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Jennifer: Goodness, I’ve missed you! When I feel into your energy, you feel like ‘home’, after such a long break.

Jennifer: 天啊,我好想你! 当我感觉到你的能量时,在这么长的休息之后,你感觉就像家一样。

Ashian: Hello to you too! It has been a while… but we shall leave that there! We are here for more important purposes. We would like to highlight the upcoming changes, structural departures, ruptures…

Ashian: 你也好!已经有一段时间了... ... 但我们应该把它留在那里!我们来这里是为了更重要的目的。我们想强调即将到来的变化,结构的偏离,破裂..。

J: That sounds pretty full on, you’d better explain yourself!

J: 听起来挺充分的,你最好解释一下!

A: The time of the slow turn of the wheel is finished. Humanity was given the opportunity to move gracefully into self mastery and into understanding the complexity of your global situation (the light and the darkness) in a gentle manner, providing plenty of opportunities to move into mastery, to practice holding your centre, your intuition. That time is gone. Those who did not avail of the opportunity will now learn a much harder way.

A: 轮子缓慢转动的时间结束了。人类被给予机会优雅地进入自我掌控,以一种温和的方式理解你的全球局势(光明和黑暗)的复杂性,提供大量的机会进入掌控,练习控制你的中心,你的直觉。时间已经过去了。那些没有利用这个机会的人现在要学的难得多。

The emotional overload will be significant and lightworkers will become the first responders. All those who did not take up the opportunity to learn slowly will have to learn and assimilate enormous amounts of shocking information in very short timeframes. Their inner worlds will resemble the images of hell that you have seen in paintings.


They will rely on your Lightworkers for comfort, for compassion, for kindness and forgiveness of themselves, for ease from the shock that threatens to overpower them.


Being kind to yourselves must be a first priority. Put on your own oxygen mask first! That means ensure your energy is high, that you have enough good will to share, kindness to share.


If you are tired and grumpy, burnt out, angry or frustrated, then the person who needs your loving kindness is YOU. First and foremost. Put yourself first, or you will burn out too quickly to help anyone.


J: Yes, there’s a lot said about self care these days.

J: 是的,最近有很多关于自我保健的话题。

A: Yes! Because it has been falsly advertised as selfish and bad. It’s self-ful and GOOD. It’s vital and that’s why they don’t want you to prioritise yourself, your care, so you can remain tired and weak.

A: 是的!因为它被虚假地宣传为自私和邪恶。它是自我的,也是好的。这是至关重要的,这就是为什么他们不希望你优先考虑你自己,你的照顾,这样你可以保持疲惫和虚弱。

J: I love it: self care has become a revolutionary act!


A: But it has. Again, we remind you have the importance of balance in a time when it will appear that balance is entirely nul and void.

A: 但是已经发生了。再一次,我们提醒你们有平衡的重要性,在这个时候,平衡将显得完全无用和空虚。

Keeping your well being in balanced harmony will model to others that self care is important, even when the world appears to have gone mad. Holding grief, anger and pain in a way that is balanced, where you are compassionate but not boiling over with your own grief, anger and pain will model emotional balance; it will provide a reassuring comfort for many who feel unable to contain themselves.

即使世界看起来已经疯狂,保持你的幸福在平衡的和谐中也会向他人表明自我关怀是重要的。以一种平衡的方式保持悲伤,愤怒和痛苦,你是富有同情心的,但是不会因为你自己的悲伤,愤怒和痛苦而沸腾,这将成为情绪平衡的典范; 它将为许多感到无法控制自己的人提供一种安慰。

The sharp, sudden shock is coming: humanity will awaken. If you wake up with the alarm clock at 4am, there is time to do everything calmly, peacefully. If you wake up five minutes before you must leave, there is only stress, confusion and anger. The choice has always been there and each being was free to choose their timeline.

突如其来的巨大冲击即将来临: 人类将被唤醒。如果你在凌晨4点闹钟响的时候醒来,就有时间平静地做每件事情。如果你在必须离开前五分钟醒来,那只有压力、困惑和愤怒。选择一直都在那里,每个存在者都可以自由选择他们的时间表。

J: I don’t mean to be rude, but it does strike me as a tad unfair that those of us who have done the work have to deal with the raw, unprocessed emotions of those who refused to awaken.

J: 我无意冒犯,但是我觉得这有点不公平,因为我们这些做过这项工作的人不得不面对那些拒绝醒来的人们原始的、未经处理的情绪。

A: Did you not train for this moment? Did you not come for this moment? Do you not think they would have woken up if they could have? The truth is you light warriors are here for this time, knowing you would care for those injured by the fallout. You woke because your vibration was of a sufficient level to force an awakening; those who rested longer did so because they were unwilling – and therefore unable – to raise their vibration. The last thing required is blame and shame, or arrogance and pride. This is a moment for sharing your common humanity, for speaking through your heart to their heart.

A: 你不是为这个时刻训练的吗?你不是为这一刻而来的吗?你不认为如果他们能醒过来的话,他们会醒过来吗?事实是,你们这些光战士这次在这里,知道你们会照顾那些受到辐射伤害的人。你们醒来是因为你们的振动有足够的水平来迫使你们觉醒; 那些休息时间更长的人这样做是因为他们不愿意-因此不能-提高他们的振动。最不需要的就是责备和羞耻,或者傲慢和骄傲。这是一个分享你们共同人性的时刻,用你们的心对他们的心说话。

There was always going to be fall out; if it was not fall out type A, it would be fall out type B or type C. The reckoning was always going to come; and light workers were always going to be on the front line – that’s why you came. To be of service in a brutal war…. to create healing and quantum transformation where others could not.

总是会有脱落; 如果不是 a 型脱落,就会是 b 型脱落或 c 型脱落。清算总是会来的,而光之工作者总是会在前线——这就是你们来的原因。在一场残酷的战争中服役... ..。去创造其他人无法创造的治愈和量子转换。

This is your moment. This is your moment to let your light shine so brightly, so dazzlingly. You are ready.



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