April 10, 2022 2022年4月10日

Australia Channel Nine News with the TRUTH about adverse jab effects, including heart attacks in young people. The [D]eep [S]tate narrative is crumbling FAST.


A NZ Daily Telegraph story titled 'Silent No More' tells the heart-breaking TRUTH about adverse jab effects.


Here is extensive graphic data about the efficacy of the jab in New Zealand. The vaccinated have up to SIX times the infection rate of the unvaccinated according to NZ government data.

这里是关于在新西兰注射疗效的大量图表数据。根据 NZ 政府的数据,接种过疫苗的人的感染率是未接种的人的6倍。

Good news from Real Raw News. It seems that Fauci (his body double/clone) has been arrested. Many Light Warriors believe that RRN is an insider military intel news site. [F]auci is widely described as the greatest mass killer in the history of humanity. News of his arrest will put an end to the Plandemic/Scamdemic.

来自真实原始新闻的好消息。福奇(他的替身/克隆人)似乎已被逮捕。许多光战士相信 RRN 是一个内部的军事情报新闻网站。福奇被广泛地描述为人类历史上最大规模的杀手。他被捕的消息将使计划局停止工作。

Big 'Defeat The Mandates' rally in Los Angeles. This speaker at the rally makes an impassioned case for not jabbing children.


Seven thousand Los Angeles first responders are set to lose their jobs because of the mandates.


Marine Le Pen is ahead in the French election polls. This could be the moment Q predicted.

马琳 · 勒庞在法国选举民调中领先。这可能是 q 预测的时刻。



French elections: all polls and forecasts at a glance.
France, Atlas Politico poll: Presidential run-off election Le Pen(RN-ID):50.5% Macron(EC-RE):49.5%
If she wins, it will crush the EU Deep State

法国选举:所有民调和预测一览。 法国,阿特拉斯政治民调:总统决选勒庞(RN-ID):50.5%马克龙(EC-RE):49.5% 如果她赢了,这将粉碎欧盟的深州

A fascinating object in the sky over Alaska on April 10th.


More encouragement from PepeLivesMatters. 更多来自 PepeLivesMatters 的鼓励

Every great transition in history comes with a degree of turbulence. When Q made parallels to anons being on a ship weathering unparalleled storms thus was closer to the truth than many are willing to accept.历史上每一次伟大的转变都伴随着一定程度的动荡。当 q 把无名氏比作在一艘船上经历无与伦比的风暴时,这比许多人愿意接受的更接近事实。

In the days of Exodus I'm sure there was much for the slaves to complain about. Maybe they longed for the days of slavery as the days looked dire. At least it was a discomfort they knew.


But just like them: we can't go back now Patriots. We have no choice but to weather these storms because the alternative is not acceptable.

但是就像他们一样: 我们现在不能回到过去,爱国者。我们别无选择,只能经受这些风暴,因为其他选择是不可接受的。

We are living in spectacular days. When the storm hits the hardest remember the hope at the end of this part of our journey.


This was never going to be easy. The financial system must transition or we will remain slaves. The deep state must be prosecuted and exposed or the world will remain ignorant.


We must continue to support each other as we weather what comes and refuse to be discouraged. We are stronger together. Faith and WWG1WGA. Pick up a fren when they are down. Keep your spiritual armor on. Take breaks. Go outside. And most importantly know that God wins. Know it with all your heart.

我们必须继续相互支持,不论发生什么,我们都不会气馁。我们在一起更强大。信念与 WWG1WGA。当他们情绪低落的时候,就去接他们。保持你的精神盔甲。休息一下。到外面去。最重要的是,要知道上帝是赢家。全心全意地去了解它。

This message made me feel emotional. We un-jabbed people have endured a great deal.



Finally, a meme with a similar theme to the message above.



Keep holding the line, World Patriots. We can see how rapidly the [D]eep [S]tate narrative is crumbling.




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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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