Teri wade|觉醒到第五维度

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Teri wade|觉醒到第五维度

Many don't know it but the Earth and all it's inhabitants are experiencing a consciousness shift into a whole new reality.We are transitioning into the 5th dimensional reality which kicked into high gear the year of 2012.Since then it has sped up increasingly and is incredibly obvious to many.


The 5th dimension is kind of like a fairytale...humanity will live in harmony,peace,respecting all people and Earth and living in oneness with everything around them.No more hunger,poverty or crime.Everyone living without fear and living with acceptance of our Galactic Nations.It sounds incredibly hard to achieve but we have no choice,it's going to happen and the ones that resist these changes are having the hardest time with it.It's all a Universal Cycle.


We've all thought of living in a world like this.We've all had dreams of a world and an existence just like this...these are memories you're pulling from your past lives from thousands and thousands of years ago.


But,when we fell into this 3-D reality of struggle and detachment from Source we forgot it all.Many of us are having these intuitive feelings,clear visions and many are inwardly experiencing insight of the future of the human race and our planet.It's like we've been waiting for thousands of years for this exact time in our history that we are entering.So basically all these feelings and insight we are experiencing are distant memories of worlds we've previously participated in.


So many are wondering how can we change this world we live in which consists of suffering,disease,fear and war to a Utopian world of peace and compassion.At one point the 100th monkey affect will take hold and there will be an Awakening of the human race that will be unstoppable.But,not everyone on this planet is making that choice consciously or unconsciously to make that 5d shift.


All souls have a choice to enter 5D given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold those energy levels that exists in that higher vibration.I believe many will choose to leave the Earth in the next decade or so to move on to other third dimensional experiences on other planets of the Universe.Meaning,they have not learned what the 3-D reality was meant to teach them.Meaning,everything is individual,it's always been up to you and nobody gets a free pass.


Those who are here to stay to make the shift to this higher reality will experience some intense changes as their minds and bodies try to adapt to this radical transformation required for this shift.But,remember the 5th dimension is not where it ends because each dimension vibrates higher than the one below.


Remember,dimensions are not locations they are levels of consciousness and in each higher dimension exists a broader spectrum of reality,awareness,knowledge,a greater knowing.We experience more freedom,greater power and more opportunity to create reality.


In order for a higher dimension to be available for us we need to vibrate in resonance with it.Makes sense...?
First off the 3rd dimension is not the things you see...the table,the tree,the Earth.These things are all form and all things in form still exist in the 4th and somewhat in the 5th dimension also they just hold more light they're not as dense.


The 3rd dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted.Because so many of us have lived in this 3rd dimensional reality for so many lifetimes we assume this is all there is.We live in a very limited,restricted reality of experience.The 3d reality runs on a ridged set of rules and limited beliefs.In the 3d we believe that bodies are solid and can't merge with one another or walk thru walls everything is subject to gravity.Physical objects cannot disappear and we cannot read another persons mind.There's a solid belief in duality and judgment and fear runs rampant.


The 4th dimension...
This is the bridge many are at right now and will be relatively for a short period of time.Traveling thru the 4th dimension is preparing us for the 5th dimension.The feelings of the 4d are moments of Awakening,everything in us and around us seems lighter,things are less ridged and fear is dissolving.Time is no longer linear in the 4th dimension and in my experience that causes some problems.LOL ?...Losing time?
Also,manifestation is also faster in the 4th dimension.When you're experiencing love,joy and gratitude you're experiencing 4d consciousness.


In order to live in the 5th dimensional state of consciousness and stay there all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door.No fear,hostility or guilt exists there.You will have mastery over thought and manifestation is instantaneous.People will communicate through telepathy which means we will be able to read each other's thoughts and feelings.The experience of time is radically different some describe it as everything happening at once.There is no distinction between past,present and future.


We are in transitional times meaning we are experiencing the death of third dimensional reality.We are seeing this in our current reality today with the old 3D structure breaking down.This rigid,fear-based structure of control can no longer exists in a higher vibrational reality and we're seeing that playing out right before our eyes on the world stage.So basically what we're seeing is one whole structure of reality collapsing to make way
for a new higher reality brought on by these higher frequencies that are transforming our world.These will be radical times because everything that doesn't serve us in this higher reality will fall away.

我们正处于过渡时期,这意味着我们正在经历第三维度实相的死亡。随着旧的3 D结构的崩溃,我们现在看到的就是这种情况。这种僵化的、基于恐惧的控制结构不再存在于一个更高的振动现实中,我们看到那正在我们眼前的世界舞台上演出。所以基本上我们所看到的是一个整体的现实结构正在崩溃,为一个新的更高的现实让路,这些更高的频率正在改变我们的世界。这将是一个激进的时代,因为在这个更高的现实中,一切对我们无益的东西都将消失。

Fortunately,we are getting intervention with this transition by advanced beings from higher dimensional realms who are becoming more and more present to us that are here to assist us.Ask for their help.I've said this many times that this is the first time that such a physical,dense body will go through the Ascension process.What I'm saying is...Souls that have incarnated into these physical bodies will be able take our human uniforms with us into the higher dimension if we choose.Doing this is seen as the next step in humanity's evolution.So take care of your physical body.You have a choice to resist these changes or actively participate in them.There is no right way to make this journey it's completely an individual experience and it's up to you how fast you make it happen.



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