通过 GCR 恢复的共和国特别报告|2022年3月23日

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通过 GCR 恢复的共和国特别报告|2022年3月23日

作者: Judy Byington,MSW,LCSW,治疗师 ,记者,作者: 《二十二张脸: 珍妮希尔和她的二十二个多重人格的非凡生活》

April MOAB



The Mother of All Bombs


















…JFK Jr.


Look for Events, not Dates


Global Cyber Attack Inevitable


A “Hard Drive from Hell” authenticated by the New York Times, reveals 30 years of the Biden Crime Family selling Joe’s office for millions in bribes. Hunter says 50% for Joe Biden, the boss of the Biden Crime Family. History will record this as America’s worst scandal so far.  …Rudy Giuliani

《纽约时报》认证的一份“来自地狱的硬盘”披露了拜登犯罪家族30年来以数百万美元贿赂的方式出售乔的办公室。亨特说50% 支持乔 · 拜登,拜登犯罪家族的老板。这将成为美国迄今为止最严重的丑闻。鲁迪 · 朱利安尼

“The Gift of Charity”


May 09, 2021 – #4782 Music & the Spoken Word (thetabernaclechoir.org)

2021年5月9日-# 4782《音乐与口语》(Music & the Spoken Word) thetabernaclechoir.org

Judy Note on the Global Currency Reset:


  • CMKX, Farm Claims, Prosperity Packages, Groups out of Reno and Bond Holderswere all in the process of being paid out with liquidity this week according to Bruce and MarkZ.
  • 根据 Bruce 和 MarkZ 的说法,CMKX,农场索赔,繁荣包,里诺以外的团体和邦德荷尔德都在本周的流动性支付过程中。
  • The Rodriquez and St. Germaine Truststhat fund NESARA/GESARA was thought to be paid out overnight Tues. night into Wed. 23 March according to Bruce.
  • 据布鲁斯透露,罗德里格斯和 St. Germaine Truststhat 基金会为 NESARA/GESARA 提供的资金被认为会在一夜之间支付到3月23日星期二晚上。
  • Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) notification could come at any time dependent upon Events, not Dates.
  • 第4b 层(我们,互联网集团)的通知可以在任何时间来取决于事件,而不是日期。
  • The Federal Reserve Note USDwill complete by the end of March and will be phased out by 2022, while according to several sources the new gold/asset-backed US Note would be available to the general public around the first part of April.
  • 美联储(Federal Reserve)新发行的美元纸币将于3月底完成发行,并将于2022年前逐步淘汰,而据多位消息人士透露,新发行的以黄金/资产为担保的美元纸币将于4月上旬左右向公众开放。
  • Texas Snake: On the 24thwe should be on real time banking.
  • 德克萨斯斯内克: 24号我们应该进行实时银行业务。
  • MarkZ:We all will be offered the same rates at the Redemption Centers. There will be no negotiating as our special rates are covered in a treaty.
  • 马克: 我们在赎回中心都会得到相同的利率。由于我们的特别费率包含在条约中,所以不会进行谈判。

Recent History of the Global Currency Reset:


  • On Sun. 20 Marchthe fiat US dollar was officially dead according to Charlie Ward.
  • 根据查理 · 沃德的说法,法定美元正式消亡了。
  • On Mon. 21 Marchthe Quantum Financial System officially began according to Charlie Ward.
  • 查理 · 沃德称,3月21日,量子金融系统正式启动。
  • On Mon. 21March Redemption Center personnel began working full time and held their final in-house meeting morning 22 March – the Red Letter Date that every country’s new gold/asset-backed currency rates were effective according to Putin.
  • 3月21日星期一,赎回中心的工作人员开始全职工作,并于3月22日上午举行了最后一次内部会议。
  • US Inc. was bankruptedby the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia according to Charlie Ward.
  • 美国公司被中国共产党和沙特阿拉伯搞破产了。

Real News Headlines for Wed. 23 March 2022:


  • The Deep State’s man-made “virus” Covid-19 and grapheme-infested vaccinations, (which have nine pages of side effects including common death by heart attack as reported in the March 1court-release of Pfizer documents), was funded by US Inc.’s CIA in Ukraine bio-weapon labs – and the reason for the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.
  • 深层国家公司的人造“病毒”2019冠状病毒疾病和石墨烯出没的疫苗(有9页的副作用,包括在3月1日法庭公布的文件中报告的常见心脏病死亡) ,是由美国辉瑞公司在乌克兰的生物武器实验室中央情报局资助的,也是俄罗斯“入侵”乌克兰的原因。
  • The death of Queen Elizabethhas been kept quiet for nearly two years.
  • 伊丽莎白女王的去世被保密了近两年。
  • Trump won the 2020 Electionby an over 80% margin vote in all 50 states – as validated by the US Military counting of watermarked ballots.
  • 特朗普在2020年大选中以超过80% 的优势赢得了所有50个州的选票——这一点得到了美国军方对标有水印的选票清点的证实。
  • 2020 Election Fraudwas rampant and lead by a foreign entity, the Chinese Communist Party working with the CIA, Biden, Obama, Pelosi and other Democratic, some Republican Leaders.
  • 2020年选举舞弊猖獗,领导者是一个外国实体---- 中国共产党与美国中央情报局、拜登、奥巴马、佩洛西以及其他民主党和一些共和党领导人合作。
  • Many missing global and political elitesincluding Biden, Obama and Hillary have already been arrested, tried and hung after Military Tribunals for their Crimes Against Humanity.
  • 包括拜登、奥巴马和希拉里在内的许多失踪的全球和政治要人已经因为他们的反人类罪被军事法庭逮捕、审判和处以绞刑。
  • Actors have been playing Bidenat his fake inauguration, at a Hollywood Castle Rock White House movie set and another fake White House in Georgia.
  • 演员们一直在他的假就职典礼上扮演拜登,在好莱坞摇滚城堡白宫的电影布景,在乔治亚州的另一个假白宫。
  • Hunter Biden’s laptoprevealed 30 years of Biden selling his office for millions in bribes.
  • 亨特 · 拜登的笔记本揭露了拜登30年来为了数百万美元的贿赂而卖掉办公室的经历。
  • Washington DC has been a ghost town,federal offices closed, since 20 Jan. 2021.
  • 自2021年1月20日以来,华盛顿特区一直是一座鬼城,联邦办公室关闭。
  • Chinese Communist Party Eliteshomes in 22 Providences were empty.
  • 中国共产党在22个地方的私人住宅都是空的。
  • The Vatican, Crown and US Inc,which have controlled and used US Taxpayer dollars since the early 1900s, created the fiat US Dollar and were now broke.
  • 自20世纪初以来一直控制和使用美国纳税人资金的梵蒂冈、皇冠(Crown)和美国公司(US Inc)创造了法定美元,现在破产了。
  • All of which newshas been covered up by the Deep State-owned Mainstream Media, who therefore appears to have committed their own Crimes Against Humanity.
  • 所有这些新闻都被深州国有主流媒体所掩盖,因此,它们似乎犯下了自己的危害人类罪。
  • It’s Checkmate Timein Q’s Great Awakening World.
  • 这是将军时间在 q 的大觉醒的世界。

