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In what can only be filed under the heading"You Knew This Was Coming",a new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin having accepted a call from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,states that Erdogan promised to withdraw his troops from Syria after defeating the terrorists—a promise that initiated a meeting between Russia,Syria and Iraq diplomatsto put in place Russia's position that only Syrian troops should be located on the border between Syria and Turkey—a position agreed to by Erdogan who said that Turkey will continue its operation in Syria despite possible military sanctions—but are military sanctions not being imposed by the United States who dropped them against Turkey less than 24-hours after imposing them—and is due to American forces in Syrianeeding to flee so suddenly,they left behind intact their multi-million base with all of its equipment and the personal effects of its soldiers—a fleeing of these US soldiers fully expected to occur because they"suddenly realized"that their propped up Islamist"moderate rebels"are actually terrorists who are now launching a"genocide"of Kurds—a genocide these radical US-backed Islamist terrorists are perpetrating under the guise of their now calling themselves Turkish-backed fighters after the Kurds reached a deal with the Syrian army to protect them—and just hours ago,saw these fleeing for their lives US soliders having to call in massive air support to protect from the same exact Islamist terrorists whom a week ago they called"moderate rebels"—but which,in fact,isn't even the biggest irony in this whole sordid mess now occurring—as that's reserved exclusively for President Donald Trump who,also a few hours ago,signed a resolution vetoing a socialist Democrat Party attempt to block him from protecting his own nation's southern border—while at the exact same time,these demented warmonger leftists are demanding that Trump protect Syria's border—an insanity not lost on the Republicans who have now dropped their revolt against Trump on Syria.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部(MoFA)今日在克里姆林宫发布的一份新报告称,普京总统接受了土耳其总统雷杰普塔伊普埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)的电话,称埃尔多安在击败恐怖分子后承诺将从叙利亚撤军——叙利亚和伊拉克的外交官,以落实俄罗斯的立场,即只有叙利亚军队应该驻扎在叙利亚和土耳其之间的边界上。埃尔多安同意这一立场,他说,尽管可能实施军事制裁,土耳其仍将继续在叙利亚的行动。但军事制裁不是美国实施的,美国在实施制裁后不到24小时就对土耳其实施了军事制裁,这是因为美国驻叙利亚部队需要突然逃离叙利亚——他们完好无损地留下了数百万美元的基地及其所有设备和士兵的个人物品。库尔德人与叙利亚军队达成保护他们的协议后,这些美国士兵自称是土耳其支持的武装分子,几个小时前,他们"突然意识到",支持他们的伊斯兰"温和派反叛分子"实际上是恐怖分子,正在对库尔德人发动"种族灭绝"美军士兵不得不呼叫大量空中支援,以防范一周前被他们称为"温和反对派"的同一批伊斯兰恐怖分子
事实上,这还不是目前这场肮脏混乱中最具讽刺意味的事情ーー这是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的专利,他也在几个小时前签署了一项决议,否决了一个社会主义民主党(socialist Democrat Party)阻止他保护自己国家南部边境的企图ーー而与此同时,这些疯狂的战争狂热分子却要求特朗普保护叙利亚边境ーー共和党人对这种疯狂行为没有丝毫损失,因为他们现在已经放弃了在叙利亚问题。


According to this report,yesterday the Ministry of Defense exhaustively documented the history of this Middle East region showing its century long war between Kurds and Arabs was inflamed when the Obama-Clinton Regime illegally invaded Syria and cobbled together a made up army of Kurdish fighters and al Qaeda terrorists from mainly European nations—a made up army the Americans first used in their failed attempt to destroy the government of Syria—and when President Trump came to power,saw him them using them to destroy the ISIS Caliphate—but who while operating under the Obama-Clinton Regime,saw this made up US-backed terrorist army rampaging through northeast Syria to throw millions of Syrian Arab peoples from their homes and land in what Amnesty International designated a war crime.



