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The ongoing Covid-19 scamdemic attack against humanity has exposed the cabal and its top leaders for all to see.That makes them an easy target and they are now being systematically hunted down and removed from positions of power.Japan's slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,for example,was"told to retire by Joint Chiefs of Staff member General Jay Raymond,"Pentagon sources say.Raymond,after stepping down as the head of U.S.space command"is the perfect JCS emissary,"they add.Abe was also forced to cancel the Olympics,which deprived his gangster friends of huge amounts of money they had been promised in exchange for going along with the Fukushima attack against Japan.

正在进行的新型冠状病毒肺炎袭击使阴谋集团及其最高领导人暴露在所有人面前。这使他们成为一个容易的目标,他们现在正被系统地追捕,并从权力位置。例如,五角大楼消息人士说,日本奴隶首相安倍晋三"被参谋长联席会议成员雷蒙德将军告知退休"。他们补充道,在卸任美国太空司令部司令之后,雷蒙德" JCS 的完美使者"。安倍晋三还被迫取消了奥运会,因为奥运会剥夺了他的黑帮朋友们得到的巨额资金,而这些资金是他们答应支持日本福岛核事故的交换条件。

In addition to Abe,the other leaders who are about to fall are those who have identified themselves with draconian fascist measures implemented against their own people on the orders of their Satanic Khazarian overlords,White Dragon Society sources say.


That means Germany's Angela Hitler,her pet Emmanuelle[sic]Macron of France,Canada's Justin Castro,and South Korea's Moon Jae In are all among those headed for the chopping block,the sources say.


The best bet is that France's Macron will be the next to fall.Just like Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu increased repression until his own security forces put him in front of a firing squad,Macron is upping repression in France.Propaganda"news"reports cite the health(death)ministry to say France is seeing an"exponential rise in cases."This is an excuse for the embattled Macron to call for another nationwide lockdown.Macron is also pushing 5G as a matter of"European sovereignty."

最有可能的情况是,法国的马克龙将是下一个倒台的人。就像罗马尼亚独裁者尼古拉齐奥塞斯库加强镇压直到他自己的安全部队把他送上行刑队,马克龙正在法国加强镇压。宣传"新闻"报道援引卫生(死亡)部的话说,法国正在看到"病例呈指数增长"这是四面楚歌的马克龙呼吁再次全国封锁的借口。马克龙还将推动5G 作为"欧洲主权"的问题



However,a report by the association of French reserve officers,compiled by a broad range of professionals with real-world,front line experience in the battle against the cabal's"pandemic"has reached the following conclusions:

然而,法国预备役军官协会(association of French reserve officers)的一份报告得出了以下结论:

Glaring inconsistencies and inexplicable"lacunae"invalidate the official theory


The management of the health"crisis"seems to be a pretext for a totalitarian global takeover


Totalitarian machinations:intention to impose a global cryptocurrency,a vaccine with nano-chips and a subcutaneous electronic chip


There is massive corruption at the heart of WHO and the most unavowable intentions 5G is implicated in Covid-19,with electromagnetic radiation having possibly highly potentiated:

世卫组织的核心存在大规模腐败,5G 最不可告人的意图涉及新型冠状病毒肺炎,电磁辐射可能高度增强:

The pathogenic power of the virus,or The Prevotella bacterium that caused the cytokine shock

引起细胞因子休克的病毒或 Prevotella 细菌的致病力量

The similarity between the lung damage observed by all emergency doctors and damage caused by the use of an electromagnetic weapon(plus permanent headaches,fatigue,burning sensations in the lungs,thrombosis,and loss of sensitivity to smell and taste,also cited as symptoms of COVID-19)


Many antennas were installed thanks to the lockdown,without concern for the"precautionary principle",despite it being otherwise widely cited,in particular,to hobble medical treatment"Covid-19"is a biological and electromagnetic war supported by a vast"smoke-and-mirrors"operation,which is sowing confusion among the ranks of medical and hospital personnel"Covid-19"could be the preparation for a much larger-scale joint operation combined with a smokescreen to conceal large-scale tests of the 5G weapon,for criminal ends that remain to be clarified 5G installations,both terrestrial and aerial(Elon Musk's satellites in low-Earth orbit),are clearly part of this"total war"project

新型冠状病毒肺炎是一种生物和电磁战争,得到了大规模的"烟雾弹"行动的支持,"新型冠状病毒肺炎"可能是为了准备一次规模更大的联合行动,结合烟幕掩盖5G 武器的大规模试验,以达到犯罪目的,而这些犯罪目的仍有待澄清。5G 的地面和空中设施(Elon Musk 在低地球轨道上的卫星)显然是这一"全面战争"项目的一部分

Dr.Jeremy K.Raines,an authoritative electromagnetic field engineer,reports that signals are used by the human body to regulate its processes,and warns that external electromagnetic signals can seriously interfere in this process.

权威的电磁场工程师 Jeremy k.Raines 博士报告说,信号被人体用来调节其过程,并警告说,外部电磁信号可能严重干扰这一过程。

No investigation has been carried out on the reaction of the Earth to the massive use of 5G technology despite it having been established that industrial activities(mining activities,oil and gas extraction,geothermal)can induce earthquakes

尽管已经确定工业活动(采矿活动、石油和天然气开采、地热)可以诱发地震,但没有对地球对大规模使用5G 技术的反应进行调查

Unusual earthquakes have taken place in France and municipalities have been declared to be in a state of emergency


The entire 190-page report will be posted on the letters to the editor page.


The French military knows they have a duty to defend their people and that means they must remove the murderous Macron government.


Asian secret societies have also said that a high-frequency electromagnetic attack killed large amounts of people in Wuhan China."Now these attacks are taking place at a global level and a war that is invisible to the naked eye is well underway,"they add.


