点。这个想法最近再次被点燃,当 Haim Eshed,前以色列国防部空间局局长,前将军和受人尊敬的教授声称,美国和以色列已经接触智能外星人相当长的时间。他特别提到了"银河联邦(消歧义)",强调他们如何等待人类进化,而我们还没有完全准备好接触。这种观点与上面广播的信息相呼应。你可以在这里读到更多关于这个故事的信息。

I believe that UFOs are or extraterrestrial craft…The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon.There is an international exchange of data.Maybe when this group of nations acquires more precise and definite information,it will be possible to release the news to the world.General Carlos Castro Cavero,General in the Spanish Air Force and former Commander of Spain's Third Aerial Region,in an interview with J.J.Benitez,La Gaceta del Norte,Balboa,Spain,June 27,1976.

我相信不明飞行物或外星飞行器...世界各国目前正在合作调查不明飞行物现象。有一个国际数据交换。也许当这个国家集团获得更准确和确切的信息时,就有可能向全世界发布新闻。1976627日,西班牙巴尔博亚,西班牙空军将军、前西班牙第三航空区司令卡洛斯·卡斯特罗将军接受 j·j·贝尼特斯的采访。

The story was picked up by multiple mainstream media outlets,most of them covered the story with ridicule with some of them hinting to the idea that Eshed has lost his marbles.He would be one of hundreds with such backgrounds.I find this interesting given the fact that mainstream media has recently published various articles in multiple outlets taking the issue of UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence quite seriously,including CNN.It's interesting to note how a story comes out about supposed extraterrestrials urging us to get our shi*t together is completely ridiculed,yet other incidents with a bit of a threat narrative bias is taken completely seriously.

这个故事被多家主流媒体报道,大多数媒体用嘲笑的口吻报道了这个故事,其中一些人暗示艾希德已经失去理智了。他可能是有这种背景的数百人之一。我觉得这很有趣,因为主流媒体最近在多个渠道发表了各种各样的文章来严肃对待 ufo 事件和外星人的可能性,包括 CNN。有意思的是,一个关于假想的外星人敦促我们聚在一起的故事是完全可笑的,然而其他带有一点威胁叙述偏见的事件是完全严肃对待的。

Here's an article I recently published going into the discussion of whether or not extraterrestrials may represent a threat.


This topic is a deep discussion,and we've been writing about it from various angles for the past 11 years.If you want to sift through our articles regarding the extraterrestrial/UFO phenomenon,you can visit the disclosure section of our website here.

这个话题是一个深入的讨论,在过去的11年里,我们一直从不同的角度来写这个话题。如果你想查看我们关于外星人/UFO 现象的文章,你可以访问我们网站的公开部分。

Other Examples of Remote Viewers Speaking About Extraterrestrials


According to Lyn Buchanan,


"After the military I was asked by a branch of the government to do a paper,a study paper to compare and contrast ET psychic ability to human psychic ability.The study that I did was because I was given access to many of the things that never made it into project grudge or the blue book or anything like that because they couldn't be denied.So anyway,in studying these,I found out that we can take the ET's of all different kinds and species and all that and put them into four main categories.We've got those who are more psychic than us and those that are less psychic than us.In each of those two categories we've got friendly to us and unfriendly to us,the unfriendly non-psychic ones tend to not come here.They don't like us,they don't want to be around us.The non-psychic friendly ones come here for trade.The psychic friendly ones actually want to help us develop our abilities and become stronger at it.And the unfriendly psychic ones want us wiped off the planet,they want us dead,period,no questions asked."


He also mentions extraterrestrial bases that are on Earth,and he says there are approximately five.He mentions that they are all inside of mountains and that at some of these bases humans are working with these extraterrestrials in various ways.He is not the only viewer to mention these bases and extraterrestrials,as Ingo Swann told many fascinating stories in his book,Penetration:The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.Furthermore,Joseph Mcmoneagle was another individual who had experience in remote viewing an extraterrestrial presence.

他还提到了地球上的外星基地,他说大约有五个。他提到他们都在山里,在其中一些基地,人类正以各种方式与这些外星人合作。他并不是唯一一个提到这些基地和外星人的观众,因为 Ingo Swann 在他的书《穿透:外星人和人类心灵感应的问题》中讲了许多迷人的故事。此外,约瑟夫·麦克蒙伊格尔是另一个有着远距离观察外星人经验的人。

Then,there is Pat Price,who,along with Ingo Swann,is described as one of SRI's most successful viewers,as his sessions were extremely accurate.

然后是帕特·普莱斯,他和英戈·斯万一起被描述为 SRI 最成功的观众之一,因为他的会话非常精确。

You can look up any of these names within the CIA's electronic reading room by the way.


Legendary UFO researcher Timothy Good tells the story quite well in his book,Unearthly Disclosure:

传奇的 UFO 研究者 Timothy Good 在他的书《神秘的揭露》中很好的讲述了这个故事:

According to Captain Frederick H.Atwater,a retired US Army officer also involved at the time in highly classified'remote viewing'experiments for the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency,as well as for the Army's Intelligence and Security Command,Price had remotely viewed four alien bases on Earth,one of which was located under Mount Ziel,Northern Territory.Mount Ziel lies some 80 miles west-northwest of Pine Gap.Price believed the base contained a mixture of'personnel'from the other bases,one purpose being to'transport new recruits,with an overall monitoring function'.The other bases were said to be under Mount Perdido in the Pyrenees,Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe,and,coincidentally,in Alaska under Mount Hayes.Price described the occupants as'looking like homo sapiens,except for the lungs,heart,blood and eyes.'

据退休的美国陆军军官 Frederick h.Atwater 上尉所说,Price 远程观察了地球上的4个外星基地,其中一个位于北领地的 Mount ZielMount Ziel 位于派恩峡谷西北偏西约80英里处。普莱斯认为,这个基地混合了来自其他基地的"人员",其中一个目的是"运送新兵,具有全面的监督职能"。其他基地据说位于 Mount Perdido 下面的比里牛斯山脉,伊尼扬加尼山在津巴布韦,巧合的是,阿拉斯加在海斯山下面。普莱斯形容这里的居住者"看起来像智人,除了肺、心脏、血液和眼睛。"'

Related CE Article:"You Have But A Short Time To Live Together In Peace&Goodwill"–A 1977 Extraterrestrial Message?



"Paranormal"abilities in humans have been demonstrated time and time again,however,these facts are largely ignored and even ridiculed by mainstream academica despite the fact that they're studied and used at the highest level of government for decades.This is because,throughout human history,human beings have been made to think a certain way,and believe what is possible and what isn't possible.


These discoveries are huge for expanding human consciousness and learning more about ourselves and the nature of reality.


"There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now.All that remains is more and more precise measurement."This statement was made by Lord Kelvin—a famous Scottish mathematician and physicist who contributed to many branches of physics—in 1900 and shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity.This represents one of many examples.

"现在物理学界没有什么新发现。剩下的就是越来越精确的测量了。"这句话是由苏格兰著名的数学家和物理学家 Kelvin 勋爵在1900年提出的,他对物理学的许多分支都做出了贡献,直到5年后 Einstein 发表了关于狭义相对论的论文才粉碎了这一说法。这只是众多例子中的一个。

All this being said,the collective mind is opening,and it's opening quite fast.I've said it before many times,and I'll say it again,when humanity is ready and we can operate from a place of peace,love understanding and goodwill instead of a place of desire for wealth,material possession,judgement,the desire for power,control,and more then perhaps humanity can begin to understand and utilize abilities we all have the potential to use.




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