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The 5Gmm Battle


Garden of Life Sells Out To Evil Corporate Giant NESTLE.The Nestle brand,known for providing frozen prepared foods for families,is no stranger to being one of the brands owned by Monsanto.Other ethical concerns with Nestle involve child labor and trafficking,pollution,health threats including melamine present in their infant formulas in China,their history with pollution,price fixing,and promoting unhealthy food and mislabeling.And finally,let's not forget that Nestle has donated millions of dollars to oppose GMO labeling.


Update:All the research done on vitamins has paid off.I remember my skin was dry,uncomfortable hurt and itchy from the dryness a month ago.But now after taking Essential Vitamins andSuper Greens+D there is a big improvement of my skin.It has more elasticity movement and feels so supple.I can't stop rubbing my arms as they feel so moist and alive,a reminder better health is possible.And another thing,lol,there is a noticeable difference in less joint pain.I can actually restart an exercise regimen without gross pains.Finally"real food"Vitamins that do the body good.The change to better health was detected within hours of taking just one Super Greens+D In these trying times,let's keep our health,actually let's get healthier than we ever have been.There's a growing body of evidence that proves the benefits of digestive enzymes are the real deal.Taking digestive enzymes is an effective way to improve your body's capacity to completely digest food.If you don't want to take a separate supplement to bolster your digestive enzymes,then look for nutritional supplements which include enzymes.


Greens are good for us.Super food veggies give you what you need to energize,alkalize and strengthen immunity.It's just hard to eat enough of them every day.Until now.Fuel up with organic greens.


5Gmm is trouble


5G networks are upon us and this next-generation is being powered by a new technology known as millimeter wave(mmWave).


AT&T's 5GM network was first available in Atlanta,Charlotte,Dallas,Houston,Indianapolis,Jacksonville,Louisville,Oklahoma City,New Orleans,Raleigh,San Antonio and Waco,Texas.Austin,Los Angeles,Nashville,Orlando,San Diego,San Francisco and San Jose went online in April.The network went live in Las Vegas in June.Even though I am battling the 5th Generation Millimeter Waves,aka 5GM,mmWave and 5G coming from the electric grid,there is progress in other areas.I continue to pursue legal help for filing a Class Action Suit in the matter as so many of my neighbors are falling ill.Updates on this will be given for sure and any funds appreciated too for protection devices that can give some comfort.https://www.paypal.me/JuneAnnHall



For those that missed out on the Smart Covers......


Smart Meter Cover EMF Protection

Good Health To Us All,June Ann



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