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Remember how Blossom's Federation of Light said that even bigger things await us that will dwarf the pandemic?

还记得 Blossom 的光之联盟是怎么说的吗,有更大的事情等着我们去做,而这些事情会让这场流行病相形见绌?

Federation of Light:We have told you that your world will become Topsy Turvy,yet far more so than now.


In order for change to take place…many things must come to a halt as opposed to a'ticking over.'


Much disruption must be endured by everyone on many,many levels,due to the need and necessary adjustments to take their place in this Game.


Yes.It will get much more serious.Yet,the'illness'will subside,yet,not be forgotten in the'Once upon a time'story.(1)


I'm beginning to see what they're talking about.I think they only partly mean more disruptive external events.Another large part–the most important part for most of us,perhaps–seems to be the more disruptive internal events.


I'm in the middle of an example as we speak.The last time this happened was at Xenia in Sept.2018.


On that occasion,I watched something so unspeakably evil in a video that I ended up in an experience of the Self.That was what it took to restore me to balance after seeing that degree of hideousness.


Now I've done it again.I watched a video–it's already fading from memory,thankfully–allegedly of a Clinton-administration official,whom we all know,torturing a young child.It was hideous.


Who cares whether it was a Clinton-administration official or not?Someone somewhere is torturing a young child.


And I let it into my consciousness.


It brought up all my fears,all my perpetrations,everything I ever did that was in negative territory….


Do I recommend others listen to a child being tortured?You must be kidding.I do not and I honor the justice officials for whom it forms a part of their job.I can appreciate the trauma they must endure.


Let's agree to stop the crimes perpetrated against children.Make the mass request of Heaven that it be stopped and it enters the collective consciousness as what Matthew calls"an energy streamer."Make our request and it frees the hands of those who obey our free will.


Back to my internal state.Thankfully,nowadays,I know that I don't have to count on having a spiritual experience to get me out of a hole I've just dug for myself.It can also come about through an act of will.


Again as I have in the past,I fall back on my adult consciousness state to exercise my will and right the balance for me,after having ventured in over my head.Meanwhile,I'm shivering at the keyboard.


OK,what is happening with me comes from watching one video of one crime,child torture.We're starting to hear about the takedown of the DUMBs(Deep Underground Military Bunkers),many of which housed trafficked children.Multiply this one video by many others.


Now multiply that again by a large number to get the flood of revelations that are going to be coming at us on all dark subjects,I believe,in the days and weeks ahead.And the children being rescued are in dire shape.All of this is going to have an effect on our personal and the social psyche.


This is a result of"draining the swamp."This is what that operation looks like,as carried out by a law-abiding military.We are enduring"the Storm"–in our case,from safely inside our homes.


So when we hear Blossom's sources talking about even bigger events awaiting us,let's not just prepare for an earthquake,so to speak,in the outer world–although Earth changes could be on their way.

因此,当我们听到 Blossom 的消息来源谈论等待我们的更大的事件时,我们不能只是为地震做准备,也就是说,在外部世界——尽管地球可能正在发生变化。

Let's prepare for an earthquake in the inner world as well.




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