Teri wade|平衡

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Teri wade|平衡

The reality that we see,taste,touch and feel is a holographic reality and was created to experience this physical 3-D reality.Really,what we're experiencing is a polarity between Dark and Light remember everything is vibrational.


What we are experiencing now is that Earth is shifting out of this lower vibrational frequency we've only known to a higher vibrational frequency.And in order for humanity to follow suit they need to Wake Up!


Waking up involves questioning everything in our reality and awareness.Extreme circumstances are necessary to push people towards change and out of stagnation.Who are you and why are you here,everyone should be asking themselves this.


When you realize who you are,that you are not your body and that you never died a rush of freedom and liberation washes over you and allows an inner peace within you to come forward while the outer world collapses.Right at that point when you realize this it'll bring you closer to the remembrance of how to exit this holographic physical existence.


We have all been that pendulum swinging back and forth through lifetimes of incarnations all to expand your souls experience all to find balance.True balance is achieved when you can see all viewpoints from a higher perspective.


Meaning,you understand the Darks necessity of energy vampirism and you also understand the Lights need to serve,protect and fight for freedom.All you light workers know this very well that extreme light attracts dark like moths to a flame because that's how balance works.


Eventually,you'll realize that you're just fighting yourself.You'll find out by being extreme in anything you're going to attract the opposite.Once you realize this you'll be able to step back and figure out how to stop that fight.


Easier said than done…

It's not like you will lay down and let the Dark take over,it also doesn't mean that you stand in the power of Light swinging a sword to ultimately win the battle of Earth and humanity.It means that you pull both aspects of the Dark and Light together to experience everything Earth and this physical reality has to offer.


Balance brings forward zero point energy sending you on your way to exit this system.Ascension!

This portal exists within you and is now being activated thru your DNA to those who are awakening to this higher frequency.

平衡带给你零点能量,让你离开这个系统。扬升!这个入口存在于你们之中,现在正通过你们的 DNA 被激活到那些正在觉醒到这个更高频率的人。

Once your DNA is activated with these higher frequencies you can never be influenced again by the extreme polarity.Meaning,once you wake up you'll never be able to go back to sleep.You'll find out that you will attract a new reality which is harmonized and balanced.What's happening is you're just moving towards a frequency that resonates with the one you're buzzing at.

Make sense?

一旦你的 DNA 被这些更高的频率激活,你就再也不会被极端的极性所影响。也就是说,一旦你醒来,就再也无法入睡了。你会发现你会吸引到一个和谐平衡的新实相。事实上,你只是在朝着一个频率移动,这个频率与你正在嗡嗡作响的那个频率共振。有意义吗?

You'll become someone that is observing this reality not part of it.You will realize that you are your creator of your reality based on agreements and contracts made before you incarnated on this planet.


Zero point is the removal of the veil of forgetfulness and the wheels of time so you can begin to see the exit and move towards it.You are an aspect of Source,that spark of Light attained during creation.Source created Dark and Light both.


Source created the beings that took over the organic template of Earth and the organic template of the human body that allows you to experience this physical reality.If this was a forbidden thing to do Earths consciousness would never of allowed it in the first place.


If it was such a horrible thing we would've never allowed ourselves to incarnate into it.We made ourselves a bet before incarnating here.Would we awaken and realize who we really are.Remember,we knew before we incarnated on this planet that we were a Grand Experiment.So,we need to fully escape the victimization stage and do what we cane here to do at this critical time.


Ever since the androgynous human was split into a male and female for reproductive purposes there has been a battle for domination and control of the sexes.In Orion the female Queen rules and many of you know of this Reptilian Queen and she isn't very nice.Which is the opposite on Earth where the patriarchal rules while the feminine is suppressed.


We all see the feminization of the human male happening while the female species is becoming more and more masculine.What I mean is we need to be very careful when we bring the feminine back to Earth that it's not to rule and dominate the males...it's all about balance.When you don't have balance you will not have harmony.


Currently there are a number of dominating,controlling female programs running that overcompensate for male domination and we're seeing it being played out.Balancing the male and female individuality will bring a more harmonious balance back to Earth.


This means the female needs to let go of the media programming of high heels,over sexuality and starvation while the male can learn to feel emotion instead of playing a tough guy.


It's all about balance and when we as individuals and as a whole find balance harmony will follow.Don't get caught up in all the distraction of look over here instead focus on moving further away from the illusion.As you awaken you will continue to observe as you float higher and higher away from the battle to a place of peace.It'll take you to an understanding of what has happened,currently happening and what your future holds.


We will all eventually end up in a place where there is no polarity because it will no longer be needed.Meaning,if you have learned what this 3-D reality was supposed to teach you,you'll be on your way.

我们最终都会在一个没有极性的地方结束,因为它将不再被需要。也就是说,如果你学会了这个3D 现实世界应该教给你的东西,你就可以上路了。



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