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On April 16, the Farsight Institute released a remote viewing project concerning President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle over the decision to intervene in Ukraine militarily. The “Vladimir Putin and His Inner Circle” project involved four highly trained remote viewers who identified an extraterrestrial factor influencing President Putin and his chief advisors. According to Farsight Institute Director, Dr. Courtney Brown, the extraterrestrial interference is part of a plan to entice human leaders into new agreements that will perpetuate secrecy and enable future manipulation to occur without being exposed.

4月16日,法塞特研究所发布了一个远程观察项目,内容涉及俄罗斯总统普京及其核心集团决定军事干预乌克兰。“弗拉基米尔 · 普京和他的核心集团”项目包括四名训练有素的远程观察者,他们发现了一个外星因素影响了普京总统和他的首席顾问。据法塞特研究所所长考特尼 · 布朗博士说,外星干扰是诱使人类领导者达成新协议的一部分,这些协议将使保密永久化,并使未来的操纵发生而不被暴露。

In his introduction to the remote viewing project, Dr. Brown stated:


This project started with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It just did not seem rational in any logically oriented sense of the word. Ukraine was not threatening Russia, and the invasion cost Russia an enormous amount in terms of international prestige, its economy, and even its concern about NATO, a defense alliance that previously was struggling for a reason to exist. Quite a few people have even questioned if President Putin is mentally stable. Basically, the entire Ukrainian war thing has been confusing to just about everyone.


The question of whether Ukraine was genuinely threatening Russia through its plan to join NATO is a controversial one. Certainly, from the perspective of the mainstream news narratives, Ukraine was an innocent victim needlessly attacked by a more powerful neighbor that launched a brutal invasion. As I will show, however, the situation is far more complex than mainstream media has been telling us.


The remote viewing project showed the danger of world leaders being covertly influenced via ‘neural engagement’ by manipulative extraterrestrials who operate behind the scenes. In the concluding remarks to the remote viewing project, Dr. Brown pointed out the dangers of this scenario continuing indefinitely under the current global secrecy system, which effectively prevents more benevolent extraterrestrials from intervening on humanity’s behalf to end such manipulation.


In the Vladimir Putin and his inner circle project, the four remote viewers­—Intysam, Aziz Brown, PrinCess Jeanee, and Shantae—were given a list comprising an alphanumeric target and several subjects. Only Dr. Brown knew that the target was “President Vladimir Putin of Russia at the moment when he makes the final decision to invade Ukraine in the year 2022.”

在弗拉基米尔 · 普京(Vladimir Putin)和他的核心小圈子项目中,四名远程观察者—— intysam、 Aziz Brown、 PrinCess Jeanee 和 shantae ——得到了一个包括一个字母数字目标和几个主题的列表。只有布朗知道目标是“2022年俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔 · 普京(Vladimir Putin)做出入侵乌克兰的最终决定时”

Though conducting the sessions separately and independently, the remote viewing team showed remarkable consistency in identifying President Putin and his inner circle being influenced by different extraterrestrial entities through a form of “neural engagement.” Essentially, the extraterrestrials were able, to varying extents, to get into the minds of Putin and his inner circle comprising Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister, Alexander Bortnikov, Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB/FSS), and Valery Gerasimov, chief of the General Staff.

虽然这些会议是分别独立进行的,但遥视团队在确定普京总统和他的核心圈子是否通过某种形式的“神经接触”受到不同的外星实体影响方面表现出了惊人的一致性基本上,外星人能够在不同程度上进入普京和他的核心集团,包括俄罗斯国防部长 Sergei Shoigu,俄罗斯联邦安全局局长,亚历山大·博尔特尼科夫和总参谋长 Valery Gerasimov。

The four remote viewers described how manipulative extraterrestrials had varying degrees of success depending on how stressed, worried, and agitated President Putin and his inner circle was at the time of Russia’s “special military operation” into Ukraine. Only, Bortnikov largely escaped the influence of the manipulative extraterrestrials due to his calm demeanor and methodical approach to the issues at stake.


The results and consistency of the remote viewers’ data regarding multiple subjects are remarkable, given that all the sessions were conducted using a blind scientific protocol. This protocol prevents “front loading,” which Dr. Brown asserts will inevitably happen when remote viewers are made consciously aware of their subjects and targets. This blind scientific protocol is why Farsight’s remote viewing sessions are an important tool for exopolitical research and analysis, which seeks to understand the big picture of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth.

考虑到所有的会议都是使用一种盲目的科学方法进行的,远程观察者关于多个主题的数据的结果和一致性是显著的。这种协议防止了“前端加载”,布朗博士断言,当远程观察者有意识地意识到他们的主题和目标时,这种情况将不可避免地发生。这种盲目的科学协议就是为什么 Farsight 的远程观测会议是外星政治研究和分析的重要工具,它试图了解地球上外星人干预的宏大图景。

In the remote viewing session, the four remote viewers focused on the state of mind of President Putin and his inner circle, and the influences on them in the final decision to approve Russia’s military intervention. It was clear that extraterrestrials exploited these Russian leaders at a time of great tension and influenced them in their decision-making over the Ukraine crisis. Yet, we do not know what the different issues were and how these were evaluated for the final decision to intervene militarily.