Cyber Attack Inevitable 


  • Plan B is in action:a global Cyber Attack aimed at destroying key Internet infrastructure is inevitable – the perfect scapegoat for the currently collapsing economy and rising inflation.
  • B 计划正在实施: 旨在摧毁关键互联网基础设施的全球网络攻击是不可避免的——这是当前经济崩溃和通货膨胀上升的完美替罪羊。
  • “It is important to consider the technocracy’s war against humanityfrom the point of view of the general battle plan. No military campaign is carried out by a single attack, so the technocracy’s war with humanity should be considered as a series of strategically planned waves aimed at destroying enemy strongholds. Covid-19 was the first wave of the attack. The next one will be related to cyber attacks.
  • “从总体作战计划的角度来考虑技术官僚对人类的战争是很重要的。任何军事行动都不是通过一次进攻就能完成的,所以技术官僚的人道战争应该被看作是一系列战略计划的浪潮,目的是摧毁敌人的据点。2019冠状病毒疾病是第一波攻击。下一个将与网络攻击有关。
  • When Cyber Attacks disable key infrastructures,causing panic and fear around the world, the elite will enlist the support of things like cyber identification systems, and, even worse, it will lead to an international reaction similar to the Patriot Act after September 11. But as soon as this new system is implemented and people realize that they have been lured into a digital GULAG from which there is no way out, they will howl.”
  •  当网络攻击使关键基础设施瘫痪,在全世界引起恐慌和恐惧时,精英阶层将会争取网络识别系统的支持,更糟糕的是,这将导致类似于911之后的《爱国者法案》的国际反应。但是一旦这个新系统实施,人们意识到他们被诱骗进了一个无路可逃的数字古拉格,他们就会嚎啕大哭。”https://feedthewolves.substack.com/p/plan-b-in-motion-global-cyberattack

Into the Storm Events, not Dates, the White Hats: “If you don’t know what’s happening, you’ll never know. If you know, keep your seats belts buckled buttercups as we go into the Storm”:


  • How they kept the death of the Queenhidden for near 2 years is astounding. Anons knew the truth long ago.
  • 他们如何将皇后的死亡隐藏了近两年是令人震惊的,亚农很久以前就知道了真相。
  • Many are missing in the Royalfamily (not reported). Many CCP Elites are missing (not reported). Many are missing in the U.S.  – elites, celebrities, military personal, CIA , FBI Agents (not being reported).
  • 罗亚尔家族有许多人失踪(没有报告)。许多中共精英失踪了(没有报道)。许多人在美国失踪——精英、名人、军人、中情局、联邦调查局特工(没有被报道)。
  • DC is a Ghost Town (no money, a broke district) Ten square miles of central DC buildings closed down. Empty.
  • 特区是一个鬼城(没有钱,一个破产的地区)十平方英里的中央特区建筑关闭。空的。
  • UK Majestymajor castle estates closed. Buckingham palace closed first time in history and reopens as museum and self guided tours – allowing people through the once forbidden Palace to roam.
  • 英国王室主要城堡关闭。白金汉宫历史上第一次关闭,并重新开放为博物馆和自助游-允许人们通过曾经被禁止的宫殿游览。
  • Chinese Communist Party Elitesfortress and dynasty homes and estates empty/ deserted 22 Provinces controlled by the PRC.
  • 中国共产党在中华人民共和国控制下的22个省份建立了自己的帝国。
  • The Vatican has run out of money (smallest country in the world since 1929 that controls the Catholic system in five continents across the World and collected quintillions of dollars through controlled donations, banking system, extortion, blackmails, money laundering. It’s an Italian mafia controlled empire that stretches into Las Vegas system and now they are broke???
  • 梵蒂冈已经没有钱了(这是自1929年以来世界上最小的国家,控制着世界五大洲的天主教系统,并通过受控的捐款、银行系统、勒索、勒索、洗钱等方式收集了数以亿计的美元。这是一个意大利黑手党控制的帝国,一直延伸到拉斯维加斯体系,现在他们破产了? ? ?

Q Brief: Who is in charge of Washington DC? Who is our President?

Q摘要: 谁负责华盛顿特区? 谁是我们的总统?

  • Why is the White House empty?
  • 为什么白宫空无一人?
  • Why was the White House fenced off?
  • 为什么白宫被围起来了?
  • Why is the White House perimeter guarded by the US military?
  • 为什么白宫周边由美国军方看守?
  • The White House resides in the District Of Columbia, the headquarters of the USA corporation.
  • 白宫位于哥伦比亚特区,美国公司的总部。
  • The White House is a foreign enemy occupying sovereign land within the America.
  • 白宫是占领美国主权领土的外国敌人。
  • USA Inc has been defunct for several years but now you can SEE IT.
  • 美国公司已经停业好几年了,但是现在你可以看到它。
  • In 2016 Trump was elected president of the corporation.
  • 2016年,特朗普当选为该公司总裁。
  • Why did Trump lose 2020 election?
  • 为什么特朗普在2020年大选中落败?
  • In the movie our reality it was stolen but the truth is he stepped down as president of the corporation.
  • 在电影中,我们的现实是它被偷走了,但事实是他辞去了公司总裁的职务。
  • Who is supposedly president today, Actor Biden.
  • 谁应该是今天的总统,演员拜登。
  • Military was and is still in charge until we reach the end game.
  • 军队过去是,现在仍然是,直到我们到达最后的游戏。
  • Sovereignty and freedom 主权和自由
  1. International Child Sex Trafficking: 国际儿童性贩运:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:


