2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球

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你猜怎么着? 现在是流感季节,心理变态狂们和他们那些被收买的走狗们将充分利用这一点。在如此努力地反对和否认虚假声明和虚假测试之后,人民会再次遵守吗?

November 12, 2021 2021年11月12日

2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球

Guess what—it’s flu season—and the psychopaths and their bought-off minions are going to take full advantage. Will the People comply AGAIN after working so hard to oppose and deny the false claims and fake tests?

你猜怎么着? 现在是流感季节,心理变态狂们和他们那些被收买的走狗们将充分利用这一点。在如此努力地反对和否认虚假声明和虚假测试之后,人民会再次遵守吗?

The Ice Bucket Challenge seems to have done little to shock the world awake. Many rolled over and went back to sleep.


Stop testing, I say!!! It’s ludicrous. They’ve convinced people that even if they have no symptoms, they’re still sick—and contagious!!!

停止测试,我说! ! ! 这太可笑了。他们已经让人们相信,即使他们没有任何症状,他们仍然有病ーー而且还有传染性! !

JUST IN - Norway to reintroduce its coronavirus "health pass" after lifting all restrictions in late September.

Around 85% of the adult Dutch population have been fully vaccinated against #COVID19. Cases rose yesterday in the Netherlands to a record high of more than 16,000.

And this “co-ordinated” effort was announced on the same day. What a coincidence!


JUST IN - Austria to impose nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated population, Chancellor Schallenberg announces amid "sharply rising infection rates".

We KNOW the scamdemic is a hoax and none of the tyrannical edicts of the control freaks to keep it going will work. It’s being exposed left and right. Just before retiring last night I saw this Telegram from Kanekoa the Great referencing an article in the New York Times.

我们知道这个骗局是一个骗局,控制怪物的暴虐指令没有一个能够继续下去。到处都是。就在昨晚临睡前,我看到《 Kanekoa 电讯报》引用了《纽约时报》的一篇文章。


If Pfizer admitted in 2010 that it was paying kickbacks to 4,500 doctors, scientists, and medical professionals…

如果辉瑞公司在2010年承认向4500名医生、科学家和医学专家支付回扣... ..。

How many do you think Pfizer owns today 2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球 


How many of these television doctors and twitter scientists are paid by Pfizer2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球



There’s no question that all kinds of people were paid off to go along with the fake pandemic. We had a Russian diplomat come forward and tell us how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they offered him—which he refused, and we know how much hospitals were paid to scam Medicaid in the US.


No doubt other countries had similar agreements, and we won’t get into the Midazolam, Remdesivir, and other drugs used to euthanize the sick in this post as we’ve covered it recently.


Hospital administrators agreed to $5,000 to admit patients with a diagnosis of “pneumonia” on their chart.


They got $13,000 to confirm patients had Covid-19 through the fraudulent PCR tests.

他们得到了13,000美元,通过虚假的 PCR 测试确认病人是否患有2019冠状病毒疾病。

They got $39,000 for each patient they put on a respirator—whether they needed one or not.


The respirators killed a lot of people because as an emergency doctor in New York City told us in the very beginning, if they had pneumonia and they suddenly put them on a respirator with lungs in such a delicate condition it basically “blew up” their lung tissue and killed them.


This is not a case of some new [novel] virus sweeping the planet with no known cure; it was planned genocide—and we quickly learned of MANY inexpensive products that were in long-term use and worked really fast and kept people out of hospitals entirely. The word is spreading and many people are using Hydroxychloroquine, Quercitin, Budesonide, Regeneron, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a few others in more severe cases to address inflammation, etc. But truthfully, almost no one has died from the “Wu Flu”. They died from other things—as they do every single day and always have.

这并不是某种新型病毒在没有治愈方法的情况下横扫地球,而是有计划的种族灭绝ーー我们很快了解到许多便宜的产品都是长期使用的,而且效果非常快,完全让人们远离医院。这个词正在传播,许多人正在使用羟氯喹,Quercitin,布地奈德,Regeneron,伊维菌素,锌,维生素 c,维生素 d,以及其他一些更严重的情况下解决炎症等。但事实上,几乎没有人死于“吴流感”。他们死于其他疾病ーー每天都是如此,而且一直如此。

When will people get it?


