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从 3D 到 5D 的行星转变需要提高地球的频率,但声名狼藉的沉睡者将无法适应这种更高的频率。从根本上说,没有任何事物或任何人可以阻止行星转变,因为它是世界普遍进化的一部分。

Change from carbon into crystalline body


Humanity is deeply brainwashed


Control over the Money Supply Corrupts Society


Signs You’re Already Living in The 5th Dimension



Change from carbon into crystalline body


The planetary change from 3D to 5D requires an increase of the earth’s frequency, but the notorious sleepers will not be able to adapt to this 恢复地球母亲|最后的警钟higher frequency. Essentially, nothing and no one can stop a Planetary Transition, because it is part of the universal evolution of Worlds.

从 3D 到 5D 的行星转变需要提高地球的频率,但声名狼藉的沉睡者将无法适应这种更高的频率。从根本上说,没有任何事物或任何人可以阻止行星转变,因为它是世界普遍进化的一部分。

The energy adjustments, mainly for the physical body, must be made as the carbon-based body moves into the crystalline body for which the Earth frequency is rising. Many souls have already made a plan for the incarnation by now. Others have chosen not to go through this process, so that they dis-incarnate before the transition from 3D to 5D is affected.

能量调整,主要是为了物质身体,必须作出,因为碳基身体进入水晶身体,地球频率正在提升。许多灵魂现在已经为化身制定了计划。其他人选择不经历这个过程,所以他们在从3D 到5D 的转变受到影响之前就已经去世了。

People on planet Earth are now in a unique moment in the Universe, namely that two different worlds exist simultaneously on our planet; the negative 3D and the positive 5D world. This situation has been created from above to separate awakeners and sleepers. The 5D world becomes the new Earth, the 3D sleepers move to another 3D planet.

地球上的人们现在正处于宇宙中一个独特的时刻,即在我们的星球上同时存在着两个不同的世界: 负三维世界和正五维世界。这种情况是从上面创造出来的,用来分开醒觉者和睡眠者。5D 世界变成了新的地球,3D 睡眠者移动到另一个3D 星球。

Only a third of the existing population has chosen transformation by leaving their material lives behind and are now feeling symptoms of the new energetic frequency shift, a shift not only for humans, but also for animals, plants and everything else on our Planet.


If the question is, what is wrong on planet Earth? Is the answer, everything, from food, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, science, sports, money, business, and much more. Unfortunately, we have shown no respect, no love and no value for everything we have on our planet. We have learned to exploit the planet without respect, compassion or thinking about future consequences because we thought we were the owners of the planet. We thought we could do whatever we wanted. But everything in the universe has to remain in balance.


From the position of our alien brothers and sisters at the moment orbiting planet Earth, they clearly can see what we humans have done to this planet. They understand, we have been taught all this, which fulfils the cabal’s great plan the total destruction of planet Earth.


This process was stopped by our alien brothers and sisters in 2014. The transformation of our planet is neither simple nor easy. It needs to correct all inflicted, and a total reform into positive energy, to allow every bit to ascend to the 5th dimension.


In the fifth dimension, planet Earth obtains its renewed positive capacity for Environment, Biological Food, Happiness, which creates jobs for salvation and purification.


恢复地球母亲|最后的警钟People need to learn to think independently; to do things in innovative ways. Most, if not all, existing parameters will be obsolete. The meaning and recognition of the value of money will be totally different, from that of today. Everyone will have enough money to live on. There will be no need to take advantage of others or steal to buy anything. Personal wealth will be the only limit. Everyone will be free, allowed to pursue any hobby and work wherever and whenever they want.


This massive transformation brings major changes to human destiny. It brings visible and undeniable feelings of joy and bliss. People feel better when their radiant faces spread light, while the sleeping sheep will not know why.


When asked when this will happen? Is the answer; when the masses revolt against the government over the murder of their beloved ones and children caused by toxic injections to fight the non-existent Covid Pandemic.


Humanity must take back their power. This is now quite possible because the dark power has been eliminated, the Pleiadian Supreme Council confirms, and provide full support.


Humanity is deeply brainwashed


The Anunnaki lowered the Earth’s frequency and its polarisation from positive to negative, intended for war and destruction. The more people killed, the better the rest can be controlled and manipulated. Debt-based money puts people in debt and makes them debt slaves. Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doomsayers, whereas the opposite is true, they are the real truth seekers.

Anunnaki 降低了地球的频率和它的两极化从积极到消极,意在战争和毁灭。杀的人越多,其他人就越容易被控制和操纵。以债务为基础的货币使人们负债,使他们成为债务的奴隶。阴谋论者被归类为否定的末日预言家,反之亦然,他们才是真正的真理探索者。

恢复地球母亲|最后的警钟Humanity has been brainwashed so deeply that even positive has become negative. The sheep live in a world of illusion, where democracy is promoted as freedom, when in reality it is dictatorship, where 51% rule over the other 49%. The reason why anarchy has turned into rebellion, when in fact it means self-governance!

人类已经被深深地洗脑了,甚至连积极的一面都变成了消极的一面。羊生活在一个幻想的世界里,在那里民主政体被宣扬为自由,而实际上是独裁统治,51% 的人统治其他49% 的人。为什么无政府状态变成了叛乱,事实上它意味着自治!