  • Fertilizer prices soar, leaving farmers struggling with cost of production: 化肥价格飙升,让农民苦苦挣扎于生产成本:https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/rural-news/2022-03-23/record-fertiliser-prices/100929526
  • World Economic Forum:More people around the world will starve as a result of the pandemic, high fuel prices and the conflict in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are also major producers and suppliers of fertilizers and raw materials for their production
  • 世界经济论坛: 世界各地将有更多的人因流行病、高燃料价格和乌克兰冲突而挨饿。俄罗斯和乌克兰也是化肥及其生产原料的主要生产国和供应国
  • Existing logistical problemswith the transportation of grain and food are likely to worsen.
  • 粮食和食品运输方面现有的物流问题可能会恶化。
  • Disruptions in work will put additional pressureon this year’s harvest and lead to an increase in food prices.
  • 工作中断将给今年的收成带来额外压力,并导致食品价格上涨。
  • Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, 690 million people, or 9% of the world’s population, faced the problem of food insecurity.
  • 甚至在大流行病爆发之前,6.9亿人,即世界人口的9% ,就面临着粮食不安全的问题。

Global Financial Crisis:


  • China developer Kaisa says earnings results delayed due to lockdown, shares slide | Nasdaq:
  • 中国开发商佳兆业股价下滑:https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.nasdaq.com/articles/china-developer-kaisa-says-earnings-results-delayed-due-to-lockdown-shares-slide%3famp
  • Thailand has issued new rules that prohibit the use of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies as a means to pay for goods and services.
  • 泰国发布了新规则,禁止使用比特币和加密货币作为支付货物和服务的手段。
  • US dollar moves backbelow 100 rubles on Moscow Stock Exchange.
  • 莫斯科证券交易所,美元汇率回落至100卢布以下。
  • Goldman Sachs admits that the oil trade between Saudi Arabia and China signals the “erosion” of the reserve status of the dollar.After a recent report by The Wall Street Journal that Saudi Arabia is considering setting the price of some of its oil sold to China in yuan, the question of the status of the dollar as a global reserve currency has again become a “primary issue” for many long-term investors.
  • 高盛(Goldman Sachs)承认,沙特阿拉伯与中国之间的石油贸易,标志着美元储备地位的“削弱”。《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)最近的一篇报道称,沙特阿拉伯正在考虑以人民币为出售给中国的部分石油设定价格。在此之后,美元作为全球储备货币的地位问题再次成为许多长期投资者的“首要问题”。
  • Mortgage Rates Surging: 抵押贷款利率飙升:https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/22/mortgage-rates-are-surging-faster-than-expected-prompting-economists-to-lower-their-home-sales-forecasts.html

Biden Crime:


  • In this video, Biden boasts that he was blackmailing Ukrainian President Poroshenkoby refusing a $1 billion loan. In order to receive a financial tranche, Poroshenko had to dismiss Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma (a company whose board member was Hunter Biden). 
  • 在这段视频中,拜登夸耀说他正在勒索乌克兰总统波罗申科,拒绝10亿美元的贷款。为了得到一笔资金,波罗申科不得不解雇了正在调查 Burisma (一家董事会成员是亨特•拜登的公司)的检察长维克托•肖金(Viktor Shokin)https://t.me/worldawakeningtruenews
  • “Hunter Biden’s Macbook Pro was found in October 2020after he left it at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, in April 2019 and did not return for it. After publishing some of the files in the run-up to the 2020 election, the NYT questioned their origin and linked them to Russian disinformation. Last Wednesday, the newspaper changed its point of view in an article with a link to the files, which, as they confirmed, “were confirmed by people familiar with them.” In March last year, the Daily Mail confirmed the authenticity of the laptop, becoming the first (and only) news organization to publicly verify its contents using expert analysis. The Daily Mail also reports that the Washington Post had a copy of the laptop’s hard drive for more than six months, but did not admit it and did not report it. 
  • “2020年10月,亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)的 Macbook Pro 被人发现,当时他2019年4月把它留在了威尔明顿的一家维修店里,之后就再也没有回来。《纽约时报》在2020年大选前夕发表了一些文件,随后质疑其来源,并将其与俄罗斯的虚假信息联系起来。上周三,《南华早报》在一篇文章中改变了自己的观点,提供了这些文件的链接。他们证实,这些文件“得到了熟悉这些文件的人的证实”去年3月,《每日邮报》证实了这台笔记本电脑的真实性,成为第一家(也是唯一一家)通过专家分析公开核实其内容的新闻机构。《每日邮报》还报道说,《华盛顿邮报》拥有这台笔记本电脑硬盘的拷贝超过六个月,但是没有承认,也没有报道https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10624113/NYT-finally-admits-Hunter-Bidens-laptop-real-year-DailyMail-com-confirmed-authenticity.html
  • A photo from Hunter’s hard driveshows a tattoo on his back is Finger Lakes (a system of lakes in the northern part of New York) – a favorite vacation spot for the “chosen ones”. There are many underground tunnels under the lakes. People often disappear here. In some publications, this place was mentioned as a “hot spot” of the channel for traffic and trafficking in people, including children.
  • 亨特的硬驱动器拍摄的一张照片在他的背上纹了一个文身,这是手指湖(纽约北部的一个湖泊系统)——“被选中的人”最喜欢的度假胜地。湖底下有许多地下隧道。人们经常在这里消失。在一些出版物中,这个地方被称为贩卖和贩卖人口(包括儿童)渠道的”热点”。

Covid/Vax Hoax:


