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Unity is Power
New World Order
Debt money system
MSM propaganda for organised crime
Gold as money has value of its own
Real Wealth requires little money

Unity is Power


Our unity is the antithesis of the ego-worshipping Deep State psychopaths. Our desire for true freedom, justice and collective unity, defeat the enemies in our government and the criminal banking circuit.


“Where One Goes, We All Go”



深州陷阱|星际之门通讯Reads the proclamatory inscription on the ship’s bell on John F. Kennedy’s yacht, which added an extra dimension to its meaning to this slogan. This motto provides a code of honour against the diabolical Deep State enemy.

阅读约翰 · F · 肯尼迪游艇上船钟上的宣言性铭文,它为这一口号增添了额外的维度。这句格言提供了一个反对恶魔深州敌人的荣誉准则。

As more people awaken from their induced unconsciousness, the dark power loses its grip on our fear. This may without any historical parallel mean that in scope and importance, unprecedented revelations will soon take place,.


This will possibly cause an uprising among the unawakened segment of the population.


Becoming conscious, means disconnecting yourself from the mind control programming; by escaping from the effects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prison brought about by the MSM.

变得有意识,意味着把你自己从精神控制程序中分离出来; 通过逃离由 MSM 带来的身体、精神、情感和精神监狱的影响。

The actual rulers in each country are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes. To date, the path to total dictatorship can be laid all over the world by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Parliament, the President/Prime Minister, or the people.


New World Order


深州陷阱|星际之门通讯The Deep State operates freely within our government and political apparatus, through bribed politicians the so-called puppets. All abnormal developments in policy-making and agreements can be traced to this secret group preparing the world for their goal, viz. their New World Order.


Their tactics include manipulation of production, trade and economy, and oppression of the masses through fear psychosis, such as fear of war, disease, hunger, economic collapse, incarceration and mortality.


This line of behaviour has dictated global events for centuries and is their standard procedure. The methodology of enslaving civilisations is contrary to the survival of humanity and suppresses man’s natural instinct of doing good and being kind to others.


Debt money system


Keep in mind; the real purpose of government, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The debt money system is the cunning way to achieve this.


深州陷阱|星际之门通讯The world is financially, economically and morally bankrupt, but through manipulation and deception, people are led to believe that all is well. It is absolutely absurd that all bubble assets have reached their current peak, while wealth preservation resources have been completely demolished. The elite and the media continue to fool people about distracting non-existent states in the world.


The experiment with paper money began on 15 August 1971. “From now on,” said US President Richard Nixon, all foreigners who want to do business with us lose the right to exchange their dollars for gold. From then on, the value of the US dollar was determined by what people gave for it.

纸币试验始于1971年8月15日。“从现在开始,”美国总统理查德•尼克松(Richard Nixon)表示,所有希望与我们做生意的外国人都失去了用美元兑换黄金的权利。从那时起,美元的价值就取决于人们用什么来换取它。

Truth-seekers then held their breath. But nothing happened. Many died in the meantime, because waiting for the dollar to collapse took too long. The millstones of monetary history may be slow, but the longer it takes, the more puppets get caught.


The resulting paper money standard caused a global credit expansion – like the one in Paris at the time after the paper system of John Law (1671- 1729) collapsed.

由此产生的纸币标准引发了全球信贷扩张——就像约翰 · 劳(John Law,1671-1729)纸币体系崩溃后的巴黎那样。

Again to clarify; the US Federal Reserve prints US dollars, which citizens spend. These dollars as a reserve currency accumulate all over the world to a gigantic amount, and each central bank does its best to keep up with this printing process at the same speed in its own currency.


Soon, exporters were producing more because importers were consuming too much. And so it happened that the world became awash with too much money, circulating through so-called credit expansion. That, ultimately triggers collapse of the world’s monetary system.


MSM propaganda for organised crime


The MSM is the last bastion of the “Deep State” organised crime network, which 深州陷阱|星际之门通讯for many years, infiltrated virtually every country and governing body, and hijacking all basic institutions.

