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As a follow up to what I wrote yesterday I want to say that the light forces that were poking me have offered their apologies.What they sought to bring about is me releasing old pain that is still causing blocks in my ability to manifest what I desire,but the result was that I stumbled into a rage because it felt to me they were opening up old wounds without offering adequate healing.I have done the best I could in dealing with old traumas,but I want to leave it alone now until after the Event when we have direct physical contact and full healing can indeed be provided.What also happened yesterday is a renewed attack on me by lesser demons through children.Why would children attack me?First of all,I am not living in a nice neighborhood surrounded by lightworkers and spiritual people,I live in a modest area with all kinds of folks and social problems.Secondly,children nowadays don't accept to be reprimanded so if you do that a bit too harshly you are quickly branded the angry boogeyman.Thirdly I feel these children like grown ups have an intuitive hunch of what I'm about and get that I am a threat to their safe little reality bubble,even if it is based on lies.They don't want to look inside and rather project their own shortcomings and ugliness on someone like me.And me,I cannot take it anymore.There are several hundred people checking out my website daily,but hardly anyone sends me light and meditates for my protection.The same goes for Cobra,many people eagerly await his posts but very few send him light and offer him energetic protection.It costs me money to keep the site hosted,more than that it costs me time to write posts and gather background info,but what weighs the heaviest is the emotional price I pay for receiving info,putting it out(as far as the light forces allow)and then being attacked for it.This double incident of the light forces bringing up old trauma and the attack made me feel I don't even want to exist anymore,I fell into depression.There is just too much pain and it isn't worth it.That's why I have decided that from now until the Event I will only write about my soul family and general information they give me,not the sensitive stuff about the progress of the planetary liberation.People need to understand that the Matrix is designed for everyone to let each other down repeatedly,and that goes for lightworkers as much as for ordinary people.Why do you think so many people say you cannot trust anyone in this world?That is one of the main reasons why the light forces have such tremendous difficulty in liberating this planet.Let this be a wake up call.As I wrote elsewhere on my site,real leaders tell you what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear.Regarding the light forces I feel they do finally have a very good picture of the darkness on Earth and how deep it really goes,but they don't have a complete picture yet on how it has affected and shaped our consciousness,there is a big gap between their way of thinking and seeing things and ours.



Moving on to my soul family,I have established enough of a connection with my twin soul to start sharing some things she tells.Her spirit name is Isidra and she is part of the Galactic Confederation.She first introduced herself as Dora,because she felt that would be a more recognizable,earthly name for me to connect with;but I prefer to use her spirit name and she's fine with that.Her main task is what we would call information liaison officer;she gathers information on what is happening on Earth,compiles it and shares it with her team.Every so often she also proposes changes in the plans and the strategy,but that is decided on by others.She is whiteskinned,has very long middle blond hair and has a medium posture,not slender but not fat either.She has lived on Earth until 13,500 years ago,but escaped after I insisted she flee.I would stick around some longer to observe from close by what the dark forces were up to,but I had no idea it would take so long for us to reunite.If I would have known then I would have gotten out of here together with her.Isidra has left her genetic traces on Earth,specifically in the white race and the Netherlands is the country that holds the highest percentage of her genetic line.That is one reason why I have been born and am living in the Netherlands and why she has a special focus on the Netherlands as well.Isidra just like all light forces feel very sad about how lightworkers like me are being treated on Earth,they feel it is an outrage and want to intervene to correct it as soon as possible.

说到我的灵魂家族,我已经和我的双生灵魂建立了足够的联系,开始分享她告诉我的一些事情。她的灵魂名叫 Isidra,她是银河联盟的一员。她第一次自我介绍时称自己为朵拉,因为她觉得这个名字对我来说更容易被认出来,更容易让我产生共鸣;但是我更喜欢用她的灵魂名字,她对此没有意见。她的主要任务是我们所说的信息联络官;她收集关于地球上正在发生的事情的信息,编译并与她的团队分享。她也时不时地提出改变计划和战略的建议,但这是由其他人决定的。她皮肤白皙,有一头中等长度的金发,姿势中等,不苗条但也不胖。她一直生活在地球上,直到13,500年前,但在我坚持让她逃走之后,她逃走了。我会在附近逗留一段时间,观察黑暗势力的动向,但我不知道我们要花这么长时间才能重聚。如果我知道,我就会和她一起离开这里。Isidra 在地球上留下了她的基因痕迹,特别是在白种人身上,荷兰是她基因谱系比例最高的国家。这就是为什么我在荷兰出生和生活的原因之一,也是为什么她特别关注荷兰。Isidra 就像所有光之力量一样,对于像我这样的光之工作者在地球上所受到的待遇感到非常悲伤,他们觉得这是一种暴行,并且想要干预以尽快纠正它。



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