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This morning Emma and I were at a big outdoor freedom market. We were reveling in being surrounded by so many unmasked faces. It was a beautiful atmosphere. Suddenly, news came through that the whole country (NZ) will be at 'red traffic light' (tighter restrictions) as from midnight tonight. Emma and I looked at each other and said at the same time: 'martial law!'

今天早上艾玛和我在一个大型户外自由市场。我们陶醉于被这么多不戴面具的面孔包围着。这是一个美丽的气氛。突然,有消息传来,从今晚午夜开始,全国(新西兰)将处于“红灯”(更严格的限制)。艾玛和我面面相觑,同时说道: ‘戒严!'

We were chatting to an acquaintance of hers at the time we got the news. This person is awake to a certain amount of information so Emma and I decided to try and explain to her what we feel this more stringent lockdown actually means behind the scenes.

我们得到消息的时候正在和她的一个熟人聊天。这个人对一些信息是清醒的,所以 Emma 和我决定试着向她解释,我们认为这种更严格的封锁在幕后意味着什么。

It was an interesting experience. We realized that we need to get our elevator speech organized for when martial law is OPENLY declared. An elevator speech is a succinct verbal summary of a situation that can be said within a minute, eg an average elevator ride.


The most important thing was, we both felt excited. At last - movement! It is not macabre to feel excited when a new phase of the Alliance Plan unfolds around you in real time. Further restricting our entire population for an illness that is no more serious than mild flu is nonsensical. Maybe this will FINALLY awaken the population.


While Emma and I were sharing our thoughts about what is really happening, a man was listening in. He is now a reader of this blog based on that quick chat, so we must have done a half decent job with our explanation! He is double-jabbed, won't get the booster, and knows that this is all BS. The theme of double-jabbed people not getting the booster and knowing that it is all BS is becoming wide-spread. The dam has burst. Watch for a torrent of angry people who refuse to accept the BS any longer. Nice to have you on board with the blog, R...! 

当艾玛和我分享我们对真实发生的事情的想法时,一个男人正在偷听。他现在是这个博客的读者,基于这个快速聊天,所以我们必须做了一个半体面的工作,我们的解释!他是双重注射,不会得到的助推器,并知道这是所有的废话。双针注射的主题是人们没有得到的助推器,并知道这是所有的 BS 正在广泛传播。大坝决堤了。观察那些拒绝再接受废话的愤怒的人们。很高兴你能加入这个博客,r.!

What will happen next...? I am not sure. After a long Skype chat with my good friend Stephen in Sydney, we agreed that it is now almost impossible to work out who are the 'goodies' and who are the 'baddies' in this psy-op war. 

接下来会发生什么?我不确定。在悉尼和我的好朋友斯蒂芬用 Skype 聊了很久之后,我们一致认为,在这场心理战中,现在几乎不可能分辨出谁是“好人”,谁是“坏人”。

The ideal approach for Light Warriors is to chat among ourselves (something I do frequently with Emma and Stephen) and not get too attached to any of the high-profile characters in the play. Great movies have a plethora of plot twists - and this extraordinary movie is the showpiece of the entire Universe. All of our Galactic friends are watching, cheering us on. Enjoy it. That's my best advice. You will look back on this time in amazement. It's hard to appreciate the enormity of it while you are immersed in the thick of it.

对于《光明勇士》来说,最理想的方式就是在我们之间聊天(这是我经常和艾玛和斯蒂芬一起做的事情) ,而不是和剧中任何一个引人注目的角色过于亲密。伟大的电影有很多曲折的情节——而这部非凡的电影是整个宇宙的展示品。我们所有的银河系朋友都在看着我们,为我们欢呼。享受它吧。这是我最好的建议。你会惊奇地回顾这段时光。当你沉浸在其中的时候,你很难去欣赏它的巨大。

And keep talking to your Light Warrior friends. You will discover that it's not only your life that is changing extremely rapidly - it is happening to them too. It's very reassuring to swap stories of our growing disinterest in 3D life. As Jayde said in the previous post, you are not alone. We are in this together.

继续和你的光战士朋友交谈。你会发现,不仅仅是你的生活变化极其迅速——它也发生在他们身上。交换我们对3D 生活越来越不感兴趣的故事是非常令人安心的。正如 Jayde 在前一篇文章中所说,你并不孤单。我们是一条船上的。



Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as your re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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