After this US-backed made up army defeated the part of the ISIS Caliphate in their sphere of operation(Eastern Syria),with the other sphere(Western Syria)being won by Syrian military forces under Russian air cover,this report continues,not being told to the American people was that the only reason their military forces were in Syria was to keep the Kurdish and radical Islamist factions of this made up army from killing each other—with the majority of the Kurd fighters being actual citizens of Syria—as opposed to the Islamist terrorists whose majority of came from Europe—and because of,has kept millions of Syrian citizens trapped in Turkey from being able to return to their homes,villages and cities.

这支由美国支持的军队在他们的行动范围(东叙利亚)击败了 ISIS 的哈里发,另一个范围(西叙利亚)在俄罗斯的空中掩护下被叙利亚军队占领。本报告继续写道,没有告诉美国人民的原因是,他们的军队驻扎在叙利亚的唯一原因是为了防止这支军队中的库尔德人和激进的伊斯兰派别相互杀戮——大多数库尔德战士是叙利亚的实际公民——而不是大部分来自欧洲的伊斯兰恐怖分子——而且由于这个原因,数百万被困在土耳其的叙利亚公民无法返回家园、村庄和城市。

The most important home-city these Syrian citizens trapped in Turkey want to return to,this report details,is Manbij—a city in the northeast of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria that's 30 kilometers(19 miles)west of the Euphrates—which has been a target for most of the players in Syria's conflict due to the supply lines that run through it—has frequently changed hands during the course of the war—after being seized by US-backed rebels,then saw it captured by the ISIS Caliphate—who then,in turn,lost it to the US-backed made up army—and because it's situated adjacent to the M4 highway(a major commercial route that connects the western port city of Latakia to Aleppo,Raqqa and oil-rich Deir Az Zor in the east)controlling it is vital to helping rebuild the Syria's war-ravaged economytoday is under the full control of Syrian army—and who are being aided by Russian military police patrolling between Syrian and Turkish army forces to keep the peace.

这份报告详细介绍了这些被困在土耳其的叙利亚公民想要返回的最重要的家园城市,是曼比吉。曼比吉位于叙利亚北部阿勒颇省东北部,在幼发拉底河以西30公里(19英里)处。由于贯穿其中的补给线,这里是叙利亚冲突中大多数参与者的目标。在战争期间,曼比吉经常易手,后来被美国支持的反对派占领——然后看到它被伊斯兰国哈里发(ISIS caliphate)占领——后者又把它输给了美国支持的人造军队——而且因为它毗邻 m 4高速公路(连接西部港口城市拉塔基亚和阿勒颇、拉卡和东部石油资源丰富的代尔阿兹祖尔的主要商业路线),控制它对于帮助重建叙利亚饱受战争蹂躏的经济至关重要——如今完全处于叙利亚军队的控制之下——俄罗斯军警在叙利亚和土耳其军队之间巡逻,协助他们维持和平。


Russian,Turkish and American military forces make Great Game moves centered around Manbij-Syria

俄罗斯、土耳其和美国军队围绕 Manbij-Syria 展开大博弈

Of all the major powers involved in this conflict,this report notes,the United States remains the odd man out as it has absolutely no right to be in Syria in the first place—unlike Russia and Turkey who were asked by the Syrian government to come into their country to protect and save it—and is exactly what Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and Bahrain have done with the Americans whose military forces protect them.


Most dangerously imbecilic,however,this report concludes,are the radical leftist forces in America demanding that President Trump keep US military forces in Syria—but whose nonsensical reasons for making this demand are as insane as they are dangerous—most particularly their absurdly claiming that only the US can prevent a resurgence of the ISIS Caliphate,that stands opposed to over 250,000 Russian,Turkish,Syrian,Iraqi and Iranian military forces in place to keep such a thing from ever happening again—as well as these insane leftists outlandishly claiming the Kurds are now going to be massacred because US troops are not protecting them—but whose reality shows the only threat these Kurds face are from the US-backed Islamists now trying to kill both Kurds and US troops so these American socialist warmongers can scream"We Told You So!"—thus making it clear why President Erdogan has just declared"They say declare a ceasefire—We will never declare a ceasefire"—and why Russian forces are fast chasing down the last remnants of the US-backed made up SDF army before they can inflict any more damage.



"Blessed are the peacemakers,For they shall be called sons of God."


New Testament Book of Matthew—Chapter 5 Verse 9



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