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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 22,2021 2021922


This sentiment may capture the general consensus of the awakened.


Follow The White Rabbit 🌼 on Twitter: "Who else is ready for this total shit show to end? / Twitter"

Who else is ready for this total shit show to end?

The good news—the summer shit-show is over.The bad news—today we begin the autumn shit-show!For those in the southern hemisphere,you get the spring shit-show.Yummy.


The assault on Humanity continues to advance into towns and cities all over the world.How much more will the People take before they revolt?We hear the"red pill"is working.Let's hope the breakthrough happens soon.We are in sudden death overtime now.


The info/disinfo/misinfo and propaganda are wearing but until we're worn down to a nub,we will persevere.There is plenty of amazing stuff to look forward to and we will have earned it.We already have.I believe there is Light in the distance.


The media seizes on any opportunity to distract from the cabal's crimes and what is important and they didn't miss this one.The throngs of people streaming into America over the open Mexico border were in some cases sought out by Border Patrol on horseback because much of it is rough desert terrain and lacks roads.Like no one has seen a horse before,the morons tried to tell us they were whipping the illegal aliens.


National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) on Twitter: "For all you Twitter warriors out there: these are NOT whips. And no, Border Patrol agents are NOT "whipping" people.They are REINS... Stay with us here, like a steering wheel is used to drive a car, the reins are used to "drive" the horse. Thanks for coming to our TED talk. pic.twitter.com/r0n2kXHqvy / Twitter"

For all you Twitter warriors out there: these are NOT whips. And no, Border Patrol agents are NOT "whipping" people.They are REINS... Stay with us here, like a steering wheel is used to drive a car, the reins are used to "drive" the horse. Thanks for coming to our TED talk.

For the sake of a free-standing post for late bloomers,this is how they created and perpetuated a fake pandemic.The research referenced in this segment[under 2 min]is originally from Sharyl Attkisson(no"n"),an honest journalist who was fired from CBS in 2014 for fighting management to be able to publish the truth about"other things"the establishment doesn't want us to know.

为了给大器晚成的人提供一个独立的职位,这就是他们如何创造和延续一个假的流行病。这个片段(2分钟以下)中提到的研究最初来自 Sharyl Attkisson(没有"n"),一个诚实的记者,在2014年被 CBS 解雇,因为他与管理层斗争,以便能够发表公司不想让我们知道的"其他事情"的真相。


谋杀/自杀被视为 pic.twitter.com/r9gjjzscbk 死亡

—ZNeveri(@ZNeveri)September 21,2021

ZNeveri(@ZNeveri)September 21,2021

The Sinclair media group is letting Sharyl talk about this on air?That's interesting.Here's more.


We know that almost no one has died"of Covid".They may have died after having a false positive reading,along with their other pre-existing conditions,however.Suicide is NOT a pre-existing condition.


We know hospitals have been compensated massively for admitting patients as"Covid-positive",falsifying charts,administering Remdesivir,putting them on ventilators,and stating the patient died of Covid when it was pneumonia brought on by the treatment.They know how to treat pneumonia but they're not doing it—or perhaps only for the vaxxed.But that's another story…

我们知道,医院收治的病人因为"ovid 阳性"、伪造病历、使用雷姆德西韦、使用呼吸器,以及声称病人因治疗引起肺炎而死亡,而获得了大量补偿。他们知道如何治疗肺炎,但他们并没有这样做ーー或者也许只是针对 vaxxed。但那是另一回事了.....

We also hear that some coroners have been bought off to put Covid on death certificates when they died of other UNrelated causes,like a motor cycle accident or falling off a roof.Money speaks very loudly to some people.

我们还听说有些验尸官被收买,当他们死于其他不相关的原因时,比如摩托车事故或者从屋顶上摔下来,就会把 Covid 的尸体印在死亡证明上。金钱对某些人来说是很重要的。

It's not always the local people skewing the numbers;it's higher up.Now people are speaking out rather than remaining silent.This is outrageous,people.


Brenda Bock:I had a homicide-suicide the end of November,and the very next day it showed up on the state website as Covid deaths.And they were gunshot wounds.And I questioned that immediately because I had not even signed off the death certificates yet,and the state was already reporting them as Covid deaths.


Within a week of the murder-suicide,two more Grand County deaths popped up on the state's Covid count.Bock investigated and found out why she had no record of them.


Bock:Two of them were actually still alive,and yet they were counting them.Had I not called them on it and asked them who those were,where were they from,all the information about it and it's like,"Oh,well that was a typo.They just got put in there by accident."


The world needs to wake up,get out of denial,and realize the wolves are at their door.Stop perpetuating the lie and end this fake pandemic.It's time for the media's fear campaigns to stop.


