2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

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 January 17, 2022 2022年1月17日

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Here’s the update: “peaceful transition to military power”.

这里是更新: “和平过渡到军事力量”。

Shane McMinn author 🇬🇧 in 🇨🇦 on Twitter: "pic.twitter.com/I78TFSyv6q / Twitter"


Every day we are reminded that “nothing is what it seems”.

每一天,我们都被提醒: “一切都不是表面看起来的那样”。

What an interesting weekend it has been—both during the rally and following. It’s Martin Luther King Day in America today, so a long weekend for some. We watched a movie last week about the movement Dr. King ignited and it was surprising how much the events of that time so closely resemble what has recently taken place in many countries as the New World Order tried to vanquish the spirit and influence of the awakened.


It’s hard to believe that Human Beings could bring themselves to treat their own kind this way but these are extraordinary times, are they not? The People who believed in the movement Dr. King birthed would not give up or give in and in the end, they were victorious but blood was shed and lives were lost.


2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

It’s a “Q’sday” as well for the letter before “R” being the 17th letter of the alphabet. Plenty of comms have been circulating and we made significant observations at the Trump Rally in Florence, AZ on Saturday.

在字母表的第17个字母“ r”之前的字母也是“ q”日。周六,在 AZ 佛罗伦萨举行的特朗普集会上,我们收到了大量的通讯。

Excitement erupted early in the day when a Never Trumper paraded in front of the RSBN camera with a small sign which proclaimed, “Trump lost Arizona” along with a few tasteless remarks. A few minutes later we could see that Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb’s band of merry men was having none of that kind of provocation on their watch and they had her on the ground and cuffed her. The crowd was cheering and jeering as deputies led her away.

当天早些时候,一个从不吹嘘的人在 RSBN 摄像机前游行,上面挂着一个小牌子,上面写着“特朗普失去了亚利桑那州”,还有一些无聊的评论,当时人们兴奋不已。几分钟后,我们可以看到,皮纳尔县警长马克 · 兰姆(Mark Lamb)手下的一伙人在他们的眼皮底下没有任何这种挑衅行为,他们把她按在地上,铐上了她。当代表们把她带走时,人群欢呼和嘲笑着。

Next rally… Conroe, Texas on January 29. At this point we’re wondering… “What’s the point?” We’re still waiting for the rigged and stolen election of 2020 to be corrected… just sayin’.

下一场集会... 1月29日,康罗。在这一点上,我们想知道... ... “这有什么意义?”我们还在等待2020年那场被操纵和偷窃的选举被纠正... ... 只是说说而已。


Many in the news community [as opposed to the legacy propaganda community] suspect something was going on behind the scenes on Saturday. In fact, Trump stated as much in his address. But was it really Trump? Many are convinced it was not, and some suspect the real Commander-in-Chief was spirited away to a secure location while the deep state was distracted with the rally.


The first thing I noticed that was unusual about the President was the fact he wore no tie, shirt open at the neck. When have I ever seen that before? Never that I remember—except for one photo of what appeared to be a tired Trump leaving Marine One at the White House after the Tulsa rally.


2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Another thing that was really uncharacteristic of the Trump I know was the fact that he chastised the stage crew for failing to secure the teleprompters due to the stiff breeze a-blowin’ through the desert that evening. First of all, Trump never criticizes anyone but the deep state and our enemies. He is very gracious to those who toil to take us through this “movie” regardless of what their job is.


Second, when has Trump ever relied on teleprompters? He has told us he barely looks at them but we could see the speaker was at times struggling a little to read.


I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of opinions on the WWW about what is unfolding and who is who and will come to your own conclusions. There is talk of the “tenth tooth” being different and a mask being worn. Those new masks are phenomenal.

我相信你们已经在 WWW 上看到了很多关于什么正在发生,谁是谁以及谁将会得出你们自己的结论的观点。有人说“第十颗牙齿”与众不同,还有人戴着面具。这些新面具真是太棒了。

The offshoot of the “that wasn’t Trump” narrative is the feeling that he may need to be somewhere safe because of what is about to unfold, perhaps involving the military. If you are interested in Phil G’s take on it, he did a real time commentary and pointed out some comms to research in the Gematria. Trump tends to repeat phrases to draw our attention to them and throws out figures as well.

“那不是特朗普”的说法的分支是,由于即将发生的事情,他可能需要待在某个安全的地方,或许还牵涉到军方。如果你对 Phil g 的观点感兴趣,他做了一个实时评论,并指出了一些可以在 Gematria 研究的通讯。特朗普倾向于重复一些短语来吸引我们的注意力,同时也抛出一些数字。

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Speaking of numbers, some folks on Tik Tok were saying they couldn’t withdraw cash from ATMs. We did suggest everyone have cash on hand at all times as we never know what sort of disruptions may take place in this transition to the Quantum Financial System. Link to Telegram.