Crucially, we don’t know if a similar process was happening behind the scenes among Ukraine’s political and military leaders, and among key NATO member states that acerbated tensions in the immediate period leading up to Russia’s military intervention.


In his concluding comments, Dr. Brown raised several critical points:


So, at this point, it should be clear that our remote viewing data do suggest that there has been a lot of mental manipulation of Russian leadership by certain extraterrestrials. They seem to be investing a lot in this project, and the Ukrainian war seems to be something they are involved with. Now the question is, why? Why would certain extraterrestrials want to trigger a Russian invasion into Ukraine? Is that all there is, a war in one European country or is there something bigger going on?


Friends, if you have long followed Farsight’s activities, you know that we have seen situations in which certain extraterrestrials have acted to manipulate human leadership by first creating a crisis and then by offering to solve the crisis for a price…

朋友们,如果你们长期关注法赛特的活动,你们就会知道,我们已经看到某些外星人操纵人类领导层的情况,他们首先制造了一场危机,然后提出要为解决危机付出代价... ..。

Those agreements open the door to establishing underground extraterrestrial bases that have been heavily involved in the massive and highly exploitive experiments involving what appears to have been millions of earth humans. Moreover, such agreements with extraterrestrials were not limited to those signed by US leadership only as seemingly suggested by others…  

这些协议打开了建立地下外星基地的大门,这些基地已经深深卷入了大规模和高度开发性的实验,涉及的似乎是数以百万计的地球人。此外,这种与外星人的协议并不仅限于美国领导人所签署的协议,而是像其他人所建议的那样... ..。

You see there are other extraterrestrial groups who could intervene and stop the Reptilians and their allies from exploiting humanity if the secrecy ended and humans asked for assistance from those more positively oriented extraterrestrials. Those more positively oriented extraterrestrials demand that free will be respected and they require that humanity openly request the assistance. From their point of view, if a species volunteers to become a slave race that is OK as long as it is an act of free will, but all that is coming apart as more and more people become aware of the fraudulent agreements that were made between governmental leaders and the oppressive extraterrestrials.


Up to this point, I agree with the conclusions made by Dr. Brown in his evaluation of the remote viewing data. Indeed, repressive extraterrestrial groups do use neural engagement to control and manipulate human leaders. This manipulation has been happening for a long time, as observed by several researchers such as William Bramley in the Gods of Eden (1989) and Jim Marrs in Rule by Secrecy (2000).

到目前为止,我同意布朗博士在评估远程观测数据时得出的结论。事实上,压制性的外星团体确实利用神经参与来控制和操纵人类领导者。正如《伊甸园之神》(1989)中的威廉 · 布拉姆雷(William Bramley)和《秘密统治》(2000)中的吉姆 · 马尔斯(Jim Marrs)等几位研究人员所观察到的那样,这种操纵已经发生了很长时间。

This takes me to the Ukraine crisis and why extraterrestrials intervened, according to Dr. Brown:


So the oppressive extraterrestrials are certainly on the lookout for establishing a new set of agreements that would further delay any involvement by the more positively oriented extraterrestrials, and this leads us to our current crisis between Ukraine and Russia. You see, if the Russian leadership is being manipulated into conducting a senseless war against Ukraine, it is only a matter of time before the Russian military faces the possibility of defeat as the rest of the world acts to assist Ukraine in its defensive efforts.


The idea that Russia has embarked on a “senseless war against Ukraine” has been heavily promoted in mainstream media narratives, which widely assert Putin is another Hitler and is driven by similar despotic, even demonic, impulses. Indeed, the idea that negative extraterrestrials influenced President Putin and his inner circle to embark on an unjustified brutal invasion will be interpreted by many as a validation of this mainstream media narrative.


However, a deeper analysis of the Ukraine crisis suggests that this negative extraterrestrial influence extends far beyond President Putin and his inner circle, and at the very least, dates from events in Ukraine that occurred in early 2014.


The violent ousting of the democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovich, who had attempted to bridge the gap between Ukraine’s fervently nationalist west with the Russophile east, created the destructive political dynamic that led to civil war and the present-day crisis.

民主选举产生的总统维克托 · 亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovich)曾试图弥合乌克兰西部强烈的民族主义与东部的鲁索菲亚之间的鸿沟,但他被暴力驱逐,造成了导致内战和当今危机的破坏性政治动态。

This destructive process is well described in the political analyses of well-informed East European history and politics scholars, such as Professors John Meiersheimer and Stephen Cohen. Both warned of the dangers of civil war if Ukraine was forced into making a stark binary choice between a future of integrating with the European Union and NATO, or establishing closer ties with the Russian Federation.