MSM 是“深层国家”有组织犯罪网络的最后堡垒,这个网络多年来几乎渗透到每个国家和管理机构,并劫持了所有的基本机构。

But now, their days are numbered and the collapse is likely to be fierce and shocking to those unaware of what is unfolding.


Where we are going, the Elite will not come along. They can certainly create chaos. However, Trump Team and our Alliance are prepared for these events, for which the military has received training and instruction. Even an Executive Order has been issued to introduce martial law.


The Awakening will not be pleasant for everyone, but remember it is our liberation from centuries of oppression and slavery. We will be able to make new -own – choices. This will be the great eye-opener, taking place without notice.


Miracles become more frequent as thousands of new technologies are released. In any case, don’t be surprised or horrified; be grateful and look forward, to your first real freedom ever, which will begin soon.

随着成千上万新技术的发布,奇迹变得越来越频繁。无论如何,不要感到惊讶或恐惧; 要心存感激,并期待着你有史以来第一次真正的自由,它很快就会开始。

Gold as money has value of its own


The malicious puppets and criminals of the “Deep State” have become afraid now that they feel cornered. For fraud and criminal activities, they will be executed by a military tribunal, where the death penalty is in force.


深州陷阱|星际之门通讯The cabal debt money system is on the verge of collapse and will be replaced by the people’s QFS money system. No more money will be available to this crime syndicate, as their income stream from drug money and illegal oil transactions has now been cut off. Ending market manipulations will escalate the gold and silver price.

阴谋集团债务货币体系濒临崩溃,将被人民的 QFS 货币体系所取代。这个犯罪集团再也拿不到钱了,因为他们从贩毒和非法石油交易中获得的收入已经被切断了。结束市场操纵将使黄金和白银价格上涨。

Gold is world currency; more than 5,000 years ago, gold was introduced as a new form of money. It is money that people can trust. It is not a promise, as debt money requires.

黄金是世界货币; 5000多年前,黄金作为一种新的货币形式被引进。人们可以信任的是钱。这不是一个承诺,因为债务资金需要。

This “gold money” is different from today’s paper money. People can rely on it, which makes it easier to settle a transaction immediately without enquiry. No need to remember to whom or what is owed. No need to speak the same language or live the same religion. That new “gold money” has value of its own.


The value of Gold and Silver, is stable. It will not fall by 25% or more over the course of a few days or year. There is also no central authority in the world that sets the price of physical gold and silver, or regulates its supply. It is a truly global currency. That is why gold and also silver is still the best way to protect yourself from reckless governments and criminal central bankers.

黄金和白银的价值,是稳定的。它不会在几天或几年内下降25% 或更多。世界上也没有一个中央权威机构来设定实物黄金和白银的价格,或者监管其供应。它是一种真正的全球性货币。这就是为什么黄金和白银仍然是保护自己免受不计后果的政府和犯罪的中央银行家伤害的最佳方式。

Real Wealth requires little money


深州陷阱|星际之门通讯Gold/Silver Money is real wealth because it is used to buy whatever you want. Money with value of its own is the instrument, to pursue your goal in exchange for time or knowledge spent.


The conventional view that wealth is money and leisure, is completely wrong. Consider, the owner of a vault filled with a conventional treasure trove of jewellery, gold coins, etc., is not a wealthy person, if the “wealth” remains in the vault. What is the point of owning this “wealth”? The secret satisfaction of being “rich”?


If “wealth” is only an internal state, then let the friendship measure needed or the desire for it be the value of “wealth”. Then everyone will understand the essence; that “wealth” is only an internal state of satisfaction, if so, then a vault full of “money” is a poor measure.

如果“财富”只是一种内在的状态,那么让友谊衡量所需要的或对它的渴望成为“财富”的价值。这样每个人都会明白其中的本质: “财富”只是一种内在的满足状态,如果是这样的话,那么一个装满“钱”的金库就是一个糟糕的衡量标准。

深州陷阱|星际之门通讯What money buys in real wealth is ‘freedom’ and ‘control’ over your life. This control over your life is called ‘action’. Action is defined as “the capacity of an actor to act in a given environment.”


