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Documents Prove Treason At The Highest Level,Who Will Pay?



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2233解读|我们在一场并不存在的大流行中失去了太多……我们要夺回我们的国家The individuals who are a part of FISA/Spygate are terrified.Documentation proves the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign and propagated it with fake evidence.This is most likely the biggest story of all time,but the media won't report on it without a spin in their favor.

参与 FISA/Spygate 的个人都很害怕。文件证明,奥巴马政府监视特朗普的竞选活动,并用虚假证据进行宣传。这很可能是有史以来最大的新闻,但媒体不会报道这件事,除非有利于他们的报道。

As the Patriots slowly dripped out information,the media spun the narrative so the truth could be hidden.However,since so much information has been declassified,the truth is exposed and the media is backed into a corner.


FBI Attorney,Kevin Clinesmith changed Flynn's email to say the opposite of what really happened,so they could get a FISA warrant against Carter Page.In this case,the media didn't need to spin the narrative.The FBI knew all along this document was false.As this investigation unfolded,it has been proven by Comey's own memos,the FBI lied.Shouldn't this be the biggest story in history?Yet,the MSM is ignoring it.

联邦调查局律师凯文·克里斯密斯修改了弗林的电子邮件,说出了事情真相的反面,这样他们就可以拿到针对卡特·佩奇的外国情报监听许可证。在这种情况下,媒体不需要编造故事。联邦调查局一直都知道这份文件是假的。随着调查的展开,科米自己的备忘录已经证明,联邦调查局撒了谎。这难道不应该是历史上最大的新闻吗?然而,MSM 却对此视而不见。

Attorney Lin Wood,the lawyer who represented Covington student Nick Sandmann,has decided to represent Carter Page.News outlets have falsely accused Page of being a traitor.When Wood gets finished with the media for false reporting,they may be very sorry they lied,again.


President Trump is the hero of the century!He signed several Executive Orders,dropping prescription drug prices by 50%;expensive insulin went from exorbitant prices to pennies;epi-pens went from hundreds of dollars to a fraction of the cost.He has put more money back in the people's pockets,plus it allows overall affordability.


He also signed into law,the medical establishment must make known the cost of procedures and medicines prior to services rendered.Dark to light!


The death rate of COVID is dropping significantly.Most people do not want to wear masks anymore and are pushing against those establishments who once required them.Home Depot,Wal-Mart,CVS,Wal-Greens,Lowes and other large retailers seem to be back-tracking,saying they will serve customers even if they violate the mandated order.

结论:输卵管妊娠的死亡率明显下降。大多数人不想再戴口罩了,他们反对那些曾经需要口罩的机构。家得宝(Home Depot)、沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)CVS、沃尔格林(Wal-Greens)、洛伊斯(Lowes)和其它大型零售商似乎正在回头,它们表示,即使顾客违反了规定的订单,它们也会为他们提供服务。

CNN stated Black Lives Matter protests have not led to spikes in coronavirus cases,but singing in church,does?Riots in Portland do not,but a Trump rally in South Dakota does?Mingling in bars before 10 P.M.does not but after 10 P.M.,does?COVID germs spread in salons and gyms but they don't in airplanes?What a smart virus this is!


Does this make sense?Patriots are catching on and do not believe it!


X22视频2233解读|我们在一场并不存在的大流行中失去了太多……我们要夺回我们的国家This meme created by X22 has 4 masks.

这个由 X22创造的迷因有4个面具。

1)being a painter's mask,with dual filter systems.


2)being a miner's mask,covering eyes,nose and dual filter system.


3)being an asbestos mask,with the whole body being covered.


4)a mask for the most deadly virus in the world,is a simple breathable ripped up t-shirt,bandana or paper surgical mask.If it's the most deadly virus,why aren't we placing our used masks in bio-hazard bins?

4)世界上最致命的病毒的口罩,是一种简单的可呼吸撕开的 t 恤、大手帕或者外科手术纸口罩。如果它是最致命的病毒,为什么我们不把用过的口罩放在生物危害箱里?

A one-inch particle equals 35,400 microns.Viruses are.0005–.3.The person dealing with paint,the particles are.1 and 5.The micron particles of asbestos are.7-90.Again,the virus is.0005–3 which can fit through any fabric,yet we are told to wear surgical mask,home-made t-shirts and bandanas.Does this make any sense?

