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据报道,昨天,当针对 Wayfair 的儿童性交易指控开始在世界各地的新闻头条和社交媒体上爆发时,普京总统命令外国情报局(SVR)和联邦安全局(FSB)立即展开调查


A move to war preceded during this past week when the former CEO of the social messaging site Reddit named Ellen K.Pao,who before locking out her Twitter account,sent out a final message about murdered child sex slaver Jeffery Epstein"madam"Ghislaine Maxwell saying:"She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011,but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her…We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex,but I guess that was fine with the"cool"people who managed the tightly controlled guest list"—and are"cool people"associated with the powerful American venture capital firm Kleiner-Perkins,whose client list includes the most powerful leftist tech giants in Silicon Valley,as well as top socialist Democrat Party leaders.

在过去的一周里,社交信息网站 Reddit 的前任 CEO 鲍康如在关闭自己的 Twitter 账户之前,关于被谋杀的儿童性奴隶贩子杰弗里·爱泼斯坦"夫人"吉斯莱·马克斯韦尔发出了最后一条信息:"2011年,她参加了凯鹏华盈的假日派对,但我不想见她,更不想和她合影......我们知道她为未成年女孩提供性服务,但我猜这对于那些""的人来说没什么问题,他们管理着严格控制的宾客名单,他们是与强大的美国风险投资公司凯鹏华盈(Kleiner-Perkins)有联系的"酷人"。凯鹏华盈的客户名单包括硅谷最强大的左翼科技巨头,以及社会主义党的顶级领导人。

And is also a Kleiner-Perkins venture capital firm made notorious over the past 24-hours because of its association with an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home-goods named Wayfair—whose hundreds of exploding headlines about the world over are saying such things as:"Wayfair Denies Reddit Human Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory"—"Wayfair Forced To Deny Bizarre Rumors Its'Overpriced Cabinets'Are Child Trafficking Front"—"Wayfair:Retailer's Products Fuel Conspiracy Theory After Users Find'Link'to Missing Children"—and—"Viral Conspiracy Theory Involving A Furniture Company Doubling As A Sex Trafficking Arm Is Spine-Chilling".

此外,这家风险投资公司在过去24小时内声名狼藉,因为它与一家名为 Wayfair 的美国电子商务公司有联系,这家公司销售家具和家居用品,世界各地成百上千的爆炸性新闻头条都在说:"Wayfair 否认 Reddit 的人口性交易阴谋论";"Wayfair 被迫否认奇怪的谣言,它的'高价橱柜'是贩卖儿童的幌子";"Wayfair:零售商产品的阴谋论,用户发现'联系'到失踪儿童";以及"病毒阴谋论,涉及一家家具公司的阴谋论翻倍,一只性交易手臂令人毛骨悚然"

Beyond shocking headlines caused by postings made on Reddit yesterday by a mysterious person calling themselves PrincessPeach1987,whom many believe were made by Reddit's former CEO Ellen Pao—and in these postings,saw it being documented how Wayfair is selling cheaply made cabinets for$12,000 and more—and most horrifying about,all of these cabinets being sold by Wayfair have names matching those of missing children.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

除了昨天一个自称 PrincessPeach1987的神秘人士在 Reddit 上发布的令人震惊的新闻标题,许多人认为这是 Reddit CEO 鲍康如制作的,并且在这些帖子中,看到了 Wayfair 如何以12000美元甚至更多的价格出售廉价橱柜的记录ーー最令人震惊的是,Wayfair 出售的所有橱柜的名字都与失踪儿童的名字相符。注:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词]


Nuclear armed USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier battle groups move into South China Sea(above)… 拥有核武器的罗纳德·里根号航空母舰和尼米兹号航空母舰战斗群进入南中国海(上图)。


…as American military surveillance aircraft begin flooding the skies in the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines.(above)… 美国军事侦察机开始在台湾和菲律宾之间的巴士海峡上空进行侦察。


…and at same time American ecommerce company Wayfair is discovered selling cheap cabinets for over$12,000(above)… ...与此同时,美国电子商务公司 Wayfair 被发现以超过12000美元(上图)的价格出售廉价柜子..。


…and are Wayfair cabinets demonically named after missing children(above). 韦费尔橱柜是以失踪儿童的名字命名的(上图)。