这种破坏性的过程在消息灵通的东欧历史和政治学者的政治分析中得到了很好的描述,如约翰 · 梅尔斯海默教授和斯蒂芬 · 科恩教授。两人都警告说,如果乌克兰被迫在未来加入欧盟和北约,或与俄罗斯建立更紧密的关系之间做出明显的二元选择,内战的危险就会显现。

In addition, Oliver Stone’s documentary, Ukraine on Fire, graphicly describes the political dynamics that got us to the present-day crisis, and the sinister forces operating behind the scenes to acerbate the conflict.

此外,奥利弗 · 斯通(Oliver Stone)的纪录片《乌克兰的烈火》(Ukraine on Fire)生动地描述了导致我们陷入当今危机的政治动态,以及在幕后运作、激化冲突的邪恶势力。

Prior to Russia’s February 24, 2022, “special military operation,” there is compelling evidence that the Ukrainian military was poised to retake the rebel Donbas region by a lightning military campaign. This was made feasible by the US and key NATO members encouraging Ukrainian leaders to take a hardline approach to the rebel-held areas, which had been promised political autonomy in the 2014 Minsk Accords—promises that were never implemented.

在俄罗斯2022年2月24日的“特别军事行动”之前,有令人信服的证据表明,乌克兰军队准备通过闪电般的军事行动重新夺回叛军控制的 Donbas 地区。美国和主要北约成员国鼓励乌克兰领导人对反对派控制的地区采取强硬态度,这是可行的。2014年《明斯克协议》承诺在这些地区实行政治自治,但这些承诺从未得到实施。

In short, the US/NATO encouraged Ukraine’s leaders to avoid reaching any political solution with the rebel-held areas and instead seek a military solution to their Donbas problem. NATO provided necessary training and armaments to make it possible for Ukraine to pursue a military solution similar to Croatia’s “Operation Storm” that successfully retook the Serb-held area of Krajina in August 1995.


In addition to the alarming news that Ukraine was contemplating restarting its nuclear weapons program, there was also the problem of multiple Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine. After US officials initially denied that the Pentagon was funding biolabs, Victoria Nuland the Under Secretary of State for the Biden administration, confirmed that this was indeed happening, albeit for defensive purposes only. Both of these developments were naturally of great concern to President Putin and his inner circle.

除了乌克兰正在考虑重启其核武器计划这一令人震惊的消息外,还有乌克兰多个由五角大楼资助的生物实验室的问题。在美国官员最初否认五角大楼在资助生物实验后,负责拜登政府的副国务卿维多利亚•纽兰(Victoria Nuland)证实,这确实在发生,尽管只是出于防御目的。这两个事态发展自然是普京总统和他的核心集团极为关注的。

Finally, there is also evidence that a “space ark” with incredibly advanced ancient technologies had been found in southern Ukraine in the Kherson Oblast, as several sources have stated. Indeed, Kherson was the first Ukrainian city taken by the Russian military. The addition of a space ark that NATO sought to control only worsened the already dangerous situation in Ukraine.


All the above factors predictably would have weighed heavily in the decision-making of President Putin and his Inner Circle, which led to their fateful decision to go ahead with the “special military operation,” ostensibly for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.


At this point, I wish to state that I disagree with President Putin and his inner circle’s decision to launch a “special military operation” against Ukraine. He gave what negative extraterrestrials and their Deep State minions desperately wanted and had taken years to contrive—a new war that would directly pit NATO and Russia against one another.  


Nevertheless, I understand why Vladimir Putin and his advisors felt cornered, stressed, vengeful, and agitated; and why they believed they had no other alternative to the choice that was made. This is where Farsight’s remote viewing is most helpful, as it gives important answers to what qualitatively tipped the scales towards Russia’s fateful military actions. In contrast, President Putin had previously been far more restrained in his relations with Ukraine, NATO, and the US.


This is where Dr. Brown’s conclusion gives a long-time solution that prevents this scenario from playing out again or degenerating into a future nuclear war:


You may wonder why humans and particularly human national leadership, is so easily duped. The answer is simple, secrecy. As long as the extraterrestrial presence is kept secret from the larger population then it is possible for human leadership to be continually duped time after time using neural engagement when necessary. The only thing that can stop this from happening is disclosure.


The end of secrecy means disclosure. Spilling the beans, so to speak. This is all that matters, disclosure. What human leadership needs to understand is that what has been happening to Vladimir Putin and his inner circle is likely happening in various ways to all important human leadership. That is all human leaders, including all presidents and prime ministers, are not safe from manipulation. No one is safe.

保密的结束意味着披露。可以说是说漏嘴了。这才是最重要的,披露。人类领导层需要明白的是,弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin)及其核心圈子所发生的事情,很可能以各种方式发生在所有重要的人类领导层身上。这就是所有的人类领导人,包括所有的总统和总理,都不能免受操纵。没有人是安全的。

I agree that full disclosure is vital to end extraterrestrials manipulating world leaders through neural engagement, contriving unnecessary wars, imposing exploitative agreements, and keeping the secrecy system in place for decades to come. Full disclosure will end such egregious practices and, most importantly, promote world peace and open contact with extraterrestrial visitors.


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