X22报告|第2916集: 特朗普确认中期选举后经济将会发生什么,深层政府构建 FF 叙事 

2022年11月4日13:33:25最新动态X22报告|第2916集: 特朗普确认中期选举后经济将会发生什么,深层政府构建 FF 叙事 已关闭评论4501阅读模式


X22报告|第2916集: 特朗普确认中期选举后经济将会发生什么,深层政府构建 FF 叙事 

Ep. 2916a – Trump Confirms What Is Going To Happen To The Economy After The Midterms


Ep. 2916b – Biden/[DS] Are Building The [FF] Narrative, Obama Panics, Scavino Sends A Message

拜登/[ DS ]正在构建[ FF ]叙事,奥巴马恐慌,斯卡维诺传递了一个信息



The green new deal continues to fall apart, the arctic ice is not disappearing, it is getting larger. France’s glass manufacture needs to shutdown for 5 months because electricity is to expensive. Trump confirms that fuel cost are going to move up quickly after the midterms. Trump and the patriots know the playbook.



The [DS] is panicking, they know they are going to lose the midterms and they are going to cheat on a grand scale. The military is most likely monitoring the elections. The [DS] is now setting up a [FF] narrative, they are pushing chaos, this is why they continue to point out that Trump supporters are dangerous and violent. They are projecting what they really are onto the Trump supporters. Scavino reminds us that the NG can work with the military when certain conditions are met. 



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