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by Therese Zumi Sumner


Soon,in an utterly unexpected fashion the signal will go out from Source and the many unknown factors of what The Event entails will begin.The omnipotent effect of the final Flash from Source will travel to our shores at the speed of Love i.e.in no time at all,and the last remnants of the Net-Veil-Matrix will be dissolved.This will come as an absolute surprise to everyone with very little if any warning.


Cobra agreed to take on the role of preparing us for these moments in time.As you are no doubt aware if you have been following his work,there are no other blogs that provide the type of information that he does.


Many other amazing lightworkers have worked tirelessly for decades to awaken the many from the sleeping state that our world has existed in.Millions have been awakened to a greater understanding about the various factions controlling us from behind the scenes.Yet the truth of the matter is,that there is only one blog that has provided us with the entire picture of the truth in all of its myriad details and that blog is The Portal.

许多其他令人惊异的光之工作者已经不知疲倦地工作了几十年,以唤醒许多从沉睡状态,我们的世界已经存在。数百万人已经觉醒,对幕后控制我们的各个派别有了更深刻的了解。然而事情的真相是,只有一个博客为我们提供了关于真相的所有无数细节的全部画面,那个博客就是 The Portal

But I ask you,how many people actually know about the information provided on The Portal?This website here has aimed to support Cobra's work and provide an overview of that information to help provide a bigger picture that is easily accessible.There are a number of other websites that have provided their readers with every update from Cobra.But how many people have been ready and able to assimilate this huge amount of information?In the greater scheme of things~not many at all.

但是我问你,有多少人真正知道这个门户网站提供的信息?这个网站的目的是支持 Cobra 的工作,并提供这些信息的概述,以帮助提供一个更大的图片,很容易访问。还有许多其他网站为读者提供了 Cobra 的每一次更新。但是有多少人已经准备好并且能够吸收这么大量的信息呢?从大局来看,根本没有多少。

When The Event Has Taken Place


How many people do you believe will literally wake up from their sleep when the first steps of The Event have taken place and actually know for a fact what has happened?


The number of people who will wake up and have a complete understanding of the fact that"we have just been liberated from thousands of years of imprisonment",will be very few and far between.I am informed that the number here would be approximately 350,000 people.The rest of the 7:8 billion will not have a clue as to what is taking place.


Traveling in a Different World


We might try to consider how things could feel.Different is a word that we can guarantee.Let's make a comparison.


Let's imagine that someone you trust takes you on a surprise trip to another part of the world that you know absolutely nothing about.Everything seems different.The people act differently.These people seem to have lost all sense of boundaries regarding expressing their true feelings.People everywhere are openly discussing their concerns about something big that has taken place.People are supporting one another both practically and emotionally.



一旦风暴过去,你就不记得自己是如何度过难关的。你将不再是刚进来的那个人。这就是这场风暴的原因。 村上春树

Time Will Standstill


This pandemic situation has in fact been a really good time of preparation for a time when nothing will be'business as usual'on our planet.


People all over the globe have been faced with changes to their normal lives one way or another.


So despite the evil plans behind this**pandemic and despite the worldwide restrictions put in place through the united power of the worldwide Cabal,we have had the opportunity to become more prepared for a change,that indeed cannot be described in words until it is a fact.


**The pandemic has been effective to a degree of 5%from what was planned.


The restrictions that they have succeeded in placing on people are based upon much higher figures of infected and casualties.The figures we are informed about are all tampered with.Proof of this tampering with figures has been seen worldwide.


This past week one county{Östergötland}in Sweden did a complete check on the numbers of deaths in that county that were recorded as being due to COVID-19.The conclusion that they reached was that 85%!!!of the elderly people{the death count in Sweden includes the deaths among elderly in geriatric homes,unlike many other countries}had NOT died from corona as reported!...but because of their age-over 88 years-and other bodily weaknesses and diseases that they would have soon died from anyway...with the sudden effects from the slightest little cold or infection.


This is the truth about this pandemic in Sweden and everywhere else on this planet.




If we were restricted during this pandemic the situation after The Event will also include restrictions...at least to begin with.


Why restrictions?Well they will not be put into place by some authoritarian group but arise due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.


So many things in our society that we take for granted will simply not be functioning because the people needed to make these facilities work will be in varying states of chock.


