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President Trump is an extraordinary man.He could have stayed in USA and enjoyed quiet family time for Thanksgiving.Instead he secretly took a long flight to Afghanistan to surprise USA troops stationed there.


There is plenty of video footage of his visit,but take the time to scroll down this Twitter feed until you find a 1'14"video with a helicopter to the left of the screen...


As I watched this little video,I got goosebumps and felt tearful-and I'm a New Zealander!Those USA troops LOVE their Commander In Chief.Listen to the crowd of soldiers roar when he steps onto the stage.No,it's not a rock star-they are cheering for the President of the United States.Would Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton get such a reception??


We can totally trust the Alliance plan.Humanity is in safe hands with such a wise,compassionate leader as President Donald Trump.Am I one of his biggest fans?Absolutely,and I am very proud of it.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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