Sharyl Attkisson:Serious Questions About the Way Covid Deaths Have Been Counted

 沙里尔·阿特基森:关于如何统计因Covid 死亡人数的严肃问题

It's a very convoluted and complicated situation on our planet.So much so that it's difficult to get facts and sort out the strategy.It is a war,and we knew there would be casualties.It is being fought in the most Humane way possible and to assign blame in some cases at this point is probably premature.


In a largely information war we will have to wait to learn what the game plan was.I know I'm not up to 5D chess.I don't even play chess.Or checkers.We know the Earth Alliance knew what would transpire well in advance so…There are still too many unanswered questions so we'll have to hang out in the bleachers and watch the match.

在这场以信息战为主的战争中,我们将不得不等待来了解这场战争的策略。我知道我不会玩5D 国际象棋。我甚至不会下棋。或者西洋跳棋。我们知道地球联盟事先就知道会发生什么,所以......还有太多没有解答的问题,所以我们只能在露天看台上观看比赛。

I am not saying I believe DJT turned.I'm saying some people put out information suggesting he did.I'm saying Romana Didulo put out a post saying something that could be construed that way.I don't know who she is,and I don't know what has transpired behind the scenes.Since she didn't name names,it could be anyone.And disinformation is put out by the White Hats,too.


I'm sharing what is out there,and encouraging people to think for themselves.I expect a big twist,and while the research from AIM is typically excellent,I don't know them either.I haven't forgotten it was Douglas'little charade with Defango that suggested Q was a nothing burger.We are chronicling the journey.It might put up flags for people to watch.AIM has a large following.So does Romana.

我在分享外面的世界,鼓励人们为自己考虑。我期待着一个大的转折,虽然 AIM 的研究是典型的优秀,我也不知道他们。我没有忘记,正是道格拉斯和德凡戈的小游戏暗示了 q 是一个什么都不是的汉堡。我们正在按时间顺序记录这次旅行。它可能会悬挂旗帜让人们观看。AIM 拥有大量的追随者。罗曼娜也是。

There are very large pieces of the puzzle missing,and while it would be very dramatic for the protagonist to be fatally flawed,it doesn't seem likely that in this massive undertaking he would let down so many people,does it?I said I needed to"process".And I have,and I don't see a need to make up my mind about anything today,or this week,or this month.



If you want to hear Janine's update about the Pisces Moon and its attributes,it might explain that little scenario of questioning.It's interesting.I don't often listen but was glad I did,right at the beginning of the video below.It was a powerful harvest moon and my sleep suffered.


Those who are trained and attuned to those things(Jesuits?)could have planned that exposé perfectly.I don't find it conclusive but anything is possible.I just hope I don't hate the end of the movie.I like happy endings.




The strategy to divide us worked splendidly,didn't it?Holier-than-thou,ignorant people continue to drive a wedge between us and are eager to steal the rights of Human Beings.They don't see the cliff ahead.The media in Canada has performed admirably and brainwashed the masses.


Luke Rudkowski on Twitter: "how do these people get a job in charge of peoples health? https://t.co/K67JmjT4C7 / Twitter"

how do these people get a job in charge of peoples health? https://t.co/K67JmjT4C7

I laughed out loud over this one.


J o r d a n on Twitter: "Stop complaining about your life. There are literally people living in Canada. / Twitter"

Stop complaining about your life. There are literally people living in Canada.

There are places where it's worse than Canada,unfortunately.Australia is having a really rough go with the New World Order.This is the plan for the rest of us if we don't stop this now.Speak up.Stand up.Do not comply.Contact your representatives and tell them you want this unconstitutional,in-Humane business to stop immediately.


There is no pandemic because,like everything else,the system was rigged.False positives,scare mongering from the media,bribed doctors,hospitals and politicians,suppressed cures and preventives like Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine,Zinc,Vitamin C,Vitamin D,Budesonide,anti-inflammatories.

没有流行病,因为,就像其他一切事情一样,这个系统是被操纵的。假阳性、媒体散布恐慌、贿赂医生、医院和政客、抑制治疗和预防措施,如伊维菌素、羟氯喹、锌、维生素 c、维生素 d、布地奈德、消炎药。

All of those provide rapid relief and complete recovery in most cases but hospitals are withholding them from the"unvaxxed",we're hearing.They are punishing the informed ones who refuse to get injected with the experimental and highly dangerous"Covid vaccines"which aren't vaccines.They DO use them on the vaccinated to prove to us that the vaccines are effective.See how that works?


The medical system is rigged just as much as the elections.It's illusion,disinformation,and mal-practice in the guise of"for the better good of all".


What has happened to our children is horrific but I assume they will never allow this situation to repeat in their world.They will never forget.


Art TakingBack 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Wtf is happening to Australia? We're next if we don't do shit. pic.twitter.com/XDGfWzmdFo / Twitter"

Wtf is happening to Australia? We're next if we don't do shit. pic.twitter.com/XDGfWzmdFo

I'm thinking we should make citizens'arrests of the crooked politicians pushing these crimes and vaccinate them all for their own good so they aren't high risk residents at the jail and don't infect other inmates.