说到数字,Tik Tok 上的一些人说他们不能从自动取款机上取钱。我们的确建议每个人手头都要有现金,因为我们永远不知道在向量子金融体系过渡的过程中会发生什么样的中断。链接到 Telegram。

Up in the Great White Gulag, the pedo hunters are ruthless and daily call out the offending officials for their crimes against Humanity. Agent A1 is tireless. Link to Telegram. What do they have up their collective sleeve?

在伟大的白人古拉格集中营,皮多猎人是残忍的,他们每天都会叫出那些犯罪的官员,因为他们犯下了反人类的罪行。A1特工不知疲倦。链接到 Telegram。他们的集体袖子里藏着什么?

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Q told us in his drops to “Watch CA”. It doesn’t have to mean California. Canada is the deepest and most disgusting sector of the swamp when it comes to Human crimes of procurement, abduction, torture, murder, rape, satanic ritual abuse, mass graves, and dead pool betting and snuff films. It must all be brought into the Light.

Q 告诉我们在他的滴“观察 CA”。它不一定是指加利福尼亚。加拿大是这片沼泽地中最深最恶心的地方,当涉及到人类犯罪,包括获取,绑架,折磨,谋杀,强奸,邪恶的仪式虐待,万人坑,赌博和虐杀电影。这一切都必须被带入光中。


儿童军的硬盘驱动器 = 加拿大着火了... ... 大笑... ... 大型演出的盛大表演... ... 哈哈


警方仍然忙于查看儿童军的硬盘或者简单地拷贝它们... ..。让我们记住 USMCA 27章反腐败和没收资产12/21

I see Billy Joyce in Nova Scotia is back after taking a break for personal reasons and Canucks would benefit from his podcasts as he exposes the swamp.

我看到比利 · 乔伊斯在新斯科舍因为个人原因休息一段时间后回来了,坎努克斯将从他的播客中受益,因为他暴露了沼泽。


美国少校和医生同意: 谋杀在最高级别协调!

What the unsuspecting masses will learn is that all the foundations and businesses supposedly set up to benefit children and families actually engage in activities that are quite the opposite. Take the YMCA, for example, as was released this weekend. Link to Telegram. “Evergreen” just keeps coming up, doesn’t it? Thanks to the crew for adding to the evidence.

毫无疑心的大众将会知道,所有本该为了孩子和家庭的利益而设立的基金会和企业实际上从事的活动恰恰相反。以本周末上映的《基督教青年会》为例。链接到 Telegram。”常青树”这个词总是出现,是不是?感谢船员们增加了证据。

Why did they play “YMCA” by the Village People at so many Trump rallies, hmmmm? “Everything has meaning”, Q told us.

为什么他们要在那么多特朗普的集会上玩村民的“基督教青年会”?“一切都是有意义的”,q 告诉我们。

Boy Scouts… included. Link to Telegram.


Over 100,000!!!!!!!

童子军有成千上万的性虐待指控! ! ! ! ! 超过10万! ! ! ! ! ! !

Was searching for connections between Bill Gates and Bernadette Clement(Theres something fishy there) when I happen to come across this pdf.

正在寻找比尔 · 盖茨和伯纳黛特 · 克莱门特之间的联系(这里面有点可疑) ,这时我碰巧看到了这个 pdf 文件。

I left in the screenshot of what I was searching for it to end up on the very first page of results.




 2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球 2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球
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How do you make Diamonds from Ashes?
First, you need the bodies.
2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

如何从灰烬中制造钻石? 首先,你需要尸体。基督教青年会

Do we ever question where precious and semi-precious stones originate, and why? Why would we?

我们是否曾经质疑过宝石和半宝石的来源? 为什么? 为什么我们会质疑?

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

We know some of the jewellery and other things the psychopaths wear come from Humans. Food, jewellery, shoes…. these people are sick.

我们知道一些精神病患者佩戴的珠宝和其他东西来自人类。食物、珠宝、鞋子... ..。这些人都病了。

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Look at this post from Kim Shady. Also have a look at this one. Link to Telegram.

看看这篇来自 Kim Shady 的文章。也看看这篇文章。链接到 Telegram。

I don’t believe we’ve heard the worst yet, my friends. We know a lot of what has been done to Humanity over the centuries, but the biggest, baddest most horrific truths are still in the wings, waiting for their cue to be on stage as part of The Great Awakening. It won’t be pretty.


In fact, a certain doctor I know told me that the word is the US water supply has Remdesivir in it. They said don’t drink, brush, or cook with it as it produces symptoms similar to CV19. I would think that as with many poisons, it’s likely to be cumulative. A little short term might not do much if you have a strong immune system but over time… it could get you. Just wanted you to know. They have many ways of “killing us softly” so as not to alert us.