This may not seem like a profound concept, another way to describe action is; that action is the opposite of helplessness.


People with activity, or motivation define their own identity; they shape the world they live in, rather than passively waiting to see what is offered.

有活动或动机的人定义自己的身份; 他们塑造自己生活的世界,而不是被动地等待看到提供什么。

In the real world, people with motivation and ambition are driven; they change their course when things are no longer favourable in a given situation.

在现实世界中,有动力和雄心壮志的人会受到驱使; 当情况不再对他们有利时,他们会改变自己的路线。

Action is not only the opposite of helplessness; It is also the opposite of duped, that is, the state where others are liable for all the nuisances and difficulties they face.


Action and self-responsibility are two sides of the same coin: each manifests the other.

行动和自我责任是同一枚硬币的两面: 它们各自体现着对方。

“Opportunity”, is a form of wealth – and so is the ability to create opportunities that are achievable. Though an arbitrary element for this situation exists – that is; luck. However, the ability to take the chance is not a matter of luck.


It requires a specific need for risk, perseverance, and the ability to discern how well the opportunity can be taken, and how to access the capital needed to take the opportunity.


Capital is a type of wealth that is not limited to ‘money’: capital also includes character traits, social networks, experience, insight and knowledge. These forms of capital are often more important than ‘money’ itself as capital.

资本是一种不仅限于“钱”的财富: 资本还包括性格特征、社交网络、经验、洞察力和知识。这些形式的资本往往比作为资本的“货币”本身更重要。

As for ‘money’ for buying leisure; “Leisure” in abundance is a disaster for the vast majority of human beings. People are conceived to be useful to others, to participate in something greater than themselves, to gain dignity and pride by doing purposeful work; regardless of whether or not they are paid for it.

至于购买休闲的“金钱”,对于绝大多数人来说,“休闲”泛滥是一场灾难。人们被认为对他人有用,参与比他们自己更重要的事情,通过有目的的工作获得尊严和自豪感; 不管他们是否因此得到报酬。

This is why people with lots of ‘money’, and endless free time are so miserable. Their lives are an endless treadmill of frivolous consumption, neurotic self-pity, abnormally chronic anxiety about their health, endless heartache, for which they consult dozens of counsellors. And saddest of all, swallow medicines in abundance for that to ease the dissatisfaction of their emptiness and the burden of their aimlessness.


‘Money’ is useful only as a means of acquiring real wealth, where activity, opportunity, and time are available to pursue ideals.


There are many people who can spend €600,000 a year on various things, for their lifestyle, but they are not ‘rich’ – because they lack activity and time for work that is meaningful to them: they are ‘spiritually’ poorer than someone earning a fraction of their income.

有许多人每年可以在各种生活方式上花费60万美元,但他们并不“富有”——因为他们缺乏对他们有意义的活动和工作时间: 他们“精神上”比那些收入只占他们收入一小部分的人更贫穷。

Real wealth, in fact, does not need a lot of money. It takes some money, but the amount depends on the cost of fulfilling ambitions, opportunity and time. For those with few needs for far-reaching priorities, the cost is minimal.


As for acquiring capital – the most important types of capital do not require much money; such as determination, self-discipline, organisational talent, interest in increasing knowledge and work, an insatiable curiosity, a generous heart, a feeling for friendship and perfection, for the purposeful pursuit of set goals – are tools for acquiring real wealth.

至于获得资本——最重要的资本类型并不需要太多的金钱; 比如决心、自律、组织才能、对增加知识和工作的兴趣、永不满足的好奇心、慷慨的心、对友谊和完美的感觉、有目的地追求既定目标——都是获得真正财富的工具。

深州陷阱|星际之门通讯Wake up, get up, turn off your TV, take to the streets, unite and protest to reclaim your freedom!!!

起床,起床,关掉电视,走上街头,团结起来,抗议,夺回你的自由! ! !

Let this article go viral by sending it to all your acquaintances and friends. Encourage them to do the same and participate in the “total liberation of planet Earth!” operation.



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