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Michael Baxter 迈克尔·巴克斯特


A military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay has convicted Microsoft Founder Bill Gates on charges including child trafficking,pedophilia,conspiracy,money laundering,murder,and public health endangerment—the conclusion of five days of heated testimony that repeatedly saw Vice Adm.John G.Hannink of the U.S.Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps square off against attorney David Baluarte.

认罪/惩罚关塔那摩湾的一个军事法庭判定微软创始人比尔·盖茨有罪,罪名包括贩卖儿童、恋童癖、阴谋、洗钱、谋杀和危害公共健康——这是为期五天的激烈证词的结束,美国海军军法署副署长约翰·汉宁克(John G.Hannink)多次出庭反对律师大卫·巴伦特。

The fireworks continued Wednesday morning as Vice Adm.Hannink offered into evidence additional proof of Gates'illicit ties to the vaccine industry.Documents obtained from Gates'personal server outlined how he in 2011 distributed vaccines"carrying serious side effects up to and including death"to 41,000 children in poverty-stricken India,after meeting"mild"resistance from vaccine distributors in the U.S.Gates claimed the vaccination granted absolute immunity against a strain of"super polio"that was ravaging the impoverished.


Rather than inoculate recipients against polio,the vaccine exacerbated it and left over 40,000 children crippled or dead.And while cases of polio indeed were on the rise,the mysterious"super polio"was pure fiction,invented by Gates and a consortium of international vaccine distributors.Gates even travelled to India to help administer the product,which was often given orally,as a sign of good faith.


"By his own documents,Gates and his people had waged a massive marketing campaign to convince the people of India that his"super polio"was resilient to current vaccinations and that only his product,which he personally endorsed,could stave off the imaginary,virulent strain.He had the audacity to handfeed his poison to innocent children,"Vice Adm.Hannink addressed the tribunal.


Baluarte objected:"Let's pretend a moment that this court is just.Let's further pretend these outlandish tales are true.How,tell me,can an American military court prosecute for crimes against foreigners on foreign soil?"


"If all things were equal,that would be correct,"Vice Adm.Hannink admitted."But all things are not equal.American missionaries worked alongside medical staff in India.Some of those American missionaries had young children—children who took the Gates vaccine."


Six of six children,Vice Adm.Hannink said,developed complete and irreversible paralysis,followed by cerebral hemorrhaging and death within 90 days of inoculation.


Since the children were American citizens,born to American parents,the military had authority to prosecute Gates for their deaths,as is stipulated in the Insurrection Act of 1807,which Donald J.Trump activated prior to leaving office.


"Gates'diabolical ventures didn't stop with India,"Vice Adm.Hannink told the 3-officer panel."Four years later,he repeated his so-called humanitarian mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—that time claiming he'd developed a cure for HIV.And while we can't prove any Americans died of that drug,we know at least 27,000 Africans did—and this all points to motive."


Vice Adm.Hannink pivoted to more current events,questioning Gates'relationship to Dr.Anthony Fauci.


"You met privately with Fauci five times,at his home and yours,between December 2019 and July 2020.Your own documents discussed'donating'tens of millions of dollars to pharmaceutical manufacturers in exchange for getting 10 times your'investment'back once vaccines were marketed.In your own words,Fauci approved of the idea.If you're such a philanthropist,why were you expecting kickbacks?"Vice Adm.Hannink said.


Gates'lawyer instructed him to not answer the question.


"And did you not discuss placing what you referred to as a'nano-centric biometric recorder'into vaccines—a chip,as it were,that would send biomedical data of recipients back to the vaccine manufacturers and to the NIH and to the CDC without the recipient's knowledge?"Vice Adm.Hannink went on."This invasion of privacy—and we are working to determine if this took place and the scope—is just another of example of Gates'madness.We believe the Office of Military Commissions has offered enough prove to convict the accused and sentence him to death.But that decision is in your hands,"he told the 3-officer panel.


The officers needed not one minute to reach a unanimous decision;they found Gates guilty on all charges and asked that he be hanged for his atrocities.Vice Adm.Hannink set an execution date of October 5,2021.




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