本杰明|2021/09/20 圣经洪水还是世界和平;应该是哪一个?

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本杰明|2021/09/20 圣经洪水还是世界和平;应该是哪一个?

The eruption last week of a volcano on the Atlantic Island of La Palma has the potential to trigger a 100 meter(about 300 foot)tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the US,the Southern coasts of Europe,and large parts of coastal Africa and South America.


This comes after the three gorges dam in China came under heavy pressure from"once in a thousand-year flooding,"earlier this summer.If the dam burst,as many as 600 million Chinese would be affected and countless deaths would be recorded.


It is no coincidence these events are happening as the fake,criminal administration of Joe"rubber mask"Biden faces a September 30th fiscal year-end payments deadline it cannot meet.

这些事件发生之际,乔拜登(Joe Biden)虚假的犯罪政府"橡皮面具"(rubber mask)正面临无法在930日之前支付的最后期限,这并非巧合。

On the surface,this looks like high-stakes geopolitical poker between the US and China,each threatening to flood the other.


These threats seem to be connected to financial warfare as seen in the widely reported(in the West)imminent collapse of China's Evergrande Group and corporate propaganda reports about"budget deadlock"in the US government.

这些威胁似乎与金融战争有关,例如西方广泛报道的中国恒大集团(Evergrande Group)即将破产,以及有关美国政府"预算僵局"的企业宣传报道。

The Evegrande collapse,if related entities are included,would affect$1 trillion worth of debt and could impact the Chinese economy almost as much as a Biden regime default would affect the US,CIA sources estimate.


That is why this source initially suspected the La Palma and Three Gorges problems were linked to this US/China conflict.


However,fact-checking with multiple sources revealed a much deeper conflict involving the Thule Society,the French Grande Lodge de L'Orient freemasons,the Swiss-based Octagon group,the Italian P3 freemasons,and the Satanic pseudo-Jews who pull the puppet strings of most G7 so-called leaders.Parties such as the Chinese Lotus freemasons,the Scotts rite freemasons,the Russians,and others are also involved to varying degrees.


The startling discovery was that according to MI6,the thousands of earthquakes followed by the volcanic eruption in La Palma were traced to a"Haarp array"based not in China,but Norway of all places.


This is fascinating because last week a Japanese diplomat was murdered in Norway and Norwegian police seized$2 million in cash,according to Asian Dragon family sources.The money was to be used to finance the travel and protection arrangements for Dragon family members to monetize historical Asian bonds.These bonds,in turn,were to be used to finance a massive Western-led project to save the planet that would dwarf China's belt and road initiative.


The Haarp array in Norway identified as the source of the imminent disaster in La Palma is located around a massive underground base complex there.This base came under temporary scrutiny in late 2009 as the place of origin of the mysterious"Norwegian spiral."本杰明|2021/09/20 圣经洪水还是世界和平;应该是哪一个?
In other words,the Northern European Thule society seems to be involved.We contacted a Thule society source who linked it to events at the Thule airbase in Greenland and"a complicated connection between Greenland and what's under Lake Geneva."

位于挪威的 Haarp 阵列被认为是拉帕尔马即将发生的灾难的源头,它位于一个巨大的地下基地复合体周围。2009年底,这个基地作为神秘的"挪威螺旋"的起源地受到临时审查换句话说,北欧图勒社会似乎参与了。我们联系了图勒社会的一位消息人士,他把这件事与格陵兰岛的图勒空军基地的事件以及"格陵兰岛和日内瓦湖下的东西之间的复杂联系联系起来。"

Remember,the Octagon group that controls the fake Biden administration is headquartered around Lake Geneva in Switzerland.


Here is more from this source:


"Why do you think[Russian President Vladimir]Putin was really in Geneva on 16 June?To meet Biden?No,he wasn't…Genoa,Italy,marks the entrance of a 275-kilometer underground tunnel that allows submarines coming from the Thule military base in Greenland to reach the CIA¹s global headquarters under Lake Geneva.This seems to confirm the connection by the fact that Geneva and Genoa have similar flags with red crosses.The coat of arms of Genoa bear a Roman cross,similar to the flag of Switzerland and identical to the logo of the Red Cross,which also happens to be headquartered in Geneva,Switzerland."

"你认为(俄罗斯总统)弗拉基米尔普京(Vladimir Putin)616日真的在日内瓦是为了什么?去见拜登?不,他不是......意大利热那亚标志着一条长达275公里的地下隧道的入口,这条隧道允许来自格陵兰岛的图勒军事基地的潜艇到达日内瓦湖下的中情局全球总部。日内瓦和热那亚都有类似的红十字旗,这似乎证实了这种联系。热那亚的徽章上有一个罗马十字架,类似于瑞士国旗,也与总部设在瑞士日内瓦的红十字会的标志相同。"

本杰明|2021/09/20 圣经洪水还是世界和平;应该是哪一个?

