X22报告|第2936集: 美联储正在实施 CBDC,埃隆“这是一场为文明的未来而战”

2022年11月30日14:40:30最新动态X22报告|第2936集: 美联储正在实施 CBDC,埃隆“这是一场为文明的未来而战”已关闭评论478字数 1501阅读5分0秒阅读模式
X22报告|第2936集: 美联储正在实施 CBDC,埃隆“这是一场为文明的未来而战”

Ep. 2936a – The [CB] Is Now Implementing The [CBDC], The World Is Watching

[ CB ]正在实施[ CBDC ] ,全世界都在关注

Ep. 2936b-Elon: “This Is A Battle For The Future Of Civilization”, There Is No Other Way, Info Warfare

Ep.2936b-Elon: “这是为文明的未来而战”,没有别的办法,信息战



The people of Europe are feeling the pain. Germany has declared a financial emergency due to the energy crisis. The UK is getting prepared for blackouts, and the Mayor of London is pushing a policy that the people do not agree with. India is pushing the CBDC and crypto millionaires are mysteriously dying.

欧洲人民感受到了痛苦。由于能源危机,德国宣布进入金融紧急状态。英国正在为停电做准备,伦敦市长正在推行一项人们不同意的政策。印度正在推动 CBDC,加密货币百万富翁正离奇死亡。


The [DS] is now panicking over Twitter. They have lost one of their main weapons and now the people control it. The [DS] are now pushing everything they have at Trump to stop him from running, but they have nothing that is going to work, they are desperate. Kari Lake is ready to pounce as soon as they certify the elections, then she can take action. There is only way forward, Trump has the plan, the military is behind him, the people are about to learn the truth and the truth will bring down the [DS].

现在[ DS ]对 Twitter 感到恐慌。他们失去了一个主要武器,现在人民控制了它。民主党现在竭尽全力阻止特朗普竞选,但他们没有任何有效的方法,他们绝望了。Kari Lake 已经准备好了,一旦他们确认选举结果,她就可以采取行动了。前进的道路只有一条,特朗普有计划,军方支持他,人民即将了解真相,真相将击垮民主党。


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