  • Andrew Huff- Was Our Intelligence Community Involved in Creating the Virus? – Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz (2/10/22): 安德鲁 · 赫夫-我们的情报部门参与了病毒的制造吗?-与丹尼尔 · 霍洛维茨的保守派评论(2/10/22) :https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-andrew-huff-was-our-intelligence-community-involved-in-creating-the-virus-conservative-review-wit_Z3jdzxVvdmW1tEO.html
  • Was Peter DaszakWorking For The Central Intelligence Agency? – Kanekoa: 彼得•达萨克(Peter daszak)是为中央情报局(Central Intelligence Agency)工作吗:https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/was-peter-daszak-working-for-the
  • Pfizer Recalls Drug that Could Cause Cancer.Three blood pressure medications manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer have been recalled after a potential cancer-causing chemical compound was discovered in them. Several “tainted” lots of Accuretic and two authorized generic versions of the drug were found to have elevated levels of nitrosamine above the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) set by US regulators. While everyone is exposed to some level of nitrosamines, these “impurities may increase the risk of cancer if people are exposed to them above acceptable levels over long periods of time,” Pfizer said in a statement.
  • 辉瑞召回致癌药物。制药业巨头辉瑞公司生产的三种降压药在被发现含有潜在致癌化合物后被召回。数个「受污染」批次的 Accuretic 及两个获批准的仿制药被发现亚硝胺含量超出美国监管机构规定的每日可摄入量。辉瑞公司在一份声明中表示,虽然每个人都接触到一定程度的亚硝胺,但是“如果人们长时间接触到高于可接受水平的亚硝胺,这些杂质可能会增加患癌症的风险”。
  • Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA vaccine: “(The WEF) has a clear agenda that does not comply with the US Constitution… They are actively trying to promote the idea of creating a single world government that should displace national governments. I really feel that this situation is just a skirmish, and a more serious battle is taking place now against censorship, control and growing global totalitarianism.” 
  • 信使核糖核酸疫苗的发明者罗伯特 · 马龙说: “(世界经济论坛)有一个明确的议程,不符合美国宪法... ... 他们正在积极地试图推动建立一个应该取代国家政府的单一世界政府的想法。我真的觉得这只是一场小规模的战斗,一场更为严重的战斗正在进行,目的是反对审查制度、控制和日益严重的全球极权主义。”https://t.me/worldawakeningtruenews
  • Geert Vanden Bossche reveals the essence of vaccination in one sentence: “Currently, we see that an increasing number of vaccinated people secrete viruses, and highly infectious strains, which is exactly the opposite of collective immunity.” 
  • Geert Vanden Bossche 用一句话揭示了接种疫苗的本质:”目前,我们看到越来越多的接种疫苗的人分泌病毒,和高度传染性的菌株,这与集体免疫恰恰相反https://t.me/worldawakeningtruenews
  • “Pfizer’s huge (official) list of adverse reactionswas conveniently “hidden under the carpet” in alphabetical order while everyone was looking at Ukraine.” 
  • 20世纪90年代字母顺序,当所有人都在关注乌克兰的时候,辉瑞公司巨大的(官方)不良反应清单被轻易地“藏在了地毯下面”https://t.me/worldawakeningtruenews

War in Ukraine:


  • CIA operated Ukranian Illegal Prison Torture CampExposed After 8 Years:
  • 中央情报局运营的乌克兰非法监狱酷刑营:https://www.bitchute.com/video/N9HiDGznwu2v/
  • The Times: Ukraineis running out of weapons and ammunition.
  • 《泰晤士报》 : 乌克兰正在耗尽武器和弹药。
  • Truth bomb from Russian athlete Maryana Naumova. Her response to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s propaganda video is absolutely savage.”I would like to remind you- your family once was deceived by Nazism. And your father came to my homeland with a gun killing and maiming my compatriots…Hitler got what he deserved then, but after so many years his ideological heirs are raising their heads again. I would like to remind you that, you yourself once admired Hitler…but those in Ukraine who admire Hitler’s collaborators…are far from repenting. Russia’s special military operation has no purpose to destroy the Ukrainian people. It is aimed at the neo-nazi ‘Skynet’ which, over the years, has completely subjugated Ukraine and was just about to turn into an uncontrollable monster.” 
  • 来自俄罗斯运动员 Maryana Naumova 的真相炸弹。她对阿诺·施瓦辛格电视台的宣传视频的反应非常野蛮。”我想提醒你,你的家人曾经被纳粹欺骗过。你的父亲带着枪杀和残害我的同胞来到我的家乡... ... 希特勒得到了他应得的,但是经过这么多年,他的意识形态继承人又抬起头来了。我想提醒你,你自己也曾经崇拜过希特勒... ... 但是那些在乌克兰崇拜希特勒的合作者的人... ... 绝不会后悔。俄罗斯的特别军事行动并不是为了消灭乌克兰人民。它的目标是新纳粹主义的‘天网’,这些年来,它已经完全征服了乌克兰,而且即将变成一个无法控制的怪物。”https://t.me/TheStormHasArrived17/8799
  • See now the importance of the 1st Romanov Wedding in Russia in over a century???The Flip.  Russia is not the enemy. The Bolsheviks/Khazarians/Zionists are. The ones who have controlled Big Pharma, Insurance Companies, Big Tech & MSM. Who are the Govt of Israel that the Rothschild’s/UK Royals set up?  Bolshevik/Khazarians.  [ISRAEL IS LAST] Y? Balfour Declaration.
  • 现在看看一个多世纪以来第一次罗曼诺夫婚礼在俄罗斯的重要性?翻转。俄罗斯不是敌人。布尔什维克/卡扎菲/犹太复国主义者。那些控制了大型制药公司、保险公司、大型科技公司和 MSM 的公司。罗斯柴尔德/英国皇室成立的以色列政府是什么?布尔什维克/可萨人。以色列是最后一个?贝尔福宣言。
  • Ukraine is an essential place for the Rothschild’s Banking Cabal.Ukraine falls, and it will, it is the end of the New World Order. Ukraine belongs to the Soviet’s not the EU/ UK Khazarian Zionist Banking Cabal.
  • 乌克兰是罗斯柴尔德银行阴谋集团(Banking Cabal)不可或缺的地方。乌克兰失败了,它将会失败,它将是世界新秩序的终结。乌克兰属于苏联的非欧盟/英国哈扎里亚犹太复国主义银行阴谋集团(Khazarian Zionist Banking Cabal)。
  • Turov announced the tribunal for crimes in Ukraine.State Duma deputy Artyom Turov stated about the need to create a military tribunal that would investigate cases of using civilians as a “human shield”. The deputy himself was able to personally hear about examples of the use of such tactics by neo-Nazis from people who are now being evacuated from Mariupol.  Of course, it is assumed that a specially created commission will also collect materials on other war crimes of the Kiev regime.
  • 图罗夫宣布在乌克兰设立刑事法庭。国家杜马代表 Artyom Turov 说,需要设立一个军事法庭,调查利用平民作为”人盾”的案件。副警长本人亲自听说了新纳粹分子使用这种手段的例子,这些人现在正从马里乌波尔撤离。当然,据推测,一个专门设立的委员会还将收集有关基辅政权其他战争罪行的材料。
  • Canadian writer and activist Yves Engleraccused the Canadian government and Foreign Minister Melanie Joly of escalating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as increasing the risk of its escalating into a global confrontation.
  • 加拿大作家和活动家伊夫 · 英格勒指责加拿大政府和外交部长梅勒妮 · 乔利加剧了俄罗斯和乌克兰之间的冲突,并增加了其升级为全球对抗的风险。

