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Teri Wade|到达伊甸园..

When starting the process of our Awakening we start to question everything and once that process starts the illusion we once knew starts crumbling.We begin to understand that there is more to the human reality than just this 3rd dimensional experience.This is happening because the 5th dimensional reality,which is a higher frequency reality,begins calling us and many are resonating with that call.Basically,you are beginning to question who and what you really are.You are questioning the validity of our world.


Let's take a look at the different dimensions individually...


3rd Dimension-The material world of fear.


The 3D World is all about fear,accumulating material and the fear of losing it.We define ourselves with what we possess and what we do for a living.We live in a cut throat survival existence.We believe we are separate from Source which disconnects us from spirit.We believe death is painful,dark and finite.We believe we live one life and that's it,we believe this world is a place of scarcity.We believe this world is of winners and losers.In this lower realm we experience joy on very rare occasions.We spend most of our time in the past or the future and rarely in the present.We never learn to love ourselves as it is looked upon as egoistic the opposite is the case.


This 3rd dimensional realm is a place of very low vibration and a place of separation.Our higher self,soul self is not integrated with our physical body in this lower realm because it cannot handle the density and low frequency.In 3D we believe everything is coincidence and there is no destiny.We forgot we are a spiritual being in a dense human vessel suffering from amnesia.Remember,the ego mind only serves in this incarnation.It cannot remember any of our previous lives because it was not there with us.Only our cellular structure and DNA carry memories from our past lives,family lineage from off-world.Our soul,higher self knows all experiences we've had from past lives.This 3D World has cut us off from all memory,information and knowledge of who we truly are.Every time our intuition comes thru and tries relaying knowledge and information to you your ego shouts out PROVE IT!and we shut down again.We believe we find happiness outside of us and we adapt to the game.As long as humanity is"cut off"we will never see the truth but that is currently changing big time!

这个第三维度的领域是一个非常低的振动和分离的地方。我们更高的自我,灵魂的自我在这个更低的境界里并没有与我们的肉体整合在一起,因为它不能处理密度和低频率。在3D 中,我们相信一切都是巧合,没有命运。我们忘记了我们是一个患有健忘症的密集人类容器中的精神存在。记住,自我意识只服务于这个化身。它不记得我们以前的任何生活,因为它不在我们身边。只有我们的细胞结构和 DNA 携带着我们过去生活的记忆,来自外星世界的家族血统。我们的灵魂----更高的自我----知道我们前世的所有经历。这个三维世界已经把我们从记忆、信息和真实的自我认知中切断了。每当我们的直觉来到并试图把知识和信息传递给你的时候,你的自我就会喊出来证明它!我们又关门了。我们相信我们在自己之外找到了幸福,我们适应了这个游戏。只要人类被"切断",我们就永远不会看到真相,但这正在发生巨大的变化

4th Dimension-The Dream World.


4D is also called the astral plane.It is less dense and much more fluid.There are some similarities in this 4th dimensional world as in the 3rd.We usually visit this plane naturally in the night,during our dream state.In our dream state anything is possible.We can fly and breathe underwater,we can have conversations with the weirdest creatures.Astral travel is about accessing this plane.This plane gives us access to information of the underworld and the upper world.Traveling in the astral can be a very beautiful,exciting,loving and incredibly insightful and it can also be extremely terrifying.To all you that try to attain a higher plane by using spiritual drugs,drugs will never take you beyond the 4D realm.Dark can also access this plane so be careful of those Dreamwalkers they can influence you easily on this plane if you're still full of fear.Many of us won't remember our travels consciously which makes it hard to detect energetic manipulation.But,remember that energetic manipulation goes both ways.4D connects Darkness and Light,it's that proverbial bridge between 3D and 5D.People that are accessing this 4D plane become clarecognizance and begin on a path of knowing.


5th Dimension-The plane of Light.


This is the dimension beyond linear time.In this plane your body is of a lighter cellular structure.When your body is fully integrated into this structure there is no pain and no fear.A world of unconditional love and abundance.Our higher self has fully taken over the physical body and becomes it's soul guidance.This is the plane of love,the plane of complete oneness with Source.In this plane we remember who we truly are and become aware of our eternal soul.Manifestation is instantaneous and our dreams become our reality.Everything comes without effort because we've realized that Universal flow guides us perfectly.There are no limits or restrictions we live in complete authenticity.There is no fear,no aging and no illnesses.We live as long as we want until we decide to leave that current structure and this happens smoothly without pain.


Once you have transitioned to this 5D level the return to the lower dimensions is not possible unless the soul chooses it consciously.This is what many of the starseeds and angelic beings chose to do to help humanity ascend.The ones experiencing 5D are immune to low frequencies as there is no resonance.Meaning,they do not attract any Darkness and only live in the Light exclusively.They cannot be seen by people still living in 3D if those people have not begun their Ascension process and aren't open to the higher frequencies.This is the plane where you live in the now,the plane of expansion of consciousness.Contact with ET's and angelic beings become a daily experience.We receive information directly from spirit via telepathy.In 5D we live our life by Universal Law and are quite aware we are the Creator of our reality.

一旦你们过渡到这个5维水平,返回到更低的维度是不可能的,除非灵魂有意识地选择它。这就是许多星际种子和天使们选择去做的,来帮助人类提升。经历5 D的人对低频免疫,因为没有共振。也就是说,他们不吸引任何黑暗,只生活在光明中。如果这些人没有开始他们的扬升进程,没有打开到更高的频率,他们就不能被仍然生活在3D中的人们看到。这就是你们生活在现在的层面,意识扩展的平面。与外星人和天使的接触成为一种日常体验。我们通过心灵感应直接接受来自灵魂的信息。在5维世界中,我们按照宇宙法则生活,并且相当清楚地意识到我们是我们现实世界的创造者

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