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2020年8月26日10:20:31本杰明读者来信|加拿大广播公司新闻攻击安大略省医生在Twitter HCQ治疗新冠肺炎的推文已关闭评论3473字数 5916阅读19分43秒阅读模式

This letter,sent by an aware reader,shows how old people are being killed in the name of promoting the Covid-19 fear porn campaign.Warning to medical personnel,when this is over,those of you who have been sending old people to premature graves will be prosecuted.


Hi Ben,


I'm a retired M.D.with an M.Sc.in Microbiology and Immunology,but I did lots of infectious disease rotations during my medical training and worked at the AIDs clinic at the Ottawa General Hospital.It was the fake Ebola epidemic of 2013/2014 that woke me up out of this matrix.


This"Pandemic"has been so frustrating for me!My father was in a nursing home in Brampton,Ont.He was 87 with advanced dementia.In the last month of his life,I was not allowed to see him or even do a"window visit"and he was too deaf to speak on the phone.They were keeping the patients locked in their rooms(he was in a private room)and you know how hot those rooms can get.


Other than dementia,my dad was healthy.However,we were informed that he had developed a mild fever,was tested for Covid-19,and had come up positive.The Ministry of Health had claimed there was no"therapy"and had recommended that nursing home patients just be kept comfortable.


He seemed fine for the next 10 days with minimal if any symptoms and we thought he was improving,but on the 11th day we were told that he'd suddenly lost his appetite and his oxygen saturations were dropping.They started him on oxygen by nasal prongs and IV antibiotics(in case he had pneumonia)but by the next day he'd fallen unconscious and I was finally allowed to go in and sit with him.It was unfortunate because my older nephew had power of attorney and would not let me talk to the doctors(family dysfunction)so I never had a chance to talk to them about early treatment with HCQ(hydroxychloroquine)of which there is ample research showing its benefit.


What I did witness is that after I'd been sitting by his bed for several hours,a nurse came in and gave him an injection in the shoulder.When I asked her what it was,she said hydrocodone(a strong narcotic).He was dead within 2 hours after that.


Ben,there was no reason to give my father narcotics.While his oxygen sats were low,he was breathing rapidly and shallow(which was expected)but he was totally comfortable.If you give a narcotic to someone who's trying to maintain their oxygen levels,it will slow down their rate of breathing,and cause their CO2 levels to rise.In other words,it is essentially euthanizing them.While he may not have pulled through,and he probably only would have lived for another year with his dementia,it shocked me to see that they had a"protocol"for how they handled patients with Covid-19.They seem to want to hasten their deaths rather than see if their immune systems can fight the virus off.Some of these patients may have recovered on their own.


I have accepted that it was my father's time to go,but I can't help but wonder if my father would have"tested positive"to begin with if he hadn't been swabbed for Covid-19.I know it sounds paranoid,but there have been reports of testing kits being contaminated with the virus,and as the President of Tanzania demonstrated,even fruit and a goat can generate a positive test.My friends who work in nursing homes have also said that they think some of these patients are registering"low-grade fevers"because of being kept in stuffy,hot rooms with poor ventilation and no windows open.


Anyways,back in Feb/March,I tried to send research information to some of my Med school class-mates who are still practicing medicine about the effectiveness of HCQ/Zithromax/Zinc in treating Coronavirus infections.I sent them a link to all the studies,going back to 2005,which supported the use of Chloroquine.They were all so"brain-washed"that not a single classmate responded to me.They all believed their professional organizations/Ministry of Health's claim that HCQ was ineffective against Covid-19,and they apparently view me as a"conspiracy theorist".

不管怎样,回到2/3月,我试着把研究信息发给我的一些医学院同学,他们仍在行医,研究 HCQ/Zithromax/Zinc 在治疗冠状病毒感染方面的有效性。我给他们发了一个链接,链接到2005年所有支持使用氯喹的研究。他们都被"洗脑"了,没有一个同学对我有反应。他们都相信他们的专业组织/卫生部关于 HCQ 对新型冠状病毒肺炎组织无效的说法,而且他们显然认为我是一个"阴谋论者"

There is one Canadian doctor who is bravely speaking out on Twitter about the benefits of HCQ here,and she is being demonized by the MSM in Canada:https://twitter.com/dockaurG/status/1295416069893611520?s=20

有一个加拿大医生在推特上勇敢地说出 HCQ 的好处,她被加拿大的 MSM 妖魔化:https://Twitter.com/dockaurg/status/1295416069893611520?s=20

The CBC wrote this"hit-piece"against her,which was full of lies and innuendo but the comments section was disabled so I couldn't respond.


Ontario doctor subject of complaints after COVID-19 tweets|CBC News

安大略省医生在新型冠状病毒肺炎微博后受到投诉|CBC 新闻

Ontario doctor Kulvinder Kaur Gill has been criticized by fellow doctors and others after a series of tweets…


I'm so glad I left my profession early because quite frankly,I'm disgusted with their unwillingness to examine the research first-hand or question the narrative of their professional organizations.If there are some who know the truth,they are keeping quiet out of their fear of reprisal.The only brave one is Dr.Kaur above!I'm doing my best to spread the truth on Twitter,and I've told all my relatives/friends about taking Vitamin D and zinc to boost their immune system.

我很高兴我提前离开了我的职业,因为坦白地说,我很讨厌他们不愿意亲自检查研究,或者质疑他们职业组织的叙述。如果有人知道真相,他们保持沉默是因为害怕报复。唯一勇敢的是上面的 Kaur 博士!我正在尽我最大的努力在推特上传播真相,我已经告诉我所有的亲戚/朋友关于服用维生素D和锌来增强他们的免疫系统。



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