We are making progress in some places.


Al Webb 🦅🇺🇸 on Twitter: "BREAKING: Michigan bill bans state covid vaccine mandates. / Twitter"

BREAKING: Michigan bill bans state covid vaccine mandates.

The news from the front wouldn't be complete without the galactic update.Patriot Underground brings us a succinct summary of the recent intel from Elena Danaan and Megan Rose in the video below which is basically just audio.If you found it difficult to discern Elena's French accent,you will find this very clear—and fascinating.

如果没有银河系的更新,来自前方的消息就不完整。爱国者地下组织为我们带来了 Elena Danaan Megan Rose 最新情报的简明摘要,下面的视频基本上就是音频。如果你觉得很难辨别出埃琳娜的法国口音,你会发现这种口音非常清晰,也很迷人。

It sounds fairly accurate to me but as Jetson White says,if this doesn't resonate then it isn't meant for you.There has been conflicting information over the years,ie.some have said the"Prime Directive"is pure Star Trek and not true but the Galactics are intervening in many ways.They can't do it all FOR us,but without them,their protection,their technology,their love,dedication and visits to our planet,we would not be here today and we would not be able to ascend to the higher realms as was designed.The star nations have been visible in our skies for many years.Some walk among us.


It irks me to hear that these cabal CEO freaks like Richard Branson are involved in"helping"us.This Richard Branson,of Virgin Galactic?



You may recall Tolec,our Earth representative from the Andromeda Council,who has delivered a lot of important information from his contacts over the years.I lost touch with Tolec,I think when I changed my email address again and see from the website that he is dealing with a serious health issue.We wish him a speedy and full recovery.


The links to the ladies'material are below the video on the Rumble platform if you wish to listen to them directly.Click the link below.37 min.

如果你想直接听女士们的歌曲,可以在 Rumble 平台的视频下方找到这些歌曲的链接。点击下面的链接。37分钟。

Patriot Underground Episode 91


Patriot Underground Episode 91

Elena Danaan & Megan Rose: Cosmic Disclosure Analysis Jupiter Agreements Liberation of Mars Negative Satellites Taken Out New Moon Base Med Bed Intel Nonterrestrial Prime Directives Underground and Sp

And here's another excellent and related one from the crew I didn't get to until now…it's a Gene Decode with illustrations.Good stuff.


The Ant Beings|with Gene Decode|Ep.2 S25|The Galactic Talk 

吉恩的蚂蚁生物|Ep.2 S25|银河谈话

This is an excellent capture in Italy.


Kab on Twitter: "Pleiadian Craft, Italy 2007 pic.twitter.com/rTQLORQIOJ / Twitter"

Pleiadian Craft, Italy 2007 pic.twitter.com/rTQLORQIOJ

You probably listened to the Project Veritas whistleblower story by now but Charlie Kirk is picking it up and lighting a fire under conservative Americans to get the word out that the New World Order is suppressing the cures that will heal and eliminate the Covid"virus"in just a few days AND skewing the data to deceive and coerce unsuspecting people to get the jab.The VAERS coverup is serious.


Our close friend who was in hospital with pneumonia on Remdesivir until his wife smuggled in the Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine,Zinc,Vitamin C&D,sent this audio to me this morning.He's doing great.Better every day.They had to get them from a compounding pharmacy via prescription from a doctor in Texas.It's so blatant now.

我们的好朋友雷姆德西韦因肺炎住院,直到他妻子偷偷带进伊维菌素,羟氯喹,锌,维生素 c&d,今天早上把这段音频发给我。他做得很好。一天比一天好。他们不得不从德克萨斯州的一位医生那里通过处方从一家复方药店买药。它现在是如此明目张胆。

Mike thought he was going to die when he was in the hospital,but within hours of taking his first undercover meds from his wife,he felt much better and made a miraculous recovery.People,doctors,and governments all over the world are telling us the truth about these remedies but compromised American hospitals are refusing to use them.


I have referred to the American healthcareless system as the"medical industrial complex"and Charlie Kirk does as well.Illness is a business,my friends.They are getting filthy rich on our sickness,misery,and suffering that they created.They are invested in keeping us sick—not in making us well.


They don't see people,they see Dollar$ign$.The insurance companies,bought-off doctors,hospital administrators and Big Pharma are all in it together.Medical fraud.Crimes against Humanity.


Del Bigtree has also done an excellent report on the VAERS scandal at the Highwire.com.

德尔·比格特里也在 highwire 网站上对 VAERS 丑闻做了一篇出色的报道。



We have to get the word out about this fake pandemic to stop the lamestream media lies.They keep reporting false facts,making up stories,generating fear,using the shame game to get people to accept the jab because they think it will protect others…it's crazy when you know the facts.


