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We all feel it we know time is speeding up and that is because the shift into the 5D consciousness that we are experiencing.Before this frequency change our existence in this 3-D reality has been locked into an anti-current of time.But,now that reality is unwinding we are re-joining space time where there is no time.


An artificial description of time is linear time which is all an illusion.It's a warp in time space held in place by a mind that is locked into a flow and moved into an anti current of beliefs and judgements temporarily away from the Universal flow.


In our past we have witnessed our reality slow down into this anti current that it has almost become predictable but that is changing with these new energies.What's happening now is we are being pulled back to the main stream of Universal flow that's why you always hear me say..."quit resisting these frequencies,it'll be a lot less painful on you."Meaning,let go of all your religious and societal beliefs,it'll make the transition much smoother.


The human mind is not bound only to this physical plane,instead it's a vehicle for the flow of the soul and now the soul of man is shifting into the 5D shift of the planet.As we move towards 5D we begin to pass through 4D and the notion of linear time ceases.This is why many of us lose track of time,we feel like we have missed time etc.When in reality we are experiencing the flow of the Universe where everything is flowing in concert together.


"Being"is the change...that's why there is still movement in the"now"because in reality everything is moving together.This is why when the human being flows with this continuum,meaning no resistance,everything's in harmony.


In the"now"your past is unwinding in this moment while the next possible future has already landed in this moment...soooo the dynamic keeps on rolling in reshaping your new reality.


An Ego that is locked into an anti current,a bubble trying to hold onto a fixed reality based on your beliefs and judgments is ultimately a dead end head spin.In this temporary bubble you might think you have things to do,you might think your career is important,the bills you have to pay etc.and you find yourself chasing trying to meet these deadlines.Yet underneath all of that is an entirely different agenda meaning the flow of the Universe has a direction and purpose all its own.


Life is ascending into a more timeless 5D.So in any one moment you're being pulled in two contradictory flows.The fixed anti current of beliefs and judgements and what you should be doing in this Matrix called society and the flow in which you're being pulled from your soul towards Source....Ascension!
I call this having a foot in two different worlds.When you're in that authentic state of mind,in the now,time disappears.That's why when you open up to the reality of your soul everything in the 3D reality that you waste time on ultimately doesn't matter.

生活正在扬升进入一个更加永恒的5维世界。所以在任何一个时刻,你都会被拉入两个矛盾的流动中。信仰和判断的固定逆流,以及你在这个矩阵中应该做的事情,被称为社会和你被从你的灵魂中拉向源头的流动......扬升!我称之为在两个不同的世界中有一只脚。当你处于真实的精神状态时,在当下,时间就消失了。这就是为什么当你向你灵魂的现实打开时,你浪费时间在3 d 现实中的一切最终都无关紧要。

Life on Earth is ascending and we are seeing that in the form of the breakdown of our current reality.The old 3-D reality has served its purpose and is unwinding.We are seeing this moving on with the sixth mass extinction and the breakdown of the biosphere.There's no need to hang onto this or to heal it or fix it.The movement into this 5D reality will fix it so to speak meaning the transition into this higher vibrational frequency.A reality of greater harmony.

地球上的生命正在扬升,我们正以我们当前实相崩溃的形式看到这一点。旧的3-D 现实已经达到了它的目的,并且正在平息。随着第六次物种大灭绝和生物圈的崩溃,我们看到这种情况正在继续发展。没有必要紧紧抓住这个问题不放,也没有必要去治愈它或者修复它。进入这个5维实相的运动将会修正它,可以这么说,这意味着转变到这个更高的振动频率。更加和谐的现实。

The 4D karmic anchor that has created this reality of education,growth and evolutionary exploration has been lifted.It happened at the back end of 2012 right as we entered the Age of Aquarius.The physical constructs may still be in place for now but the soul is being encouraged higher by the movement of the changing frequencies.


What this means is if you are still resisting this change you are going to find yourself under much more stress doing what you think you should do in an increasingly less amount of time.Let it go!
The more you surrender yourself to those things that you think you should do the more you come into the presence of your soul.


You have to be coming from your soul for everything to work in these new times.We must look at the bigger picture on a macro level meaning the extinction of marine life we're seeing,the extinction of species every day on this planet is because this planet is ascending and so are we.


If we stayed in this physical state we will not have enough resources to feed and nourish the inhabitants on the planet.Do you see what I mean?We are ascending out of this physical state so there is less of a need for such dense,physical nourishment hence the reasoning for these mass extinctions happening on the planet.


The giving up of animal products which is very heavy in vibration is a symptom of this vibrational change.Meaning,when your body becomes more light there is less need for such heavy vibrational nourishment.This is why on our future Earth our species will be completely plant-based.


It's not that Humanity is killing them all off these extinctions are all part of a cycle of an ascending species and the planet.Everything that's happening right now is happening in divine order.It might not look that way to you but everything is falling right into place.



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