"There is an ongoing clean-up in Switzerland.Besides flooding of DUMBS,mass arrests are taking place at Geneva global headquarters of the CIA,the Khazarian Mafia's lair(Octagon),and other localities in the surrounding region."

"瑞士正在进行清理工作。除了 DUMBS 洪水泛滥,大规模逮捕还发生在中央情报局日内瓦全球总部、可萨黑手党的巢穴(Octagon)以及周边地区的其他地方。"

We have partial open-source confirmation this is all somehow connected to the US because of the huge amount of airliners flying from Washington DC to Thule Airbase,in Greenland.本杰明|2021/09/20 圣经洪水还是世界和平;应该是哪一个?These flights contain prisoners,CIA sources say.

我们有部分开放源码证实,这一切在某种程度上都与美国有关,因为从华盛顿特区飞往格陵兰岛 Thule Airbase 的大量航班。中情局消息人士称,这些航班上有囚犯。

OK,now let us connect a few more dots to try to figure out what is really going on here.


P3 Freemason,MI6,and Mossad sources all say they are attacking the Octagon group-controlled French branch of the Rothschild family and their Grand Lodge de L'Orient Freemason servants.


This,for example,is what is behind the Australian submarine incident that is being played up in the corporate media.


As background,remember the C*se Communist Party was set up by Chinese agents educated by the French freemasons.They call themselves Grand Lodge de L'Orient because they consider themselves to be the secret controllers of Asia.


General Douglas McArthur,who set up the post-war regime in Japan,for example,was a member of this lodge.


The Chinese Communists(C*P)agreed to finance the fake Biden regime because the French Rothschilds promised them control of Japan,Australia,New Zealand,and ASEAN,according to Dragon family sources.


Here is some background provided by the CIA in East Asia:


The C*P has taken over the Australian government.They have promised them bribes so that they could absolutely wipe out the British dominance on the continent island for communist C*na to take it over.


So the treasonous Australian government has taken billions of dollars,in exchange for what they're doing and most likely this trickles down to the police and the military in Australia as well.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian has branded the covertly arranged AUKUS pact[the submarine deal]as"extremely irresponsible"double standards,urging the member nations to"abandon the obsolete cold war zero-sum mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical concepts."


The state-backed Global Times went further,claiming Australia had turned itself into China's adversary,and that"Australian troops are also most likely to be the first batch of western soldiers to waste their lives in the South China Sea."


Why would the Chinese be so upset about Australians buying Anglo instead of French submarines?The answer is the British,Americans and Australians stopped the French freemason promise to hand Australia to China.They put Australia under their nuclear umbrella instead.


Interestingly,the Russians are also helping in the fight against the French Rothschild Masons and their Swiss-based Octagon overlords.That is why Russian troops have been sent to Africa to stop French Rothschild theft of that continent's resources,FSB sources say.


This is what is behind the corporate propaganda messages denouncing the presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali.


Remember,Mali is where the French Rothschilds steal gold to pay their debts to the Asians.




We also saw the British intelligence-linked site Alcuin and Flutterby signal the British rapprochement with Russia by quoting Putin extensively on the criminal nature of the Khazarian mafia regime in Ukraine:

我们还看到,英国情报相关网站 Alcuin Flutterby 大量引用普京关于乌克兰可萨黑手党政权犯罪性质的话,表明英国与俄罗斯恢复友好关系:

Why meet with[Ukrainian President Volodymyr]Zelensky when he has accepted full external administration of his country?The most important issues affecting the functioning of Ukraine are not decided in Kiev,but in Washington and,to some extent,in Berlin and Paris.


What else is there to talk about?…the Ukrainian authorities are taking completely illegal measures,even outside their jurisdiction.Dissidents are simply killed in the street,and after this kind of crime no one looks for the criminal,or people are burned alive,"etc.



Perhaps this shift to Russia combined with the removal of German sleeper agents from the British government is why MI6 told us last Thursday:We are facing a complex cyber attack,so complex that we have lost a whole day to it and many people have to work very hard overnight.


The connections were sabotaged in the early hours of the morning and the cyber attack was so severe that it was on the radar of national security and law enforcement.Let's now take a look at some of the other things that happened around the globe during this eventful week.Perhaps the most important and least noticed news was that Iran was officially invited to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a permanent member.



