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News reports have confirmed that the Russian army has captured the Ukrainian port city and region (oblast) of Kherson, where an ancient space ark is claimed to be buried. According to two independent sources, the space ark is buried under Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, which is only 25 km (15 miles) east of Kherson. The space ark is said to be activating and predicted to eventually begin flying into the air.


Kherson is strategically important to the Russian military as it contains a fresh-water canal to the nearby Crimean peninsula, which is the only warm water port of the Russian Navy. Russia’s capture of Kherson is vital for ensuring the long-term viability of its Crimean facilities, but also fulfills a new strategic imperative – to gain access to and control the alleged space ark.


I was first told about the Ukraine space ark by my long-time source JP who currently serves in the US Army and has been on covert missions to two other space arks. One mission was to the Moon, and two others have been to the Bermuda Triangle area of the Atlantic Ocean. All three missions were jointly conducted by the US and China, and the second Atlantic Ocean mission included Russia, which had found its own ark but was not giving the US access.

我第一次听说乌克兰太空方舟是由我的长期消息来源 JP 告诉我的,他目前在美国陆军服役,并一直在执行其他两个太空方舟的秘密任务。其中一个任务是登陆月球,另外两个任务是去过大西洋的百慕达三角。这三次任务都是由美国和中国联合执行的,第二次大西洋任务包括俄罗斯,俄罗斯找到了自己的方舟,但不允许美国进入。

On February 11, JP gave me coordinates (46°35’19″N 33°03’01″E) to a space ark he was told exists in Ukraine. The coordinates are for the Oleshky Sands, which is the only natural sand desert in Ukraine and has long been a tourist attraction. The origins of the sandy desert have puzzled geologists, and there has been speculation that it is a result of historical overgrazing by sheep.

2月11日,JP 给了我一个坐标(46 ° 35’19′ n 33 ° 03’01′ e) ,他被告知存在于乌克兰的太空方舟。这里的坐标是 Oleshky Sands,这是乌克兰唯一的天然沙漠,长期以来一直是旅游胜地。沙漠的起源一直困扰着地质学家,有人推测这是历史上羊群过度放牧的结果。

JP later described what he was told about the Ukrainian space ark in briefings and by others participating in the covert missions to ancient arks being found all over our solar system and on Earth. On February 24, he left me the following voice message describing his new intel about space arks being found in Russia and Ukraine:

JP 后来描述了他在简报会上和其他参与秘密任务的人员告诉他的关于乌克兰太空方舟的情况,这些古代方舟在我们的太阳系和地球上到处可见。2月24日,他给我留下了以下语音信息,描述了他关于在俄罗斯和乌克兰发现太空方舟的最新情报:

Remember I was telling you about the ark? There was Russians surrounding the ship that we were on [in the Atlantic Ocean]. They really wanted information. That’s why they went down to the [Atlantic] ark with us. We gave them the opportunity to come down. We didn’t have no problem, you know, bringing the Russians in and sharing information; because, we know that this was huge, worldwide, huge, you know this is humongous.

还记得我跟你说过方舟的事吗?我们乘坐的那艘船(在大西洋)周围都是俄罗斯人。他们真的需要信息。这就是为什么他们和我们一起下到(大西洋)方舟。我们给了他们机会下来。我们没有任何问题,你知道,把俄罗斯人带进来,共享信息; 因为,我们知道这是巨大的,世界性的,巨大的,你知道这是巨大的。

So all the world leaders need to know about this. But they did not keep their side of the promise right now, taking us to their ark, but now with this happening in Ukraine —that ark that is over there, I guess they want that information for them. We were about to go to that ark.


Don’t be surprised if it starts activation, Oleshky desert national park, and probably gets to be one of the first ships to go up in the air. Everybody sees. Now that the nations in the world [attention] is … on Ukraine, this is probably going to be one the first ones that’s going to go up, and everybody is going to see it. Everything is going to come to a halt. Everybody is going to be shocked because of this


JP’s revelation that the space ark found in Ukraine is activating and US military authorities were ready to go in to investigate is very telling in terms of why Russia chose to intervene now. Even more astounding is his prediction that the Ukrainian ark will eventually begin flying into the air. Indeed, with the world’s attention currently on Ukraine, a flying space ark will instantaneously become a global event of profound significance.

JP 揭露在乌克兰发现的太空方舟已经启动,美国军事当局已经准备好进行调查,这很能说明俄罗斯为什么选择现在介入。更令人震惊的是,他预言乌克兰方舟最终将开始飞向空中。事实上,随着全世界目前对乌克兰的关注,一艘飞行的太空方舟将瞬间成为一个具有深远意义的全球事件。

On February 26, during my “What’s Coming in 2022” webinar, I publicly revealed for the first time what JP had told me about the Ukrainian space ark. I subsequently received important corroborating information from Thor Han Eredyon, a Fleet Commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as relayed through Elena Danaan, a former French archeologist.