The Real News for Wed. 23 March 2022:


  • In the end of this Near Death of Civilization Eventthe tables will be turned. It’s time for JFK Awakening. The world must see the truth. He is coming back strong and alive. (He has said it would happen 29 March). Join: 
  • 在这次文明濒死事件的最后,情况将会逆转。现在是肯尼迪觉醒的时候了。世界必须看到真相。他恢复了健康和活力。(他曾表示,这将发生在3月29日)。加入:https://t.me/JFKAwakenlngQ17
  • Whiplash347:So how does this play out? Russia takes Ukraine plus other Soviet States. NATO tries to come in Article 5. Turkey flips against NATO. China takes Taiwan. North Korea will play their part. Koreas will merge. USA attacks Iran. United Nations under “Russian Control” for 1 month/30 days intervenes. Only 28 days in Feb. Iran and the US turn on the UN, then they all band together and attack England & Israel. “Rothschilds” reversal of Act of 1871 of England. Balfour Declaration
  • Whiplash347: 那么这一切是怎么发生的呢?俄罗斯占领乌克兰和其他苏联国家。北约试图以第5条的形式加入。土耳其反对北约。中国收购台湾。朝鲜将发挥自己的作用。韩国将会合并。美国攻击伊朗。联合国在”俄罗斯控制”下进行1个月/30天的干预。2月份只有28天。伊朗和美国背叛了联合国,然后他们联合起来攻击英国和以色列。英国1871年法案的“罗斯柴尔德家族”逆转。贝尔福宣言
  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exposed: Horrifying Child Porn, Drugs, Corruption. 拜登笔记本电脑曝光: 恐怖的儿童色情、毒品、腐败https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2022/03/hunter-bidens-laptop-exposed-child-porn-drugs-corruption-must-see-videos-3768501.html
  • Rothschild reveals crucial role his ancestors playedin the Balfour Declaration and creation of Israel: 
  • 罗斯柴尔德揭示了他的祖先在贝尔福宣言和以色列的创建中所扮演的重要角色:https://israelpalestinenews.org/rothschild-reveals-crucial-role-ancestors-played-balfour-declaration-creation-israel/
  • Russian Special Forces wear the “Punisher” symbol (Z)on their helmets. It is one of the most important symbols of Q, which announces that an operation is underway targeting criminals belonging to the International Deep State. The Russian Military in Ukraine wears this symbol because it sends the same message. Trump and Putin have never stopped working together to prevent the completion of the Great Reset. The alliance between Russia and the US has led to the failure of the New World Order.
  • 俄罗斯特种部队头盔上带有“惩罚者”的标志(z)。这是 q 最重要的标志之一,它宣布一项行动正在进行,目标是属于国际深层国家的罪犯。在乌克兰的俄罗斯军队佩戴这个标志是因为它传达了同样的信息。特朗普和普京从未停止合作,以阻止大重置的完成。俄罗斯与美国的联盟导致了世界新秩序的失败。
  • The Afghanistan debaclewas planned and organized by Obama to arm, weaponize and fund with billions of US dollars in gold and billions of dollars in modern Energy Weapons left on purpose to strengthen his friends and allies –  the Islamic Brotherhood Terrorism Inc. to eventually establish the ideology of Islamic Shariah Law worldwide.
  • 奥巴马策划并组织了阿富汗债务危机,目的是用数十亿美元的黄金和数十亿美元的现代能源武器来武装、武装和资助他的朋友和盟友——伊斯兰兄弟会恐怖主义公司,最终在全世界建立伊斯兰教法的意识形态。
  • Many high profile court cases, indictments, trials and Military Tribunals connected to human and sex traffickingwere taking place throughout the U.S, Europe and Canada.
  • 在美国、欧洲和加拿大,许多与人口贩卖和性交易有关的引人注目的法庭案件、起诉书、审判和军事法庭正在进行。
  • These hidden courts and prosecutionswere not meant to be reported to the public such as the Hunter Biden case in Delaware. This was due to Mainstream Media and other elite entities’ ability to create chaos and misinformation that tainted and purged juries.
  • 这些隐蔽的法庭和检察官并不打算像特拉华州的亨特 · 拜登案件那样公之于众。这是因为主流媒体和其他精英实体有能力制造混乱和错误信息,污染和清除陪审团。
  • Q told us that only 20% of the operationwill be visible and the other 80% will be covert.
  • Q 告诉我们,只有20% 的行动是可见的,其余80% 将是隐蔽的。
  • Many people who connected to Epstein-HRC-Bill Gatesand used the Underground Tunnel Systems in NY City, were being exposed.
  • 许多与 Epstein-HRC-Bill gates 有联系并使用纽约市地下隧道系统的人被曝光。
  • NYC’s elite were in a tizzy after the Justice Department’inadvertently’ published a list of 121 ‘clients’ – including lawyers, businessmen, and socialites – who solicited the Sarah Lawrence ‘sex cult victim’ who was forced into prostitution.
  • 美国司法部无意中公布了一份包括律师、商人和社会名流在内的121名“客户”名单,这些客户向萨拉•劳伦斯(Sarah Lawrence)这位被迫卖淫的“性崇拜受害者”提供了帮助。
  • The list, which was entered into evidence in the trial under seal, included lawyers, businessmen and socialites throughout the Tri-state area. Alleged clients included a Metropolitan Transit Authority executive, an account executive at Amazon, a former New York State Supreme Court judge and the richest art dealers in NY who connected to the Italian elites.
  • 这份名单在庭审中被公开列为证据,其中包括三州地区的律师、商人和社会名流。被指控的客户包括大都会运输管理局(Metropolitan Transit Authority)的一名高管、亚马逊(Amazon)的一名客户经理、前纽约州最高法院(New York State Supreme Court)法官,以及与意大利精英阶层有联系。
  • Military Operationswere taking place in the NY Tunnels such as floods and booms that reached from NY, to Philadelphia, to DC Underground Tunnels.
  • 军事行动正在纽约隧道中进行,比如洪水和围油栏,从纽约到费城,再到华盛顿的地下隧道。

