X22报道|第3209集: 谁是沉默的小偷,你如何安全地保卫美国大选

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德国正在分崩离析,绿色新政正在撕裂这个国家。人民开始起义了。[DS] 现在正在构建网络叙事,特朗普将向人们展示[DS] 是如何在选举中作弊的。[ DS ]将被困住

X22报道|第3209集: 谁是沉默的小偷,你如何安全地保卫美国大选

Ep. 3209a – Who Are The Silent Thieves? Put An End To The Endless, 1913

谁是沉默的盗贼? 结束无尽的1913年

Ep. 3209b – [DS] Cyber Narrative Building, How Do You Safeguard US Elections? You Are About To Find Out

[ DS ]网络叙事大楼,你如何维护美国大选?你马上就会知道了

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Germany is falling apart, the green new deal is ripping the country apart. The people are beginning to rise up. As the economy implodes the people are now seeing the silent thieves. The [CB] will be pushed into a corner, there will be no escape.

德国正在分崩离析,绿色新政正在撕裂这个国家。人民开始起义了。随着经济的崩溃,人们现在看到的是沉默的小偷。[ CB ]会被逼到角落里,无路可逃。

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Streamed on: Nov 12, 8:00 pm EST

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The [DS] is now building the cyber narrative, Trump is going to show the people how the [DS] cheated in the election. The [DS] is going to be trapped and they will push their event. Trump has warned the people that war is coming and the people will need to make a decision. As the people see it all play out, they will accept what needs to be done.

[DS] 现在正在构建网络叙事,特朗普将向人们展示[DS] 是如何在选举中作弊的。[ DS ]将被困住,他们将推进他们的事件。特朗普警告人民,战争即将来临,人民需要做出决定。当人们看到这一切结束时,他们会接受需要做的事情。


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