2月26日,在我的“2022年将会发生什么”网络研讨会上,我第一次公开透露了 JP 告诉我的关于乌克兰太空方舟的事情。随后,我从世界银河联邦舰队指挥官 Thor Han Eredyon 那里得到了重要的佐证信息,这些信息是通过前法国考古学家 Elena Danaan 转达的。


Two days after my webinar, Elena relayed to me the following information from Thor Han about Russia’s military intervention into Ukraine and the Deep State’s (DS) involvement with the ark:

在我的网络研讨会结束两天后,Elena 从 Thor Han 那里向我转达了以下关于俄罗斯对乌克兰的军事干预以及深层国家(DS)参与方舟建设的信息:

This is not an invasion of Ukraine but part of the cleansing operations. The DS was attempting to activate the Ark, which they had found many years ago, buried underneath the sand in the lower southern part of Ukraine. The ark activated, so it was time Putin got his hands on it. There is a second ark in the north of Russia, but Putin already has control of it.

这不是对乌克兰的入侵,而是清理行动的一部分。DS 试图激活他们多年前发现的方舟,它被埋在乌克兰南部的沙子下面。方舟启动了,所以是时候让普京得到它了。在俄罗斯北部有第二艘方舟,但是普京已经控制了它。

Thor Han’s information corroborated what JP had been told about two space arks found in the region — one in Russia and another in Ukraine. It’s very significant that the Deep State has had a strong influence over Ukraine since 2014 and was attempting to activate the space ark found in a sandy region of southern Ukraine—Oleshky Sands.  

索尔 · 汉的消息证实了 JP 被告知的在该地区发现的两个太空方舟的说法,一个在俄罗斯,另一个在乌克兰。自2014年以来,“深州”(Deep State)对乌克兰产生了强大影响,并试图激活在乌克兰南部沙地上发现的太空方舟——奥列斯基沙地(oleshky Sands) ,这一点非常重要。

On March 1, Thor Han revealed more about the buried Ukraine space ark:

3月1日,索尔 · 汉(Thor Han)透露了更多关于被埋葬的乌克兰太空方舟的信息:

Putin has his hands on the other ark in the north of Russia, and he has been taught by positive extraterrestrials how to use this technology.


It is information without consequence because this ark in north Russia is secured and in good hands, contrarily to the Ukrainian ark, which, through to this day (March 01, 2022) is in the hands of the Earth Alliance, it is still fought for by the DS military based in the south of Ukraine, near the ark “buried in the sand.”


Thor Han’s information corroborates what JP had been told about Russia’s control over a space ark found in its own territory. By March 2, Russia had defeated the Ukrainian military and had gained full control over Kherson, including Oleshky Sands National Nature Park.

索尔 · 汉的消息证实了 JP 所听到的关于俄罗斯控制在其领土上发现的太空方舟的说法。到3月2日,俄罗斯已经击败了乌克兰军队,并且完全控制了赫尔松,包括奥列斯基金沙国家自然公园。

Kherson is the first Ukrainian city to fall to the Russian military, which is highly significant given claims of an ancient space ark found in the nearby Oleshky Sands.


The discovery of a space ark that is activating under Oleshky Sands provides an understanding of why Russia has decided to militarily intervene in the Ukraine civil war that has been ongoing since 2014. Something dramatic must have happened behind the scenes to motivate Russia to intervene in a civil war that was essentially frozen as a result of a lack of progress on implementing the Minsk Agreement signed by Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

在奥列斯基 · 桑兹下面发现的太空方舟让我们理解了为什么俄罗斯决定对乌克兰内战进行军事干预。乌克兰内战自2014年以来一直在进行。由于在执行俄罗斯、法国、德国、乌克兰和欧洲安全与合作组织签署的《明斯克协定》方面缺乏进展,俄罗斯内战基本上陷入了僵局。

While some claim that the Ukrainian army was preparing a lightning military campaign to retake the contested Donetsk and Lugansk administrative regions (Oblasts) of Ukraine, others claim that US-sponsored Biolabs were the real target of the Russian attack. While these are plausible scenarios, neither one adequately explains why Russia conducted a full-scale military intervention from three directions after eight years of sitting on the sidelines.

尽管有人声称,乌克兰军队正在准备一场闪电般的军事行动,以夺回有争议的顿涅茨克和 Lugansk 行政区域(州) ,但也有人声称,美国支持的生物实验室才是俄罗斯攻击的真正目标。虽然这些都是看似可信的情景,但没有一个能够充分解释为什么俄罗斯在袖手旁观8年后,从三个方向进行了全面军事干预。

The discovery of a buried space ark and Russia’s desire to take full control of it offers a more compelling explanation for Russia moving in and taking over Ukrainian territory far from the contested Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

一艘被埋藏的太空方舟的发现,以及俄罗斯希望完全控制它的愿望,为俄罗斯进入并占领远离有争议的顿涅茨克和 Lugansk 地区的乌克兰领土提供了更令人信服的解释。

Russia’s rapid takeover of Kherson is powerful circumstantial evidence that supports the revelations of JP and Thor Han/Elena Danaan about an ancient space ark found under the Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, and that this was the decisive factor in Russia’s surprise military intervention into Ukraine.

俄罗斯迅速接管赫尔松是一个强大的间接证据,它支持 JP 和 Thor Han/Elena Danaan 关于在 Oleshky Sands 国家自然公园下发现的一个古老的太空方舟的揭露,这是俄罗斯突然军事干预乌克兰的决定性因素。

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