X22报告|第3085集: 经济崩溃,证据确凿

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X22报告|第3085集: 经济崩溃,证据确凿

Ep. 3085a – The Economy Is Imploding, The D’s/[CB] Will Take The Blame For The Collapse

经济正在崩溃,D/[ CB ]将为经济崩溃承担责任

Ep. 3085b – The Evidence Is Building, Panic In DC, Pain, Justice, Backchannels Are Important, Boom


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 4, 8:48 pm EDT

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The green new deal continually falls apart, the earth is getting cooler not warmer. The entire agenda of the [WEF] is failing. The jobs numbers are manipulated we are in a recession heading towards a recession. Biden is losing his SC cases.

绿色新政不断瓦解,地球变得越来越冷,而不是越来越暖。(世界经济论坛)的整个议程正在失败。就业数据受到操纵,我们正处于衰退之中,走向衰退。拜登正在输掉他的 SC 案件。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 4, 9:14 pm EDT

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The [DS] is now panicking, the evidence is coming out and the [DS] must lie and cover up their crimes. This will destroy them in the end. Backchannels are important, COG is in full force and the military is monitoring all the crimes of the [DS] and they are digging their hole deeper and deeper. The narrative of the [DS] no longer works on the people and the people see the [DS] system. Justice is coming.



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