Our antibody cocktail was approved in the EU for the treatment of certain non-hospitalized #COVID19 patients and to prevent infection.

In Canada I know of only one person in my sphere of friends and family who knows it’s a scam. One person. The rest are all complacent and gullible, it seems. This kind of activity doesn’t seem to bother them.


Wow. https://t.co/9MdkT4LHBf

Many people already know all the above but for the sake of new folks landing here because they’re doing research… the truth is astonishing and very dark if you’re not aware of who has been running the world and their decades-old agenda to depopulate the Earth. Again. It’s not the first time, but that’s another story.

许多人已经知道了以上所有的事情,但是为了新来到这里的人,因为他们正在做研究... ... 如果你不知道是谁在操纵世界,以及他们几十年来的减少地球人口的计划,那么真相是令人震惊和非常黑暗的。再来一次。这不是第一次了,但那是另一回事了。

2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球

Simon Parkes’ update:

西蒙 · 帕克斯更新:

UK police who have served in the metropolitan police force of London and who are now stationed in other parts of the country are being called back to London on temporary assignment.


Some military units being brought to the capital to share barracks with London military units.


Police speculate that it’s something to do with the Queen…


🐸🐸🐸. IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN 💥💥💥 pic.twitter.com/kHy63GPIyZ

The good guys have been trying to gently wake up the general public and their efforts were a little too subtle. Insufficient numbers could break through the programming enough to get out of apathy and DO something about the problem. Rather than fight, they just go along… wear the mask, stay home, avoid other Humans, etc. etc. Lambs to the slaughter.

这些好人一直试图温和地唤醒公众,他们的努力有点太微妙了。不足的数字可以打破足够的程序,摆脱冷漠和做一些事情的问题。他们没有战斗,只是一起行动... ... 戴上面具,呆在家里,避开其他人类,等等。待宰的羔羊。

While many of us reached our precipice months ago, or even years ago, the somnambulant public just keep on doing what they’ve been doing for nearly two years. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


We, the awakened, can see that the “show” must go on—but bigger, brighter, and more outrageous than before if we want the masses to stop justifying everything going on outside their comfy little bubble and respond appropriately. Honestly—what will it take to get them to see the danger? What do we have to threaten them with to get one eye open?


In this news update, for example, we again have the commentator making a little “slip” that I believe is intentional. Others have done similar, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has done it as well, using the word “plandemic”. It’s not a mistake in my view; it’s intentional to get the sleepers to WAKE THE HELL UP!

例如,在这次新闻更新中,我们再次看到评论员犯了一个小小的“失误”,我认为这是有意为之。其他人也做过类似的事情,白宫新闻秘书珍 · 普萨基也做过类似的事情,他使用了“计划学术”这个词。在我看来,这不是一个错误,而是故意让沉睡的人们醒来!

Fortunately, some of us are wide awake and there’s no stuffing the toothpaste back in the tube.



Those who haven’t yet grasped the reality of the “plandemic” need to take a listen to the astonishing lyrics of this 2013 rap song the crew provided. No coincidence.


Dr Creep 2013 Pandemic with Lyrics


And in case you haven’t yet listened to this fantastic speech from Dr. David E. Martin from the Red Pill Expo, he lays it all out. The long game. The cabal’s playbook. He says this is his sole focus now; identifying, exposing, and prosecuting the criminals. There’s a short article at the link as well as the video. Do not miss—and share!

如果你还没有听过来自红色药丸博览会的大卫 · e · 马丁博士的精彩演讲的话,他把一切都展示了出来。漫长的游戏。秘社的剧本。他说,这是他现在唯一的重点: 识别、揭露和起诉罪犯。在链接处有一篇短文和视频。不要错过,要分享!

The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity


Will the satanic death ritual in Texas recently wake up a few? Sounds like it has.

德克萨斯州的撒旦死亡仪式最近会唤醒一些人吗? 听起来是这样的。


And now, Steve Bannon has been indicted for contempt of Congress? Well, that’s rich. Everyone and their dog including Anthony Fauci lied to Congress and they’re still on the telly threatening us and saying they’ll take away Christmas if we don’t get the vaxx.