Plan of the New World Order:


  • The next stages of the Deep State Cabal,Davos Group, WEF, Klause Schwab, Gates, Rockefellers UN to rule the world:
  • 下一阶段的深州阴谋集团,达沃斯集团,世界经济论坛,克劳斯施瓦布,盖茨,洛克菲勒联合国统治世界:
  • In this Stage they created a warwith Russia using the Chinese Communist regime (that was partially funded by Rothschild/ Rockefellers Banks in China which also funded the Wuhan labs) and create a Supply Chain shortage.
  • 在这个阶段,他们利用中国共产党政权(罗斯柴尔德/洛克菲勒银行(Rothschild/rockefeller Banks)在中国部分资助了武汉实验室)与俄罗斯展开了一场战争,造成了供应链短缺。
  • In this Stage of the planned collapsethey will target the distribution of fertilizer around the world. Russia, the second largest fertilizer producer in the world, will be sanctioned in their ability to export fertilizer. The CCP will also willingly stop exports.
  • 在这个计划中的折叠阶段,他们的目标是在全世界范围内分发化肥。世界第二大化肥生产国俄罗斯将因其出口化肥的能力而受到制裁。中共也将自愿停止出口。
  • These Deep State moveswill affect the food chains of the U.S, EU, South America, Africa and all nations from growing food. (For years Bill Gates has bought out land in the US in order to halt the growing of foods).
  • 这些“深层国家”将通过种植粮食影响美国、欧盟、南美洲、非洲和所有国家的食物链。(多年来,比尔•盖茨(Bill Gates)一直在美国购买土地,以阻止粮食生长)。
  • This stage of the Deep State planwill insure the blame goes to Climate Change (engineered controlled destruction of food grown, engineered Weather Warfare with patents that controlled weather (Google), melting of the ice caps and blaming frozen  virus (fake virus) being thawed under the ice in Antarctica.
  • “深州计划”的这一阶段将确保责任归咎于气候变化(对食物种植进行人工控制的破坏,利用控制天气的专利设计天气战(谷歌) ,融化冰盖,并指责在南极冰层下解冻的冰冻病毒(假病毒)。
  • There were several reasons to use Climate Changeto bring in the new Green Pass that the New World Order will connect to your bank account, email, tracking everything you do including travel (while taxing you every mile).
  • 有几个理由使用气候变化新的绿色通行证,新的世界秩序将连接到你的银行帐户,电子邮件,跟踪你所做的一切,包括旅行(同时征税你每英里)。

UN and Ghislaine Maxwell: 

联合国和吉斯兰 · 马克斯韦尔:

  • The UN helpedGhislaine Maxwell and Epstein get control over world oceans.
  • 联合国帮助基斯兰 · 马克斯韦尔和爱泼斯坦控制了世界海洋。
  • The UN helpedthe TerraMar Project which was a UN NGO micronation with diplomatic immunity and created their own passports.
  • 联合国协助了特拉马尔项目,这是一个拥有外交豁免权的联合国非政府组织微型国家,它们自己制造护照。
  • Ghislaine Maxwellwas demanding that the UN get her out of jail! (Sounds like blackmail as she knows the UN funded her child trafficking network. She’s playing her Deep State card).
  • 吉斯兰 · 麦克斯韦尔要求联合国把她从监狱里弄出来!(听起来像是勒索,因为她知道联合国资助了她的贩卖儿童网络。她在打她的深州牌)。
  • Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisliane Maxwell owned and operateda mysterious company called TerraMar. TerraMar listed a Manhattan property owned by the Rothschilds as a base, was funded by the Clinton Foundation, and was considered a micronation with UN issued passports for the ocean which offered its citizens diplomatic immunity until the collapse of the project.
  • 杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦和吉斯利安 · 马克斯韦尔拥有并经营着一家名为 TerraMar 的神秘公司。特拉马尔将罗斯柴尔德家族在曼哈顿拥有的一处房产列为基地,这处房产由克林顿基金会资助,被认为是一个拥有联合国海洋护照的微型国家,该护照为其公民提供外交豁免权,直到该项目崩溃。
  • In 2012 Ghislaine Maxwell founded the TerraMar Project.At a UN conference, Ghislaine presented and said through TerraMar that she was actually representing the interests of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton Foundation, which seeded her project with millions of dollars in funding. Ghislaine Maxwell has already turned in financial records revealing the funding she and Epstein received from the Clinton Foundation.
  • 2012年,Ghislaine Maxwell 创立了 TerraMar 项目。在一次联合国会议上,Ghislaine 通过 TerraMar 提出并表示,她实际上代表了 Jeffrey Epstein 和克林顿基金会的利益,后者为她的项目提供了数百万美元的资金。已经上交了财务记录,披露了她和 Epstein 从克林顿基金会基金会获得的资金。
  • TerraMarwas positioned as an NGO dedicated to saving the oceans from humanity. It seems much more likely that TerraMar, which owned its own submarine, was a front for human trafficking.
  • TerraMarwas 定位为一个致力于从人类手中拯救海洋的非政府组织。似乎更有可能的是拥有自己潜艇的 TerraMar 是人口贩卖组织的一个幌子。
  • According to The New York Times, the TerraMar Projectwas an “opaque organization that had no offices, gave no grants to other organizations.” However, within a week of the human trafficker Epstein’s arrest, Maxwell closed down her United Nations-sponsored NGO.Was TerraMar part of a vast ocean child trafficking network?
  • 据《纽约时报》报道,TerraMar 项目是一个“不透明的组织,没有办公室,也没有给其他组织拨款。”然而,在人口贩子爱泼斯坦被捕后不到一周,马克斯韦尔就关闭了她的联合国赞助的非法移民网络。特拉马尔是一个庞大的海上儿童贩卖网络的一部分吗?
  • Associates and financiers of the TerraMar Projectincluded many of those who we now recognize as being linked with child sex trafficking, including the Clinton Foundation, Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Tamera Luzzatto, along with many others.
  • 包括我们现在认为与儿童性交易有关的许多人,包括克林顿基金会,Comet Ping Pong 的 James Alefantis,John Podesta,Tamera Luzzatto 以及其他许多人。
  • Luzzatto was Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff.She is now Senior Vice President of Government Relations at The Pew Charitable Trusts. Luzzatto published a disturbing website called Evie’s Crib. She wrote the infamous email to John Podesta published by WikiLeaks that seemed as though she had been pimping her infant grandchildren to the political elite.
  • 卢扎托是希拉里 · 克林顿的幕僚长。她现在是皮尤慈善信托基金的政府关系高级副总裁。Luzzatto 发布了一个令人不安的网站,名为 Evie’s Crib。她给维基解密公布的约翰 · 波德斯塔写了一封臭名昭著的电子邮件,看起来好像她一直在给政治精英们介绍她刚出生的孙子。
  • After the death of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, in 1991, she moved to a Manhattan property owned by Lynn Foreseter de Rothschild, whose husband is British banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. The property was also listed as the base for Terramar.
  • 1991年,吉斯兰的父亲罗伯特•麦克斯韦尔(Robert Maxwell)去世后,她搬到了曼哈顿一处属于林恩•弗赖斯特•德•罗斯柴尔德(Lynn Foreseter de Rothschild)的房产。罗斯柴尔德的丈夫是英国银行家伊夫林•罗伯特•德•罗斯柴尔德(Evelyn Robert de Rothschild)。这处房产也被列为特拉马的基地。

