X22报道|第2679集: 众所周知的经济剧本,第一波浪潮将是快速而有意义的

2022年1月18日16:33:21最新动态X22报道|第2679集: 众所周知的经济剧本,第一波浪潮将是快速而有意义的已关闭评论3521字数 1426阅读4分45秒阅读模式

[ DS ]的叙述正在土崩瓦解。大流行即将结束,世界领导人现在承认这一点,[ DS ]现在正在收回努力掩盖他们的踪迹,这是失败的,他们所做的一切都与科学无关,特别是福奇的建议。

X22报道|第2679集: 众所周知的经济剧本,第一波浪潮将是快速而有意义的

Ep. 2679a – The Economic Playbook Is Known, Future Proves Past

Ep. 2679a – 已知的经济剧本,未来证明过去

Ep. 2679b – The Initial Wave Will Be Fast & Meaningful, Signal Sent To [DS] & You’ll See The Tide Turn

Ep.2679b-最初的浪潮将是快速和有意义的,信号发送到[ DS ] & 你将看到潮流的转变

X22 报告发表于2022年1月17日


During the pandemic, the wealthier got wealthier, if the [CB] succeeded in shutting down the global economy these individuals would have made 10x more. The [CB] is moving forward with their Great Reset. The people are seeing the true nature of the economy. The [CB] is using the same playbook they used in 2009, 2019.

在大流行期间,较富裕的人变得更富有,如果[ CB ]成功地关闭了全球经济,这些人本可以多赚10倍。[ CB ]正在进行他们的大复位。人们正在看到经济的本质。[ CB ]正在使用他们在2009年和2019年使用过的剧本。


The [DS] narrative is falling apart. The pandemic is coming to an end, world leaders are now admitting this and the [DS] is now backtracking trying to cover their tracks, this is failing, everything they did had nothing to do with science, especially Fauci’s recommendations. Everything is now prepped, the patriots will begin the offensive, the initial wave will fast and meaningful, the [DS] will receive the message and the the people will begin to see the tide turn.

[ DS ]的叙述正在土崩瓦解。大流行即将结束,世界领导人现在承认这一点,[ DS ]现在正在收回努力掩盖他们的踪迹,这是失败的,他们所做的一切都与科学无关,特别是福奇的建议。现在一切都准备好了,爱国者将开始进攻,最初的浪潮将迅速而有意义,[ DS ]将收到信息,人民将开始看到潮流的转变。


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