X22报告|第2676集: 有时候你需要穿越黑暗才能看到光明,所有的资源都被部署了

2022年1月14日16:40:21最新动态X22报告|第2676集: 有时候你需要穿越黑暗才能看到光明,所有的资源都被部署了已关闭评论3001字数 1525阅读5分5秒阅读模式

[ DS ]正在继续失败。他们的整个大流行推动,随着疫苗的要求,现在正在瓦解。最高法院已经裁定疫苗强制是违宪的,这并不意味着[ DS ]将停止。他们现在正在掩盖他们的所作所为。特朗普允许[ DS ]完全暴露在世界面前,人们看到了一切

X22报告|第2676集: 有时候你需要穿越黑暗才能看到光明,所有的资源都被部署了

Ep. 2676a – Sometimes You Need To Walk Through The Darkness To See The Light

Ep. 2676a-有时你需要穿越黑暗才能看到光明

Ep. 2676b – All Assets [F][D] Deployed, Checkmate, When Do Birds Sing?

Ep. 2676b –所有资产[F][D]部署,将军,鸟什么时候唱歌?

X22 报告发表于2022年1月13日


Biden inflation is now hitting hard, the people are seeing this and the currency is devaluing very quickly. This is going to get worse this year. China is shutting down ports, which means the supply chain is going to be an issue, plus the Biden admin want to assist in the food supply issue, this will make it worse. Sometimes you must see it to believe it.



The [DS] is continuing to lose. Their entire pandemic push, with the vaccine mandates is now falling apart. The Supreme court has ruled that the vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, this doesn’t mean that the [DS] will stop. They are now in the process of covering up what they did. Trump is allowing the [DS] to be completely exposed to the world and the people are seeing it all. The walls are closing in on Fauci, it’s only a matter of time. The [DS] has all assets deployed, they are preparing something, be ready, [FF] in the works, change of news cycle coming.

[ DS ]正在继续失败。他们的整个大流行推动,随着疫苗的要求,现在正在瓦解。最高法院已经裁定疫苗强制是违宪的,这并不意味着[ DS ]将停止。他们现在正在掩盖他们的所作所为。特朗普允许[ DS ]完全暴露在世界面前,人们看到了一切。墙壁正在接近水龙头,这只是时间问题。[ DS ]已经部署了所有的资源,他们正在准备一些东西,准备,[ FF ]正在工作,新闻周期的改变即将到来。


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