What is the Season of Sacrifice? 


  • The sacrificial season is a 40-day period from March 19 (or March 22) to May 1.The name was coined by the dark occultists of this world, also known as Cabal, Illuminati or NWO, who believe that the Earth should be washed with the blood of the innocent in order to ensure a fruitful harvest and invoke the archetype of the destructive forces of the universe.
  • 祭祀的季节是从3月19日(或3月22日)到5月1日的40天。这个名字是由这个世界的黑暗魔术师创造的,他们也被称为阴谋集团,光明会或 NWO,他们相信地球应该被无辜者的鲜血冲刷,以确保丰收,并唤起宇宙毁灭性力量的原型。
  • Historically, during this 40-day season,a lot of battles, wars, false flag attacks and tragic events take place every year (remember the plane that crashed in China yesterday).
  • 从历史上看,在这个40天的季节里,每年都会发生许多战斗、战争、假旗袭击和悲剧事件(还记得昨天在中国坠毁的飞机吗?)。
  • The season of sacrificeis closely related to astrology and its modern compound known as celestial mechanics. Although the concept of astrology has been ridiculed in mainstream circles for decades, behind closed doors, the elite not only recognized these influences, but also included them in the development of their program of world domination and power.
  • 祭祀季节与占星术及其被称为天体力学的现代复合体密切相关。尽管占星术的概念在主流圈子里被嘲笑了几十年,但是在闭门造车的情况下,精英们不仅认识到了这些影响,而且还把它们纳入了他们的征服世界和权力计划的发展之中。

Marina Abramovic, Satanic High Priestess:


  • Marina Abramovic has been a high level Witch and Satanic High Priestesssince the 1970’s. She is now 70+ years old and looks much younger because of all of blood sacrifices she has been apart of and all of the Adrenochrome she has consumed from children along with the dark magick rituals she preforms daily.
  • 自20世纪70年代以来,玛莉娜·阿布拉莫维奇一直是一名高级女巫和撒旦的高级祭司。她现在已经70多岁了,看起来年轻多了,因为所有的血祭,所有的肾上腺素红,她已经从孩子们那里消耗,以及她每天预制的黑暗魔法仪式。
  • She is the “spiritual advisor” andfriend to many Hollywood Stars and the power elite like Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty, Chris Rock, Robert Deniro, Pam Anderson, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Gigi Hadid, James Franco, Bill Gates, Oprah, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Will Farrell, Elton John, Queen Beatrice, Kim Kardashian and many many more.
  • 她是许多好莱坞明星的“精神导师”,也是许多权力精英的朋友,如 Jay z、碧昂丝、 Lady Gaga、汤姆 · 佩蒂、克里斯 · 洛克、罗伯特 · 德尼罗、帕姆 · 安德森、贾里德 · 莱托、约翰尼 · 德普、吉吉 · 哈迪德、詹姆斯 · 弗兰科、比尔 · 盖茨、奥普拉、比尔和希拉里 · 克林顿、威尔 · 法雷尔、埃尔顿 · 约翰、碧翠丝女王、金 · 卡戴珊等等。

Must Watch Videos:


“Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,”by Judy Byington, Foreword by Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D. 

《二十二张脸: 珍妮 · 希尔和她的二十二个多重人格的非凡生活内幕》 ,作者: 朱迪 · 拜因顿,前言: 科林 · a · 罗斯博士RAW: Dr. Colin Ross – Robert David Steele原料: Colin Ross 博士-罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔

Jenny Hill’s witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite: Woman Sees Human Sacrifice – YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4  Judy Note: YouTube has fixed these links so they don’t work. I suggest you goggle to connect to the link, or better yet use DuckDuckGo.

