瑞典银河真理报|第298期 你的努力是水瓶座时代成功的关键

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瑞典银河真理报|第298期 你的努力是水瓶座时代成功的关键20201212

Thérèse Z Sumner


As I go to Publish this right now it is 9 Days and 9 Hours until our Final Push into the true time of the Ascension process for humanity on planet Earth!From day one Cobra told us that the time of Compression Breakthrough~the time of The Event which we are moving ever more quickly towards buy the hour,would be the true time of the Ascension process taking off on Gaia.I am not saying that our Activation/Meditation on the 21st December is the day of Compression Breakthrough~but I am saying that that day is now not so far away at all.


What would you say to your friends or other spiritually inclined people in your home town,county or region about this Meditation to help to encourage them to take part?


Maybe something like this;If these words gel with your own approach you can translate them and share them with your community.


'Dear friends,on December 21st this year,at the time of the winter solstice there is going to be a worldwide meditation taking place.The aim of this meditation is to unite as many people as possible,on every continent on Earth,at the exact same moment in time,focusing upon a beautiful vision of a new time on our planet where there is peace and abundance available for humanity.


To create unity of heart and mind during the meditation videos~both promotional and for guidance through the meditation,have been created in every language.


Despite how things might seem at present,with restrictions worldwide due to a pandemic,we have never been so close to positive change on our beautiful planet.The power of people creating change through meditation in large groups is scientifically proven.


This meditation on the winter(summer in some countries)solstice on December 21st is the 3rd of 3 meditations this year...{January June and December}the final big meditation to bring us all safely and strongly into the real Age of Aquarius.


You might remember the song The Age of Aquarius{lyrics should be available in each language}where an explanation is given for the new energy coming to Earth.The lyrics remind us that we are about to move into a time on Earth when we will have


"harmony and understanding,sympathy and trust abounding,no more falsehoods or derision,golden living dreams of visions and the minds true liberation".


We move officially into this New Aquarian Age on Gaia on December 21st this year.


We are simply put,on the verge of this new development now and our meditation can speed up this process bringing positive change to Earth in a very short time.


One day you can proudly tell your children/grandchildren that you were a part of bringing that amazing overnight change into being by taking part in this meditation.I hope that you will feel inspired to join me and people worldwide in this effort beyond every border and religion with the goal of Peace and prosperity and Goodwill for humanity.'


With promotional and Guided Meditation videos available in every language each one of us can reach out locally and regionally in our respective countries to bring up the numbers to the maximum for this last KEY meditation for Peace on Earth and a new world of abundance for all.


In each country,I am sure that you will all have some contact with local spiritual people who are providing sound and reliable information about the Ascension process taking place on Gaia.It is these people that can be key to raising the numbers of those participating.By reaching out to these people personally with links to both promotional and guided meditation videos of your choice and asking them to spread the word on their blogs we can increase the numbers joining us on the 21st.


I was given the following link to a letter written with the thought of being spread to spiritual leaders of various kinds.This might also be of assistance in your attempts to reach others.Thanks to Maria.


The Golden Age Goddess:A Letter to all Spiritual Leaders and World Leaders in all countries,states and towns



Last but not least the link to WLMM and everything you could possibly need to know about this Meditation.





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