Let's take a few examples.Transport.Selling of all kinds of commodities.Schools.Day-care.Hospitals.Industry...


Let's take a look at powerful organisations that would normally be involved during states of emergency.The first one that comes to mind is the United Nations.This huge organization has many very corrupt individuals in powerful positions.As high a number as 15%of these people at the top of this organisation will be among the first to be arrested.So,let's just say that we will not be relying upon information coming from the UN at this time.


Next~let us take a look at major politicians currently in power around the globe.On average we can expect the arrests of 20%of our politicians.The other 80%will be in such states of chock that they could not be relied upon to lead anyone.



Press Image to Enlarge 图片来源:Press Image to Enlarge

2 Worlds Collide


What does the average person or family on this planet spend their time doing?


They work...they have some kind of job to earn money so that they can pay their rent,electricity,heating,food etc.A very lucky 7%of them truly love their work too.


They save money if possible so that they can have better homes,holidays and enjoy some activities beyond work and school.


More than 50%of people believe in an existence of some kind after death.


15%of people...about 1 out of 6 people...have an interest in the existence of life on other planets.


6%of people believe in the existence of galactic beings.


You Are An Odd Ball Just So You Know It!


If you believe all of the stuff that is written on this site,then you are most definitely definable as an odd ball by 75%=by 3 out of every 4 people.


If it were not for the oddballs,then nothing would change.So one could say that it is our fault that things are changing.But In fact it is not us who are leading the way towards change~it is being called upon from Source.Divine Mother~Goddess wants a return to peace everywhere and we are answering Her Call.


She has chosen you to be a part of bringing about this much needed change.


So why am I writing these facts?I am hoping that it will help you to understand just what a huge chock it will be for your friends and families to wake up.


I have a complete and deep first-hand knowledge,understanding and experience of what I am speaking about.


A total collision of worlds is soon to take place.


A total collision of world views is about to take place very shortly.



We Need To Be Examples of Truth




You are now being called upon to be a living example of truth and integrity.


People around you will be in great need of stable and loving humans around them that have an understanding about what is taking place when their whole world is swinging–erupting-falling apart.


If you have been following this type of information for at least 18 months you know enough to be a balancing factor when the truth of our imprisonment here by dark beings becomes common knowledge.


You will not need to memorize facts and be an entire library of information about whose who,or what happened and when.


The facts that need to be made known to humanity will be heard by everyone.


They will be delivered in a balanced way at a pace that makes them as easily digestible as possible by the many.


We cannot in any way affect the level of shock which will be very individual,but we can be the'rock'that stands still and balanced and can comfort and ease the awakening process.



当你展现真实的一面时,你就为其他人创造了同样的空间。 按你的真理而行。

Your poise and balance and harmony will have a hugely positive effect upon people around you and on the road that they must inevitably follow towards an acceptance of the new reality.


Never before has it ever been as important a time for you to be in your most balanced calm and harmonious state.


Therefore-it is paramount that you are fully accepting of yourself now.


Love yourself and all else will follow.


A Time of Repair


Humanity as a whole will now have to begin a process of repairing the way that they exist.Their thoughts about reality will have to be completely and utterly revised.


From the very moment of The Event we as a planet will now exist in a very very different set of'rules of existence'.


We as the human race are entitled to have everything that we need to exist on this planet free of charge,simply because we exist here.


The new laws that will be introduced will only be for our benefit and for the prevention of unnecessary harm to others.


It's going to take some time for people to adjust to being free beings on a free planet.



Hanshan and Shide~Press Image to Enlarge

The Secret to Our Success Now~Relax and Laugh and Trust


This is a picture from the Illustrated I Ching book{my greatest treasure}of a monk and his friend a poet in a state of calculated waiting,chuckling with each other while expecting a turn of events...which promise to be positive.


The viewer is recommended to'quit worrying,relax and try to be happy because the divination is one of good fortune in spite of how things might seem at the moment.'


This is the state of mind that I have now decided to remain in at present.


We know without a shadow of a doubt that'a positive end result is secured'!




These visualisations~like for example seeing a pink light energy covering the entire surface of Gaia and seeing the Flower of Life pattern{see image just below this article#250}like a beautiful Golden Cage encompassing the planet are SO SIMPLE to do...anytime~anywhere~and KNOW that this lowers the risk for violent reactions during these end days.


Sending each of you much Light and Love TZ




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