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对比尔•盖茨(Bill Gates)来说,疫苗是一项战略性慈善事业,它为他的许多疫苗相关业务提供了支持(包括微软(Microsoft)控制一家全球 vac ID 企业的雄心),并让他对全球卫生政策拥有独裁控制权——这是企业新帝国主义的利器,

Robert F.Kennedy Jr.spoke out about Bill Gates's plan for mandatory global vaccination against the CCP Virus,citing the disasters caused in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by his vaccination campaigns.

谈到了比尔盖茨强制全球接种 CCP 病毒疫苗的计划,提到了他的疫苗接种运动给成千上万人的生活带来的灾难。

Bill Gates was criticized for not being a scientist or a politician and just for just using the power of his billions,he went on to determine the fate of the billions of people he intends to vaccinate.



Gates mentioned in recent interviews that the only solution to the current situation is a new universal vaccine.


"You know it's so important to get,not just hundreds of millions,but literally billions of those vaccines,because this is a global problem,"Gates told CBS.


Kennedy,a lawyer,and environmentalist who opposes the controversial use of vaccines spoke out about Gates's actions through his foundation.


"Vaccines,for Bill Gates,are a strategic philanthropy that feeds his many vaccine-related businesses(including Microsoft's ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise)and gives him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism,"Kennedy accused in his Instagram account.

"对比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)来说,疫苗是一项战略性慈善事业,它为他的许多疫苗相关业务提供了支持(包括微软(Microsoft)控制一家全球 vac ID 企业的雄心),并让他对全球卫生政策拥有独裁控制权——这是企业新帝国主义的利器,"肯尼迪在 Instagram 上。

He also points out that Gates's polio vaccination campaigns paralyzed 496,000 children in India between 2000 and 2017,causing his agency to be expelled from India and immediately lowering polio paralysis rates.


Other disastrous effects of Gates's vaccinations were the autoimmune and fertility disorders that 1,200 girls suffered and the death of seven of them.They belonged to a group of 23,000 vaccinated girls from remote villages in India.


Among the resources used by Gates's organization to enable the girls to be vaccinated were unethical practices such as pressuring girls to participate in the trial,intimidating parents,falsifying consent forms,and denying medical care to injured girls,according to the case now before the Indian Supreme Court,according to Kennedy.


Gates himself said at TED(Technology,Entertainment,and Design)talk,"Now if we do a great job on new vaccines,"the world population could be reduced.

盖茨本人在 TED(科技、娱乐和设计)演讲中说,"现在如果我们在新疫苗方面做得很好,"世界人口可能会减少。

A month earlier he had pledged$10 billion to the World Health Organization(WHO)for that purpose.


In 2014,the WHO was accused of sterilizing millions of women in Kenya,through deception,and the evidence was found in the vaccines used.


The WHO admitted that it had been working on that project for more than 10 years.Similar charges have been brought against the WHO in countries such as Tanzania,Nicaragua,Mexico,and the Philippines.


Gates is also accused of controlling international organizations such as the United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF),the Vaccine Alliance(GAVI),and the international health organization PATH,in addition to using their money to advance their projects and silencing those who reject mass vaccinations.

盖茨还被指控控制联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)、疫苗联盟(GAVI)和国际卫生组织 PATH 等国际组织,此外还利用这些组织的资金推进其项目,压制那些拒绝大规模接种疫苗的人。

In addition,the Gates Foundation,owned by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda,is linked to more than 20 major international pharmaceutical companies and laboratories,to which it also donates money.


These donations,which generate billions of dollars in tax deductions,create conflicts of interest.


Who the hell is Bill Gates,anyway?I don't remember voting for him,do you?



While the preventive effects of vaccines are not in question,there are many complaints about the lack of transparency in their effects and content.


One of the most adverse components found in vaccines is mercury,such as thimerosal,a potent neurotoxin.


In recent years children have received—through vaccines—doses of mercury 250 times higher than the safe limit for humans,unnecessarily.


There is also a high increase in autism in children.In 2014,1.08 million children were diagnosed in the United States.


Dr.Doreen Granpeesheh,founder of the Center for Autism and Related Conditions in the documentary Vaxxed,explains that the incidence of autism in 1978 was 1 case per 15,000 children,very rare,and by 2014 was 1 case in every 50 children.By 2014,each child received about 46 vaccinations in the United States.

在纪录片 Vaxxed 中,自闭症及相关疾病中心的创始人 Doreen Granpeesheh 博士解释说,1978年自闭症的发病率为每15000名儿童1例,非常罕见,到2014年为每50名儿童1例。到2014年,美国每个儿童接受了约46次疫苗接种。

"Since the early 1990s the increase in cases has been so high and so rapid that it made me feel like I wasn't going to be able to keep up,"Granpeesheh said.

"20世纪90年代初以来,病例的增长如此之快、如此之高,以至于我觉得自己跟不上病例的增长速度,"granpesheh 说。

It now it appears that Gates has found in the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus,which originated in Wuhan,China,an important opportunity to give a big push to the project he has cherished for decades.




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