Http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=f626lsrdwg4: YouTube 已经修复了这些链接,所以它们不工作了。我建议你睁大眼睛连接到链接,或者更好地使用 DuckDuckGo。

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five, was raped, tortured, forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention, was almost killed herself – not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers. Perpetrators giving homage to Satan appeared to be organized from the US Inc’s CIA, Queen Elizabeth’s, Illuminati Banking families’ and Vatican’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons, Hollywood, Pizzagate and local teenage covens. They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system – the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset and Restored Republics of the world. It’s no wonder that President Trump has stated, “These people are sick.”

警告: Jenny 生动地描述了她如何在5岁的时候被强奸,折磨,被迫观看儿童祭祀,并且为了保存 Divine Intervention (电影)而几乎自杀——就像其他成千上万撒旦崇拜者的儿童受害者的肮脏经历一样。向撒旦致敬的犯罪者似乎是由美国公司的中央情报局、伊丽莎白女王银行、光明会银行家族和梵蒂冈第九圈儿童祭祀邪教组织起来的,一直到克林顿家族、好莱坞、 Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。它们是由管理我们全球货币体系的同一阴谋集团提供资金的——正是这个组织正处于因全球货币重置和恢复共和国的活动而垮台的过程中。难怪特朗普总统会说,“这些人都病了。”

Judy Note on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children in Your Neighborhood:


Since 1990 I have been doing investigations on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the request of brave SRA Survivor-victims, who were witnesses to pedophile, torture and murder crimes of Satanic leaders and their covens. During this time I have found Satanists implanted in law offices, local police, county sheriff’s offices and all the way up to the Attorney General Offices in my state and others and then the carnage went on to the internationally organized Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that runs out of the Vatican.

自1990年以来,我一直应 SRA 幸存者勇敢的受害者的要求,对撒旦仪式虐待儿童进行调查,这些受害者目睹了撒旦领导人及其聚会的恋童癖、酷刑和谋杀罪行。在这段时间里,我发现撒旦教徒被植入了律师事务所、当地警察局、县治安官办公室,一直到我所在的州的司法部长办公室和其他地方,然后大屠杀发生在国际组织的第九层撒旦教派,该教派在梵蒂冈境外。

There’s certainly no help from US or other nation’s government agencies, including the FBI or CIA perpetrators. These legal entities successfully negate even the opening of cases of the ritual abuse and murder of children, let alone do valid investigations.


To be honest and to my knowledge there was no safe place on either a local, national or international level that has been set up to report Satanic Crime – likely the main reason why local, national and international Satanic Covens so easily get away with the torture and murder of  thousands of children on a regular basis.


The following have been set up to report Crimes Against Children and incidents of human trafficking,although I cannot verify as to the influence of Satanists within the organizations:



FBI Memphis (available 24 hours a day) (901) 747-4300

美国联邦调查局(孟菲斯)(24小时工作制)(901-rrb- 747-4300

Submit an anonymous tip tips.fbi.gov.

提交匿名举报 tips.fbi. gov。

National Human Trafficking Resources Center Hotline 1-(888)-373-7888.


U.S. Immigration/ Customs Enforcement (ICE): https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

美国移民/海关执法局: https://www.ICE.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

Federal Human Trafficking Website: https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

联邦人口贩卖网站: https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

Called to Rescue 855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

呼叫营救855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad: https://ourrescue.org/

地下铁路行动: https://ourrescue.org/

Saving Innocence: https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

拯救纯真: https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft4tmi8yxcu&feature=emb_rel_end

US: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453

美国: 儿童帮助国家虐待儿童热线1-800-422-4453

USNCMEC Urgent victim help 24-Hour Hotline:  1-800-843-5678

USNCMEC 急救受害人24小时热线: 1-800-843-5678

Contact Interpol:  https://www.interpol.int/Contacts/Contact-INTERPOL https://www.interpol.int/What-you-can-do/If-you-need-help

联系国际刑警组织: https://www.Interpol.int/contacts/Contact-Interpol https://www.Interpol.int/what-you-can-do/if-you-need-help

Europol Tipline Tel.:  +31 70 302 5000 https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime

欧洲刑警组织报警电话: + 31703025000 https://www.Europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime

EU Hotlines: https://ec.europa.eu/anti-trafficking/citizens-corner-national-hotlines/national-hotlines_en

欧盟热线: https://ec.europa.EU/anti-trafficking/citizens-corner-national-Hotlines/national-hotlines_en

Global: Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers: https://www.abolishion.org/human_trafficking_hotline_numbers

全球: 人口贩卖热线电话号码: https://www.abolishion.org/human_trafficking_hotline_numbers

Human Trafficking Help and Resources: https://trafficking.help/us/

人口贩卖的帮助和资源: https://trafficking.Help/us/

UK: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline BBC Action Line

英国: 儿童帮助国家虐待儿童热线 BBC 行动热线

The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA were all about the Children

全球货币重置和 NESARA/GESARA 都是关于儿童的

It’s not about the money. It’s about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.


The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.


Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who were right now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

让我们斋戒祈祷,为这几百万的小孩子祈祷,他们现在正从全球各地的阴谋地下通道中被营救出来,并且正在被隔壁的邪恶巫师所折磨和杀害。让我们也为世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祷告。古代的禁食和祈祷的教义在10:30:32马可福音第十章第五 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mb9gu6dmks 中有解释

Judy Note:I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.


The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites. It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/ exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email, post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days, so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye. I expect to be working with many of you in the near future. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you. You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what’s really going on; to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who does great research; to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

一个巨大的感谢你给那些献身和勇敢的情报提供者谁希望保持不为人知; 我们的天使玛莎谁工作24/7揭露什么是真正的发生; 谦虚的野火女士谁是善于揭露真相; 布拉德谁做了伟大的研究; 邦尼 b 谁暴露了什么是真正发生的根本原因和肯揭示几乎无限的恋童癖情报帮助我们拯救儿童。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义努力中一切顺利,并期待着在另一方看到你们,我们将共同努力,使所有人的生活更加美好。

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. And, we will!!! . . . Judy

耐心是一种美德。拥有美德是一个好的道德存在的标志。善良的道德人有能力战胜邪恶,改变世界。我们会的! ! !朱迪


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