There is no pandemic.There never was.They created it out of thin air with junk science and their fake media.


Two critical facts to know:


There is no pandemic if there are effective treatments available.AND,there is no way to get a vaccine approved for emergency use if there is no pandemic.


Do you see the problem here?


The control freaks on our planet created a false"emergency situation";a fake"health crisis"so they could take extraordinary measures to advance their genocidal agenda.


They want everyone in masks because it is an instant visual trigger to strike fear into the hearts of people and convince them there's a boogie man out there.It reinforces the psychodrama and makes it difficult to communicate with each other.This is a psychological operation and they know exactly how to terrorize the population after decades of doing it.



They want us all vaccinated,folks;every man,woman,and child on Earth/Terra.They have been trying this for a long time and it didn't work.Now they're desperate.If they fail this time the NWO is done.

他们想让我们所有人都接种疫苗,乡亲们;地球上的每一个男人、女人和孩子。他们已经尝试了很长时间,但是没有成功。现在他们绝望了。如果他们这次失败了,NWO 就完了。

And they will NOT stop at one shot.My other half got the Johnson&Johnson[Janssen]shot."One and done",he thinks.I hope he's right.


People have died of many serious illnesses every year,including the flu,but the media never talked about those death statistics.The fact is that roughly the same number of people have died each year for the past six or seven years.The"Covid pandemic"made no difference at all in the death count in America—because there is no pandemic.


Now the death count is all they talk about—but they say everyone is in hospital or dying of Covid.It's simply not true.

现在,死亡人数成了他们谈论的话题ーー但他们说,每个人要么在医院,要么在 Covid 奄奄一息。这根本不是真的。

The most recent data from HONEST doctors and nurses all over the world tell us that the majority of people in hospitals now are VACCINATED.The non-vaccinated are healthy.It's not a"vaccine",it's an EXPERIMENTAL injection.My stance:Over my dead body.


Now a brave US government insider has stepped up and you can bet her career is over.Let's hope she remains safe.When a federal employee comes forward people need to listen.


Here's the link to the Charlie Kirk Show for free via Apple Podcasts.Please share this with people you know who need to hear what he says should be the biggest news story in the nation.It might save a life—or a lot of lives.Kudos to James O'Keefe once again for his courage and determination and to this brave woman.34 min.


BOMBSHELL:Project Veritas Report Blows the Lid Off VAERS and Ivermectin 

爆炸性消息:真理项目报告揭开了 VAERS 和伊维菌素的神秘面纱

The people running the world are psychopaths,folks.They're not like us.They lack Human empathy and compassion.They are entirely self-serving and predatory.They will do ANYTHING to survive,to win this war,and retain their stranglehold on their slaves:Humanity.Most Humans don't even realize they are prey.They're just beginning to figure it out.




The control freaks have launched attacks on some of the patriots who have gathered in a meeting of the minds to advance the initiatives to inform and warn the public.We have confirmation this report is true because Scott McKay,Patriot Streetfighter took to the road with a bus to do his part and he and some others at the events they organized got very sick.Scott still coughs in his podcasts,last time I listened.


BIOWARFARE BATTLEFIELD:Analysis–CDC,DoD running black ops missions to RELEASE pathogens across America,specifically targeting health freedom advocates BIOWARFARE BATTLEFIELD:


This is a little woo-woo.A bizarre situation and developing story in Phoenix,northwest of where I am.Structural ramifications suggest it's significant.Mr.MBB333 talks about that and the Canary Island activity.


There is something STRANGE going on in this N Phoenix neighborhood–Mysterious force felt in homes!

有一些奇怪的事情正在发生在这个 n 凤凰社区-神秘的力量在家里感觉

Agent A1 in the Great White Gulag updates us on the election fraud/treason,pedo world,and forecast.

特工 A1在大白色古拉格向我们介绍了选举欺诈/叛国,人道主义世界和预测。

A1 gives BREEZY weather forecast for many parts of CANADA A1


What's the easiest way to recruit for your army?Clones.Raise'em right.It's possible.Probably probable.Someone thinks so.And if all they have is a male and they need a female role filled—no problem!Dress him up!These people are sick.



All the world's a stage.The controllers just move their chess pieces around and watch the puppets perform the dance of the New World Order.



Ed brings us a new edition of Clown World aka News You May Have Missed.In case we thought we were sane.You'll see it all.Bozo/BoJo,the old Biden,Turdo,an all-star cast.What a movie.Not a comedy,but…it's getting more and more like a Monty Python skit.


Welcome to Clown World Vol.45 欢迎来到小丑世界第四十五卷

I see a huge number of comments awaiting moderation and I have painting to do.Until next time…stay sane.It's not over till it's over.~BP


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