This would mean that further Israeli attacks on Iran would lead to retaliation by Russia,China,India,and Pakistan,all of which are members of the SCO.And no,the U.S.and NATO will not start World War III by fighting the SCO to protect Israel,Pentagon sources promise.Thats why Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz broke with Israel's longstanding opposition last week to freshen up nuclear diplomacy with Iran,Mossad sources said.


Has Gantz closed the gap with US over an Iranian nuclear threshold? - DEBKAfile

No comment came from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett after Defense Minister Benny Gantz broke with Israel's longstanding opposition to fresh nuclear diplomacy with Iran. "The current US approach of putting the Iran nuclear program back in a box, I'd accept that," Gantz told Foreign Policy in an interview published on Sept.

This news,combined with the ongoing U.S.withdrawal from the Middle East,as evidenced,for example,by the withdrawal of U.S.missile defenses from Saudi Arabia,represents a complete shift in Middle East policy.Israel had hoped to convince Egypt to defend it,but Egypt has snubbed it.It looks like Israel now has no choice but to seek a lasting peace with its neighbors.


Meanwhile,in North America,more and more of the cool-aid drinkers(vaccine acceptors)are waking up.Rapper Nicki Minaj contributed by telling her tens of millions of followers the truth about vaccines by posting comments like these:

与此同时,在北美,越来越多的冷饮者(疫苗接种者)正在觉醒。说唱歌手 Nicki Minaj 通过以下评论告诉她的数千万粉丝疫苗的真相:

80%of the artists you follow now feel like I do about vaccines.And they are too afraid to speak out about it.


If they murder me and attack my character and make me look crazy or stupid,guess what?No one will ever ask questions again.Don't you see what is happening here?


When the phony Biden regime tried to hold another event for patriots in Washington on September 18 in a roach motel,there were far more cops,reporters,and undercover intelligence officers than there were protesters.The only person they were able to arrest turned out to be an undercover agent.


BREAKING: Armed Person Detained at J6 Rally is Undercover Agent, Pulls Out Badge (VIDEO)

There was a heavy police presence at the US Capitol on Saturday in anticipation of a rally in support of the January 6 political prisoners. Demonstrators will show support for the January 6 political prisoners on Saturday. Hundreds of non-violent Trump supporters are currently in jail awaiting trial for walking through the Capitol on January...

This means that these criminals are losing the ability to deceive and seduce patriots.


In California,Pentagon sources say military action is being prepared against Governor Gavin Newsom's regime after it was determined that a recall petition against him was a satanic psyop.This was proven by his 66.6%victory vote.The military attack will also target Facebook and Google headquarters in Palo Alto,California,and the CNN/AT&T disinformation node in Atlanta,Georgia,the sources said.

在加利福尼亚,五角大楼的消息来源说,军事行动正在准备反对州长加文·纽森的政权,因为已经确定针对他的召回请愿书是一个邪恶的心理战术。他66.6%的选票证明了这一点。消息人士称,此次军事攻击还将针对 Facebook 和谷歌位于加州帕洛阿尔托的总部,以及位于乔治亚州亚特兰大的 CNN/at&t 假情报节点。

We are also getting many reports from Canada where Manchurian Candidate Justin Castro is attempting a communist totalitarian takeover.It turns out Castro has been faking his own"Covid vaccine"(Certificate Of Vaccine ID)to fool Canadians into injecting them with DNA-altering vaccines.

我们也收到来自加拿大的许多报道,战略迷魂·贾斯汀·卡斯特罗试图接管共产主义极权主义。原来卡斯特罗一直在伪造他自己的"卡斯特罗疫苗"(疫苗 ID 证书),以欺骗加拿大人给他们注射改变DNA的疫苗。


Castro and his satanic regime are also involved in an attack on Christians in Canada.


More than 64 Canadian churches have been vandalized or burned in recent months based on a false story that mass graves of First Nations people have been found.Investigative journalists who actually visited the sites to investigate found no evidence of mass graves.


They also found that an overgrown cemetery that existed before the founding of the residential schools was referred to as a mass grave in several international media reports.However,the wooden crosses placed on the graves were rotten.None of this narrative is supported by facts,there were no mass graves,nothing was covered up.The Canadian military needs to wake up to the fact that the civilian government has been taken over by satan worshipping criminals.


In any case,representatives of the White Dragon Society and the Chinese Lotus Masons will be meeting later this week to try to put an end to all this unrest and hopefully find a win-win solution for the people of the planet.We should be able to share details of this meeting with our readers in next week's report.Hopefully,some reasonable leadership will be found soon.



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