While there are many aspects to this war that are"invisible to the naked eye,"we humans can liberate the planet by attacking the visible aspects.The process that led to the Fukushima attack on Japan and the subsequent fraudulent election of Abe in 2012 provides us with concrete targets.


In particular,the problem can be traced to the people who have controlled monotheism as a family business for thousands of years.For example,the leader of the current Antifa,Black Lives Matter,and other Bolshevik type attacks in the U.S.is……Leo Zagami,according to P3 Freemason sources.We have independently confirmed the forensic trail of control leads to Leo Zagami,who has fled Italy to avoid arrest by forces loyal to Pope Francis and the P3 freemasons.He is now hiding in Palm Springs,California,and play-acting like a devout Christian.


However,when Zagami came to meet me in Japan he showed me pictures of demonic entities and said he and his fellow Satanists could summon them using ceremonies involving five-pointed stars,just like in the movies.He said these entities could also cause huge storms,earthquakes,etc.


Zagami also said the most powerful entities could only be summoned via human sacrifice.Having been brought up as an atheist I just assumed at the time Zagami was using crude scare tactics designed to frighten superstitious monotheistic old ladies.Now I am not so sure.


Immediately after the Fukushima attack on Japan,Zagami sent e-mails bragging about the attack and claiming responsibility.He also said it was his group that was behind Marxism and the communist revolutions seen around the world.


With that in mind,take note that many people,including Q-anon,have noticed the U.S.Demoncratic Party's use of a Satanic logo,as seen below.

考虑到这一点,请注意许多人,包括 Q-anon,已经注意到美国民主党使用了撒旦标志,如下图所示。




Zagami's people also claimed to control Christians as their slaves.Judging from their behavior,this is probably true for some Christian groups.Here,for example,are a group of 2,700 brainwashed Christian Zionists(Satanists)preachers telling people to get their"vaccine."



The battle for the U.S.will continue over the coming weeks.But Antifa and BLM etc.Bolsheviks only have money and a few hired goons at their disposal.That is why they will lose against the patriots now systematically removing this filth from the U.S.body politic.I highly recommend they take Zagami,(who told me he ate human fetuses),in for serious interrogation.

美国之战将在未来几周继续。但是反 fa BLM 等等。布尔什维克只有钱和一些雇来的暴徒。这就是为什么他们会输给爱国者的原因,现在他们正在系统地清除美国政治体系中的污秽。我强烈建议他们带走扎格米(他告诉我他吃了人类胎儿)进行严肃的审讯。

The key battle for the liberation of the planet Earth of course centers around Israel,where courageous Jews are fighting daily to remove their Satanic leadership under Benjamin Netanyahu.


Here is what Pentagon sources have to say about the battle to liberate the Jews in Israel:


"Kissinger famously said Israel may not exist after 2020 and here are 3 more strikes:


[U.S.Secretary of State Mike]Pompeo failed to get Bahrain,Sudan,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Morocco,or any Arab state to normalize ties with Israel because they all know Israel nuked Beirut.These states insist on the Arab Peace Initiative(API)


With annexation rejected,the stage may have been set for[U.S.President Donald]Trump to compel Israel to return all Arab lands,evacuate illegal Jewish settlements,and withdraw to 1967 borders as per API.Doing so will win him the Nobel Prize.

随着吞并被拒绝,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普迫使以色列归还所有阿拉伯土地,撤离非法的犹太人定居点,并按照 API 的规定撤回到1967年边界的舞台可能已经搭好。这样做将为他赢得诺贝尔奖。

With France ejected from Libyan waters,NATO fracturing,and Italy afraid of casualties,The U.S.navy conducts exercises with Turkey.Turkey,with drones and Russian advanced weaponry,may defeat Greece and Cyprus who are partners with Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline project."


We can add that other Pentagon sources say the UAE only agreed to a peace deal with Israel because it had been threatened with a nuclear attack similar to the one that hit Beirut.We also note that Macron has also incriminated himself in this attack by using it as a pretext to re-establish French colonial rule over the country.


Overall,according to MI6 sources:


"The general state of the place around the world is indeed very chaotic and we will only remain on standby for so long before all the worlds'top brass say enough.The disturbing thing is civilian governments and their leaders have failed and are too weak.It is indeed a global civil war and the death throes of the controlling matrix present covertly in geopolitics for a very long time."


This writer traveled to Bill Gates'compound in Karuizawa,Japan to investigate reports of strange explosions there.After being denied entry,I interviewed neighbors and local contractors working nearby,but no suspicious activities or the presence of Mr.Bill could be confirmed.



It's a reporter's job to do boots on the ground research.Sometimes it pays off big and sometimes the well is dry.Nevertheless,in today's special effects,virtual reality world,we need to maintain a face-to-face,human network of information exchange as much as possible,to reject the interference of AI-generated personalities,especially on social media.




A WDS member,who was arrested in Indonesia on trumped-up charges and spent four months in jail,narrowly avoided a planned assassination attempt upon release.If the senior member is killed then the WDS promises the same fate shall follow for President Jokowi and the descendants of former president Suharto.

一名 WDS 成员在印度尼西亚因莫须有的罪名被捕,并在监狱中度过了四个月的时光。他在获释后侥幸躲过了一次有计划的企图谋杀。如果这名高级成员被杀,WDS 承诺,总统佐科维和前总统苏哈托的后代也将面临同样的命运。

In Asia,many long-term observers say what is going on is the fall of Babylon.If Babylon falls,the Jews will be free for the first time in 5,780 years.As someone who was brought up as an atheist,I never thought I would say such a thing but,we really are going through Biblical events.




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