X22报道|第3022集: 美联储系统正在崩溃,圈套已经设好了

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X22报道|第3022集: 美联储系统正在崩溃,圈套已经设好了

Ep. 3022a – Watch NYC & CA, [CB] System Is Being Brought To It’s Knees, The Setup Is Almost Complete

观看纽约和加州,[ CB ]系统正在接近它的膝盖,设置几乎完成

Ep. 3022b – Trap Has Been Set For The UniParty, Crimes Against Humanity, Treason, We Will Never Forget


X22报告 发表于2023年3月16日


The criminal syndicate leaders are now bypassing the rule of law to push their agenda forward. The climate agenda has failed the people are not going along with it. The Dutch farmers are fighting back. The [CB] is now trying to push us into a [CBDC], this will fail in the end, the patriots know the playbook.

犯罪集团的头目现在正在绕过法治来推进他们的议程。气候议程失败了,人们不赞同它。荷兰农民正在反击。CB 现在正试图把我们推向 CBDC,这最终将会失败,爱国者知道剧本。


The [DS] is now scrambling to shift the narrative, Biden is on deck and the evidence is now coming out and the D party will make a move on him. The people are now seeing the crimes and its going to get worse as time goes on. The [DS] used everything they had to get rid of Trump and in the process they hurt the people and the people will not forget. There will be accountability.



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