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit, the better it is for all of us. Do not be fearful; let it be a challenge for you to help us reach our maximum potential. Our world is filled with an enormous amount of filth, lies, deceit, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.


In the final phase of the existing 3D cycle on Earth, those who have awakened have the task to inform the human race about the criminal actions of the Deep State Cabal. By showing their crimes against humanity, which are becoming more apparent by the day.

在地球上现有的3 d 周期的最后阶段,那些已经觉醒的人们有任务告知人类关于深层国家阴谋集团的犯罪行为。通过展示他们反人类的罪行,而这些罪行正变得越来越明显。

Crimes against humanity are committed by the upper Cabal Empire in the Inter Galactic Community. They operate behind the scenes on Earth and ignore the laws of nature. Humanity must understand that the cabal has repeatedly broken these rules, and that this has serious consequences.


What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid 19 virus, but the terror of those who dictate, control and disrupt the world with the help of corrupt governments, who frighten everyone; subjugate, in order to fulfil their purpose; and use total tyrannical power in a once free World.


Unnecessary victims are those who line up for vaccination, despite numerous warnings from reliable sources about the dangers and true intentions. In a sense, they have been made mentally ill by brainwashing from the MSM. No new beginning can be made with these foolish creatures. The bribed puppets in governments are now clearly visible and facing the consequences of their pathological mentally confusing lies.


Indeed, no new world can be built up with these zombies. The stupidity and obtuseness in governments makes a kind of balance with them. If it were not so sad, one could laugh itself to death at the proclaimed idiocies.


The wait is for the masses with or without brain damage from Covid injections to wake up and stand up. Who will only wake up when their own children die from the toxic injections, or when there is nothing left to eat. Either way, the great end is coming!

等待的是那些因注射 Covid 而脑损伤或没有脑损伤的人们醒过来,站起来。只有当他们自己的孩子死于有毒注射剂,或者没有东西可吃的时候,他们才会醒悟。无论如何,大限将至!

Control over the Money Supply Corrupts Society


Even the money system is dangerously dysfunctional corrupt. But, no one talks about? Are people so stupid, that they don’t notice?


恢复地球母亲|最后的警钟Central Bankers have since the 1980s been fighting credit corrections – credit bubbles caused themselves. And for the last forty odd  years, the Central Bankers have been so actively and aggressively defending the past that the future hasn’t had a chance. Their easy money has corrupted the entire system. So severe, there will never be a true recovering for the economy.


Infinite power is in every individual. The reason we are controlled is not that we do not have the power to decide our own fate, it is that we have unconsciously given away our power. If we don’t take back responsibility on all fronts to improve our fate; if something happens that we don’t like; don’t blame someone else for it, but ourselves. When a problem needs to be addressed, people first think the government should do it. But the government is in on the conspiracy, so we must take the bull by the horns ourselves to solve these problem.

每个人都有无穷的力量。我们被控制的原因不是我们没有决定自己命运的权力,而是我们无意识地放弃了我们的权力。如果我们不在各方面承担责任来改善我们的命运; 如果发生了我们不喜欢的事情; 不要为此责怪别人,而是责怪我们自己。当一个问题需要解决时,人们首先认为应该由政府来解决。但是政府参与了这个阴谋,所以我们必须勇敢地自己去解决这个问题。

Remember it are the hidden rulers who instructed your government that has secretly created these evils, and they consequently respond to people’s demand by offering a ‘solution’ that always requires more centralisation of power and erosion of your freedom.


Think about it; The world is run by Satanic Luciferians unified in secret societies, founded on death cults. Their control over the money supply is the root of all evil. These criminals can never have enough, they want more for themselves and less for us. This is never going to stop.


The real plan of the highest echelon cabal is, to get rid of the old disconnected human body form, by killing 90% of exiting populace by poisoning through food and medicines, to exterminate the old body configuration that no longer is working for them.

最高阴谋集团的真正计划是,通过食物和药物中毒杀死90% 的退出人口,消灭不再为他们工作的旧的人体结构,从而摆脱旧的不连贯的人体结构。

Once this is completed it will be impossible for anyone with a true freewill to stand up against this takeover. In the meantime, this restriction is becoming more and more visible by the day.


Theft, lies and murder are their main tools. Look around and see what is happening every day of the year, year after year. By 2030 only 10% of today’s population will be robotised and alive, to serve the Deep State elites that by then own our planet Earth.

盗窃、谎言和谋杀是他们的主要工具。环顾四周,看看一年中的每一天,年复一年都在发生着什么。到2030年,今天只有10% 的人口将被机器人化和活着,为深层国家的精英服务,到那时,他们将拥有我们的地球。

Question yourself do you let that happen?


Stay tuned for the next episode this weekend;


Exclusive hitherto unpublished truth about past civilisations on planet Earth that were at least a thousand times more advanced than we are today…


Signs You’re Already Living in The 5th Dimension  Dolores Cannon


恢复地球母亲|最后的警钟Are you curious about the idea of ascending to a higher state of consciousness and living in the 5th dimension? If so, you’re not alone. Many spiritual seekers and individuals on a path of self-discovery have explored the concept of the 5th dimension, a realm of existence beyond our everyday experience.



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