事实上,我认识的一个医生告诉我,美国的供水系统里有雷德西韦。他们说不要喝水,刷牙,或者用它来烹饪,因为它会产生类似于 cv19的症状。我认为,就像许多毒药一样,它可能是累积的。如果你有一个强大的免疫系统,一点点的短期可能不会有多大作用,但随着时间的推移... 它可能会得到你。只是想让你知道。他们有许多方法“温柔地杀死我们”,以免引起我们的警觉。

For those unaware, Remdesivir is the outrageously costly toxic drug American hospitals have been bribed to administer to patients admitted with Covid symptoms. It mimics Covid symptoms, shuts down multiple organs, causes the kidneys to shut down, which makes fluids back up causing pneumonia-like symptoms and if not stopped quickly, kills the patient.

对于那些不知情的人来说,Remdesivir 是一种昂贵的有毒药物。美国的医院已经收受贿赂,用于治疗因为 Covid 症状入院的病人。它会模仿Covid的症状,关闭多个器官,导致肾脏停止工作,这会使体液回流,引起类似肺炎的症状,如果不迅速停止,病人就会死亡。

Of course the COD is listed as “complications from Covid-19”, they add it to the fake death toll and scare everyone into believing the fake pandemic will kill them. Actually its the hospitals that are killing people. Sad but true.


Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport goes one step further in his latest article on No More Fake News.com.

调查记者 Jon Rappoport 在他的最新文章《没有更多的假新闻》中更进一步。

America is a Hospital 


Major operations were ongoing and this weekend were a number of eruptions; Tonga being the most notable as a minor tsunami warning was put out as a result. Link to Telegram.

主要的行动正在进行中,这个周末有一些火山爆发,其中最引人注目的是汤加群岛发布了小规模的海啸警报。链接到 Telegram。

That was a D.U.M.B(Deep Underground Military Base) that was collapsed in Tonga.

那是一个在汤加群岛被摧毁的 D.U.M.B (深层地下军事基地)。

CBS News on Twitter: "UNDERWATER EXPLOSION: Satellite images captured a powerful underwater volcano eruption in Tonga on Saturday.The eruption sent tsunami waves across the Pacific Ocean and was heard some 1,430 miles away in New Zealand. pic.twitter.com/wI4nbra6Mg / Twitter"

UNDERWATER EXPLOSION: Satellite images captured a powerful underwater volcano eruption in Tonga on Saturday.The eruption sent tsunami waves across the Pacific Ocean and was heard some 1,430 miles away in New Zealand. pic.twitter.com/wI4nbra6Mg

New Zealand appears to have been affected. There are lots of Tweets here when I do a query.


TRT World Now on Twitter: "New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a full assessment after a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga triggered a tsunami, was not yet possible with communication lines down pic.twitter.com/No5464kvfM / Twitter"

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a full assessment after a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga triggered a tsunami, was not yet possible with communication lines down pic.twitter.com/No5464kvfM

The Earth Alliance strives for the safest ways to execute The Plan but we can’t save everyone. We have known for many years there is collateral damage even in an information war and while every effort is made to preserve life and protect the innocent, we are all at risk to some degree. Many White Hats have lost their lives trying to do the right thing and fight their battles. Not only in the military; many walks of life. One day we will properly honour the fallen.


2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

Is it possible this insane narrative to prolong the life of a phantom pathogen could be nearing an abrupt end? The crew shares this.


End of Covid! All restrictions in England to be scrapped within DAYS

Covid的时代结束了! 英格兰的所有限制将在几天内废除

2022年1月17日: 17是我们的幸运数字|星际飞船地球

They will all be exposed in the end, whether Milley, or Flynn. The crew is on it.


As Phil G. said, we will soon learn who is on our side and who is not and our trustworthy sources of information will dwindle markedly.

正如 Phil g 所说,我们很快就会知道谁站在我们这边,谁不站在我们这边,我们可信赖的信息来源将显著减少。

Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley tests positive for Covid

参谋长联席会议主席马克 · 米利对Covid测试呈阳性

Flynn and others are being exposed as negative as intel leaks out about those we thought were good


Whoa! Virginia has a new “Big AG” and it sounds like this guy means business. Drain that swamp!

哇! 弗吉尼亚有了一个新的“大农业公司”,听起来这家伙是来真的了。把那片沼泽地的水抽干!

Virginia’s New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office


I’m going to wind this down with one final and outstanding documentary about what really happened in Australia. Melbourne and Victoria Territory have been the target of shockingly inhumane measures in the name of “protecting our health”. Some are nonsensical. Thinking people had to question.


Unfortunately, since the Australians gave up their guns they are no match for the militant private soldiers the deep state hired to keep the People in fear and under their thumb. They had to do anything to stop them from protesting, waking up others, and undermining the tyrannical lies and control structure levied by the “government” while the media lied about what went on. 1 hr. 36 min. Don’t miss. Thank you to Dr. Presser for sending this.


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Out for today.  ~ BP



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