X22报道|第2762集: 他们为特朗普计划的一切都发生在他们身上,中央通讯中断

2022年4月29日16:21:11最新动态X22报道|第2762集: 他们为特朗普计划的一切都发生在他们身上,中央通讯中断已关闭评论3801字数 1435阅读4分47秒阅读模式

现在(DS)陷入了困境,他们已经失去了对叙事的控制,EM 将牛角从(DS)玩家身边拉开。现在他们正在实施一个假情报机构,就像真相部一样控制叙事。

X22报道|第2762集: 他们为特朗普计划的一切都发生在他们身上,中央通讯中断

Ep. 2762a – Think Mirror, Everything They Planned For Trump Is Happening To Them

Ep. 2762a – 想想镜子,他们为特朗普计划的一切正在发生在他们身上

Ep. 2762b – Central Communication Blackout, Countermeasures In Place, Freedom Of Information = [END]

Ep. 2762b-中央通信中断,对策到位,信息自由 = [ END ]

X22 报告发表于2022年4月28日


The [CB] is in trouble, countries are not going along with their plan, they are now doing what Russia wants, they will pay for fuel using rubles. Germany inflation shot up. The [CB]/[DS] continues their agenda by destroying the food supply. The country is headed into a recession, which means the world. Crisis is coming.

[ CB ]遇到了麻烦,各国不同意他们的计划,他们现在做的是俄罗斯想要的,他们将用卢布支付燃料费用。德国通货膨胀飙升。[ CB ]/[ DS ]通过破坏食物供应来继续他们的议程。这个国家正在走向衰退,这意味着整个世界都在衰退。危机即将来临。


The [DS] is now trapped, they have lost control of the narrative and EM pulled the bull horn away from the [DS] players. Now they are implementing a disinformation agency which is just like the ministry of truth to control the narrative. When this fails and they can’t stop the truth from coming out it is game over, the end, they know this. Thats why they will attempt to shutdown communications. Countermeasures are in place. 

现在(DS)陷入了困境,他们已经失去了对叙事的控制,EM 将牛角从(DS)玩家身边拉开。现在他们正在实施一个假情报机构,就像真相部一样控制叙事。当这个失败了,他们不能阻止真相的出现,游戏结束了,结束了,他们知道这一点。这就是为什么他们会试图关闭通讯。应对措施已经到位。


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