X22报告|第2624集: 美联储刚刚启动了一切,国情咨文

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[ DS ]现在正变得绝望。他们的叙述已经支离破碎,达勒姆现在准备开启更多的起诉书。特朗普表示,第25修正案将被用来对付[ JB ]。

X22报告|第2624集: 美联储刚刚启动了一切,国情咨文

Ep. 2624a – The [CB] Just Set Everything In Motion, No Longer Hiding The Plan

Ep. 2624a-[ CB ]只是让一切运转起来,不再隐藏计划

Ep. 2624b – Timing Is Everything, One Year, State Of The Union, Acting President

Ep. 2624b-时间就是一切,一年,国情咨文,代理总统



The economy is deteriorating rapidly as the [CB] and the [DS] push their agenda. They have said the quiet part outloud, we must bankrupt the oil industry. Inflation is here and it is not transitory. The [CB] just sent everything in motion, they are ready. Gold/Crypto is protection against inflation.

随着(CB)和(DS)推进自己的议程,经济正迅速恶化。他们已经大声说出了安静的部分,我们必须让石油工业破产。通货膨胀就在眼前,而且不是暂时的。[ CB ]刚刚发送了运动中的一切,他们已经准备好了。黄金/加密是对抗通货膨胀的保护。


The [DS] is now becoming desperate. Their narrative is falling apart and Durham is now ready to unseal more indictments. Trump has said that the 25th Amendment will be used against [JB]. A year is coming up and normally Presidents get their annual physical. If this should happen the doctor will rule that [JB] can not govern, which sets everything in motion and the 25th will be used against him. Will [NP] take the bait, will they install her as the VP. At this point [KH] would become the acting president with polling numbers closing in on single digits. The Queen must be removed to get to the King.

[ DS ]现在正变得绝望。他们的叙述已经支离破碎,达勒姆现在准备开启更多的起诉书。特朗普表示,第25修正案将被用来对付[ JB ]。一年即将来临,通常总统们都会进行年度体检。如果发生这种情况,医生将判定[ JB ]无法统治,这将导致一切运转,第25届将被用来对付他。他们会上钩吗,他们会让她当副总统吗。在这一点上[ KH ]将成为代理总统与民调数字接近个位数。王后必须被驱逐才能见到国王。


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