而现在,史蒂夫 · 班农被指控藐视国会?真有意思。每个人和他们的狗,包括安东尼 · 福奇都对国会撒了谎,他们仍然在电视上威胁我们,说如果我们不得到疫苗,他们就会夺走圣诞节。

The big fake news couldn’t wait to put this headline out, but the smaller publishers are not so eager.


The indictment is a first: No one has been prosecuted for contempt of Congress when executive privilege was asserted.

起诉书是第一次: 没有人因为行政特权的主张而被指控蔑视国会。

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon indicted by federal grand jury for contempt of Congress

特朗普前顾问史蒂夫 · 班农因藐视国会被联邦大陪审团起诉

2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球

The worst crimes are yet to be told, but we’re getting close. If you missed the interview Charlie Ward did with this beautiful young woman Ally Carter a couple of months ago, be sure to listen to this Stew Peters segment. Ally is one of the bravest people I’ve ever heard about.

最严重的罪行还没有公布,但我们已经接近了。如果你错过了几个月前查理 · 沃德对这位美丽的年轻女子艾丽 · 卡特的采访,那么一定要听听斯图 · 彼得斯的片段。艾丽是我听说过的最勇敢的人之一。

She names names, and says they’ve “all” paid to abuse her. Except one man. Donald Trump. She talks about the tunnels everywhere used to transport children covertly out of the public eye so these sickos can keep their dirty secrets, and speaks of the multiple transportation systems beneath our feet, the drugs, the death. Disgusting. That’s who’s been running the world. Degenerates. Murderers. Satanists. Rapists—pretending to be “elite”. They’re sub-Human parasites and they must be eradicated.

她指名道姓,说他们“都”付钱来虐待她。除了一个人。唐纳德 · 特朗普。她谈到到处都是用来秘密地把孩子运出公众视线的地道,这样这些变态就可以保守他们肮脏的秘密,她还谈到我们脚下的多种交通系统,毒品,死亡。真恶心。这就是统治世界的人。堕落。杀人犯。撒旦崇拜者。强奸犯ー假装是“精英”。他们是次人类的寄生虫,必须被根除。

New Stew Peters: “Biden and Obama Raped Me”: Powerful Elites, Celebs, Demonic Sex Abuse Ring

新斯图彼得斯: “拜登和奥巴马强奸了我”: 权势精英、名人、恶魔性虐待团伙

Will the Durham indictments have the desired effect? Who is Durham, anyway? If Mike Pompeo is “Kansas”, then is Sidney Powell “Durham”? How many press conferences do we see with John Durham? Exactly. So how do we know?

达勒姆的起诉书会达到预期的效果吗?达勒姆到底是谁?如果迈克庞培是“堪萨斯”,那么西德尼鲍威尔是“达勒姆”吗?我们能看到多少关于约翰 · 达勒姆的记者招待会?没错。那么我们怎么知道?

How do we end this tyrannical bullshit, degradation, theft, money laundering, predatory behaviour and free Humanity?


This guy says it all very accurately and concisely. The “governments” are not our governments. Our governments were hijacked long ago. These criminals running the world are lawless psychopaths who have never until now been recognized, called out, or prosecuted. End it now and stop complying, people. If we do nothing, we are telling them it’s okay with us that they rule by tyranny because we don’t have the backbone to stand up for our rights.


A message to the sheeple.👏👏👏 pic.twitter.com/DhwaBK3Xpc

What else do psychopaths do? Do not watch while eating or shortly thereafter. Video at Telegram.

心理变态狂们还做什么? 不要在吃饭时看电视,也不要在吃饭后不久看电视。

Aborted Fetus Cells Products In Our Food And Drinks


And you can be sure there are thousands of other products because the psychopaths promote their own cronies and their products. It’s a big club and they don’t always flaunt their corporate names. Often they hide them. They do all the big advertising and are the best known products—not because they are the best—but because the perception is that they are the best. That’s what advertising is for. Programming the mind.


Signing off for now. See the comments below each post for the great material the crew finds and shares there.  ~ BP

现在结束。看看下面的评论每个职位的伟大的材料,船员发现和分享在那里。~ BP

2021年11月12日: 下一个是什么——一罐冰水|星际飞船地球


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