一英寸的粒子等于35,400微米。病毒是.0005-.3微米。与颜料打交道的人,粒子是0.15。微米级的石棉微粒是0.7-90。同样,这种病毒是0.0005-3微米,可以穿透任何织物,但是我们被告知要戴口罩,穿自制的 t 恤和头巾。这有什么意义吗?

When virologists are working around viruses and petri dishes,their body is completely covered in a hazmat suit with oxygen pumped in.Either we should be wearing a hazmat suit for COVID containment,or we have been duped.Don't worry,we are told the CDC has our best interest in mind.The Association of Medical Doctors and Surgeons has reported there have been no mask studies for effectiveness.

当病毒学家在病毒和培养皿周围工作时,他们的身体完全被氧气泵入的防护服所覆盖。要么我们应该穿防护服去控制 COVID,要么我们被骗了。别担心,我们被告知疾控中心会考虑我们的最大利益。医生和外科医生协会报告说,还没有关于口罩有效性的研究。

Our whole country is basically wearing masks.If they work,why are the cases reportedly going up?Shouldn't the numbers be going down,if masks work?Most people are wearing them.Logically thinking,these masks do not work.The narrative is about FEAR.If we fear for our safety we can be controlled.


Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to save lives.The MSM told us it would kill us and would hurt our hearts.They lied,again.A Yale professor admitted HCQ can save lives.So many lives lost all because Governors would not allow doctors to prescribe HCQ.Since when were governors allowed to practice medicine?It looks like there will be class actions lawsuits in motion.

羟氯喹已经被证明可以拯救生命。MSM告诉我们,这会杀了我们,伤害我们的心。他们又撒谎了。一位耶鲁大学教授承认 HCQ 可以拯救生命。因为州长不允许医生开 HCQ 处方,很多人失去了生命。从什么时候开始州长可以行医了?看起来将会有集体诉讼。

What we have in our favor,is many of these rioters have been trace-tracked and they are lying.Trump said he will help these cities if he is invited to do so.This proves he has nothing to do with these riots;it is the governors,the mayors,the paid protesters,etc.The DS is losing ground.They will most likely plan another false flag very soon.The DS may be using secret codes with each other.'Picture-woman-man-camera-TV.'Be vigilant,Patriots!

对我们有利的是,这些暴徒中的许多人已经被追踪,他们在撒谎。特朗普表示,如果有人邀请他帮助这些城市,他会这样做。这证明他与这些暴乱无关,而是州长、市长、有偿抗议者等等。DS 正在失去阵地。他们很可能很快就会策划另一个假象。DS 可能在彼此之间使用密码。"图像-女人-男人-摄像机-电视。"提高警惕,爱国者们!

X22视频2233解读|我们在一场并不存在的大流行中失去了太多……我们要夺回我们的国家Gov.Jay Inslee's daughter-in-law works for the Gates Foundation.They are all part of the same system.Ric Grenell indicated the following:Get rid of Jay Inslee as fast as you can.He's blaming law enforcement officers for these riots,saying the damage to Seattle is all their fault.Lies,all lies!It's the rioters who are causing all the destruction.It's all on video,Jay!


Regarding worship,the government cannot take these rights away,yet we are allowing them to do so.Why are religious institutions being targeted?Do they know about the power of prayer?


The people have the right under the U.S.Constitution to worship freely and that it will not be infringed.Did the Supreme Court just infringed on our rights to worship freely by capping off how many can attend?


This means this order is null and void.The SC cannot by any means,override the Constitution.We must stand up!We must say NO MORE!Nothing is above the Constitution.Our Constitution is still alive and well!


X22视频2233解读|我们在一场并不存在的大流行中失去了太多……我们要夺回我们的国家Every time the DS pushes us,we must speak out.We are free thinkers and being awake is their greatest fear.

每次 DS 逼迫我们的时候,我们必须说出来。我们是自由思想者,清醒是他们最大的恐惧。

People all around are flying American flags,for these and will be a huge source of encouragement.Flags will show unity and will show we are the majority.Flags will show we are a people united,not divided!United we stand!


We-The-People are taking back our country.We will be silent no more!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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