February 21, 2023 2023年2月21日

I haven't written an Ascension Thoughts update for a while.


I believe that Ascension is the main game on Earth right now and the global chaos distractions are just that - distractions. They are designed by the [D]eep [S]tate to steer humanity to look here (chaos) not there (Ascension).


If you are consciously on the Ascension path, I am sure you will resonate with what I am about to say next. Where is time going every day...?? 

如果你有意识地走在扬升的道路上,我确信你会与我接下来要说的话产生共鸣。每天的时间都去了哪里? ? ? 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend Emma. I said to her, 'Are you noticing that time is going very fast now..?' She responded: 'Yes, I feel as if I am flying...!' Me too...! My routine is the same as it has been for many months, yet there is not enough time anymore to fit in those same activities. I am trying to lighten my schedule to squeeze in more personal processing time.

昨天下午我和我的朋友艾玛在一起。我对她说,‘你有没有注意到现在时间过得很快。’。.?她回答说: “是的,我觉得我好像在飞... !”我也是!我的日常生活和过去几个月一样,但是没有足够的时间去适应那些相同的活动。我正在努力减少我的日程安排,以便挤出更多的个人处理时间。

Emma and I agreed that we Light Warriors need a great deal of time alone to process our Ascension journey. We both have plenty of solitude each day where we can be in the higher energies. Our forays out into the 3D world are well-organized and brief. Neither of us go to cafes, restaurants or movie theatres anymore. We tend to avoid group settings preferring one to one connections.

艾玛和我一致认为我们光明战士需要大量的时间独自处理我们的扬升之旅。我们每天都有足够的独处时间,在那里我们可以处于更高的能量中。我们进入3D 世界的尝试是有组织的和简短的。我们俩都不再去咖啡馆、餐馆或电影院了。我们倾向于避免组设置,而更喜欢一对一的连接。

It takes huge discipline to stay balanced as the world tips over into craziness in the dying days of the 3D illusion. EVERYTHING that is not going forward to fifth dimensional Earth plane is dissolving. All systems are breaking down. Our transport system in New Zealand is in utter chaos at present, at the height of our summer domestic tourism season. It makes no sense that it is happening at this time.

当世界在3D 幻象的末日里陷入疯狂时,保持平衡需要极大的自律。所有没有进入第五维度地球平面的东西都在溶解。所有系统都崩溃了。我们在新西兰的交通系统目前正处于夏季国内旅游旺季,一片混乱。在这个时候发生这样的事情是没有道理的。

Staying detached from all situations is vital. Step well back before speaking or acting in every situation. You need to connect with your Higher Self before responding. Remember, we are living through the end days of a brutal galactic war that has been going for many thousands of years, if not millions. We need to maintain situational awareness at all times.


Currently many relationships are mini war zones. Friendships and marriages are breaking down everywhere. People are trying to find their vibrational match before they ascend. It's a good thing! It might not be fun while it is happening, but after the dust settles everyone will be living where they need to be with the people they need to be with moving forward.


Conversely, your connections with your 5D soul tribe friends will be rock solid. You will KNOW deep in your heart that they are your people, and always will be moving forward. There is great comfort in those connections - I am very blessed in this respect.

相反,你与你的5D 灵魂部落朋友的联系将是坚如磐石。你将在内心深处知道他们是你的人民,并且总是在前进。在这些关系中有很大的安慰-我在这方面非常幸运。

I have this quote from Allison Coe on my office wall. It's been there for several years - to the point of being faded - but it is now coming into its own for timing. I have posted it before in the past.

我办公室墙上贴着 Allison Coe 的话。它已经存在好几年了——甚至已经褪色了——但现在它正在找到自己的时机。我以前也发过。

'When you create the frequency, the people that are in alignment with that will come, and the ones that aren't will go. So the higher, the more you focus on your frequency and holding a certain vibration, everything will take care of itself. You don't have to do anything. You just have to be clear and true to your vision. In that way, everything will move with the least amount of effort. It's about having a consistent frequency.' (Allison Coe)

'当你创造频率时,与之一致的人就会来,不一致的人就会走。因此,你越是专注于你的频率并保持一定的振动,一切都会自行解决。你不需要做任何事情。你只需要清楚和忠实于你的愿景。这样一来,一切都会以最少的努力来进行。这是关于有一个一致的频率。(Allison Coe)

It is very simple. Relax and surrender into your daily life, allowing the Universe to bring you exactly what you need moment to moment. Your perfect match in every aspect of your life - for that moment - awaits you if you just surrender and allow the process.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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