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December 13,2021 20211213

Last night-on 12th December here in New Zealand,therefore 12:12-I regressed someone very dear to me.For new blog readers,I am a qualified experienced past life regressionist.To our amazement,her Higher Self started channeling information about The Event which is believed to happen before 21st December.In other words,within DAYS.


Please use your discernment as you read these excerpts from the channeling.I believe the integrity of the channeling to be sound because I closely observed the person as she was channeling and I know it to be a genuine deep trance.


I have put a paragraph at the end in bold because the information is astounding.Please don't miss reading it.




Channeling About The Event


'People will be shaken to their core by it...It feels like an earthquake,not necessarily a big one but a GLOBAL one...It happens all over the world at the same time...I do feel it's in December...It's not about fatalities but it will be something that has never happened before...It's enough to simultaneously affect every human...I feel like the shake AWAKENS more people.It stops people focusing on Covid-enough to question what on Earth is happening,and then that will awaken more people.I think this Event is orchestrated by off-planet beings...It's part of the plan.This is the first domino because it's something that no one can explain,so people start to question their reality.They will stop listening to the news because it's(the Event)inexplicable.Light workers just need to be prepared and not be afraid.It is nothing for us to be afraid of but other people will be afraid.Light workers will know.It's the only thing that can globally stop everything being about Covid...This is a start.It's a distraction.


Everything needs to have a shakeup before it can be resettled...There will be crashes in the financial markets.Things have to be destroyed first.It will appear terrifying to some people but we can't go on this way.There's nothing that can stop the(world)leaders regarding Covid unless it's something physically outside of their control.


Before the peace and prosperity comes in,first everything has to all come down,which takes time.Questioning the reality,the narrative,the control.And people will be angry that they've been separated for so long from other people.We've felt for so long that it's only our country but because this event affects the WHOLE globe,people will become very angry that they can't see people in other countries...And it makes them realize how we ARE our world and not just an insular country.So people will really want to see the borders open because their loved ones were affected too...Covid was a last ditch effort(by the dark forces)to get control...The biggest thing we can do(regarding the Event)is not fear,and hold the Light for everybody else.


I feel like it(the Event)will be a snapping inside people's brains,like a cracker going off.Like the shake literally snaps something back into place–like coming out of a fog.I feel this shake happening in a matter of days.I've got the 21st,but it could be 21 as in 2021.It is such a shift in timeline that there's no going back to before.


People will understand the truth at the level they need to learn it.Some people will have to start at the beginning,and understand the truth of the world and what's been happening for millions of years–the control,the darkness.That's why those people are scared because it's like a remembrance that comes over everybody.Some people,like light workers,don't need to remember much–but for others it's overwhelming.And that's why people could be yelling in the streets and other people are afraid in their homes-because suddenly the world is different and they are processing it.But it will be people like us who understand what's going on that can calm others–they will listen to and follow us.


Everything falls away.Every part of society that has been constructed to destroy humans–their health,their spirituality,their connectiveness–will be shaken up.Things like fast food–people will just leave the industry.No one will work there anymore.It will slowly all fall away,like dominos,in all aspects.


Everyone has had their chance to get to this point on their own.The people who are left are GOING to be shaken,with no choice in the matter.But everyone will get there eventually.It's an ego death for a lot of people.And money won't matter anymore-the rich and the people with big houses will realize that nothing matters.


People will have to let go,let it ALL go-the ego around their jobs.And they will need to learn self-love-not to rely on it from other people.That will come-with remembering who they are,they will remember what is good for them,good for their health.And they won't be able to go back.It's almost like it will be physically impossible to eat and drink how it was before.Things like meat will become repulsive.Over time.I'm not saying this happens in one day.But everything falls away.


Something will happen before Christmas.Because of the shake–or whatever happens,if it's a metaphor,whatever event happens before Christmas–the IDEA of Christmas will go.Suddenly it will be about PEOPLE.Because of what everyone had been through before Christmas,people will come together but the point of the day is that we are just grateful to have each other.Christmas as we KNOW it,or as you PLAN it,won't be the same.People will reach out to long-lost people.It's like a day of reconnection and celebrating being a human.


The vaccine and 5G–I think there's something in it(the vaccine)that is activated.It gets activated but there's an override from the Light and the activation(planned by the dark forces)goes wrong.I feel instead of whatever the activation was meant to do,it's more of an upgrade.So the people who GOT the vaccine NEEDED it TO upgrade.They are the ones who needed to be awakened.And when they(dark forces)flip the switch,it doesn't go the way they intended.It actually UPGRADES people's DNA.People can'see'again.So it backfires(for the dark forces).The people that took it(the jab)NEEDED it.The dark forces plan was hijacked.Because of the high vibration of other people on the planet–and them(light workers)doing the work right now–it can transmute it all.It can change it.The people who were so scared and turned on the unvaccinated,they are the ones that needed this upgrade.The ones who DIDN'T take it(jab),didn't need it.Or they knew there's nothing to fear.

疫苗和5G——我认为疫苗中有某种东西被激活了。它被激活,但是有一个来自光和激活(计划由黑暗势力)出错的覆盖。我觉得这种激活不是为了做什么,而是一种升级。所以接种疫苗的人需要它来升级。他们是那些需要被唤醒的人。而当他们(黑暗势力)按下开关时,开关并没有按照他们预期的方式运行。它实际上升级了人们的 DNA。人们可以重见光明。因此,它适得其反(对于黑暗势力)。注射疫苗的人需要它。黑暗势力的计划被劫持了。因为这个星球上其他人的高振动——以及他们(光工作者)正在做的工作——它可以改变一切。它可以改变它。那些非常害怕的人们转向了那些没有接种疫苗的人们,他们才是需要这次升级的人们。那些没有注射疫苗的人,并不需要它。或者他们知道没什么好怕的。

I'm getting the sense that when the earthquake–or whatever it is–hits,people suddenly think about the people that matter to them.That will happen around the world.It's like a near-death experience-your life flashing before your eyes and you realise what's important.The message gets through in that moment.Everything else falls away.The jobs,the money–NOTHING matters after this thing happens.It's like the feeling of a close call for everybody on the planet.'


Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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