According to this report,when the child sex trafficking allegations against Wayfair began to explode across the world in news headlines and social media postings yesterday,President Putin ordered the Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)and Federal Security Service(FSB)to begin an immediate investigation—a lawful investigation authorized due the information contained in a Newsweek article titled"Kids Shipped in Armoires?The Person Who Started the Wayfair Conspiracy Speaks"that shockingly said:

据报道,昨天,当针对 Wayfair 的儿童性交易指控开始在世界各地的新闻头条和社交媒体上爆发时,普京总统命令外国情报局(SVR)和联邦安全局(FSB)立即展开调查ーー根据《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)一篇题为《儿童被运进衣橱?(Kids Shipped in Armoires?韦费尔阴谋论的创始人》(The Person Who Started The Wayfair Conspiracy Speaks)令人震惊地说:

Supporters of the theory have also urged skeptics to use a Russian search engine to search for the stock keeping unit number(SKU)associated with various Wayfair products,which returns image results full of children in bathing suits.

该理论的支持者还敦促怀疑者使用俄罗斯搜索引擎搜索与各种 Wayfair 产品相关的存货单位号(SKU),这些产品返回的图像结果充满了穿着泳衣的儿童。


After laying out the legal basis under Russian Federation law for the SVR and FSB to begin a criminal investigation of the American ecommerce company Wayfair,this transcript of today's Security Council meeting shows its ending on regular order—but attached to this transcript is a highly-classified"Completely Secret"document prepared by the SVR about its initial investigation into Wayfair—a few chilling findings of which allowed to be openly discussed by various ministries include:

在为 SVR FSB 对美国电子商务公司 Wayfair 展开刑事调查奠定了俄罗斯法律基础之后,今天安理会会议的文字记录显示会议按照常规顺序结束ーー但是附在这份文字记录上的是 SVR 准备的一份高度机密的"绝密"文件,内容是关于对 Wayfair 的初步调查ーー其中一些令人不寒而栗的发现允许各部公开讨论包括:

The SVR examination of the Russian search engine site Yandex appears to confirm that when searching for stock keeping unit numbers(SKUs)for certain Wayfair products,sites linking with children images appear—though more troubling,when examining a Wayfair product called"Pannell 8 Drawer Double Dresser"—and in searching on Yandex for its designated"Specifications"(known as Standard Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units)—a search for"ASTM F2057-17 Certified"linked to images of black and Hispanic children—while a search for"ASTM F2057-19 Certified(White Color)"linked only to images of white children—the reasons for which are still under investigation,and English to Russian language translation errors haven't been ruled out—though all such linking of Wayfair products with children of every colour have now been eliminated by Yandex.

俄罗斯搜索引擎网站 Yandex SVR 检查似乎证实,当搜索某些 Wayfair 产品的库存单位号(sku)时,链接到儿童图片的网站会出现ーー不过更麻烦的是,在检查 Wayfair 公司的一款名为"Pannell 8抽屉双梳妆台"的产品时,在 Yandex 上搜索指定的"规格"(即服装存储单元的标准安全规格)时,搜索与黑人和西班牙裔儿童图像相关的"ASTM F2057-17认证",搜索与白人儿童图像相关的"ASTM F2057-19认证(白色)",原因仍在调查之中,英语到俄语的翻译错误也没有被排除ーー尽管 Yandex 现在已经取消了所有这些将 Wayfair 产品与各种肤色的儿童联系在一起的做法。

The SVR noting the 4 November 2019 financial headline in America warning:"Stay Away From Wayfair's'Toxic'Stock,Jim Cramer Says"—that was followed 6-months later by the 11 May 2020 financial headline"How Wayfair Made a Comeback"—a financial article that contained the statement"a lot of the Wayfair supply chain really does come out of China"—and most critical to know about,was a financial article written just 1-month after Wayfair began selling its multi-thousand-dollar cabinets named after missing children.

SVR 注意到2019114日美国的金融头条警告:"远离 Wayfair '有毒'股票,吉姆·克拉默说"——6个月后,2020511日的金融头条"Wayfair 如何卷土重来"——一篇载有"Wayfair 的供应链确实有很多来自中国"这一说法的金融文章——最重要的是一篇金融文章,写于 Wayfair 开始销售其以失踪儿童命名的价值数千美元的柜子仅一个月之后。



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