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Michael Baxter 迈克尔·巴克斯特


At the conclusion of Day 3,which took place last Wednesday,the U.S.military claimed to have evidence proving that Gates,or people on his behalf,injected at least 250 unsuspecting persons with an experimental influenza vaccine designed to slowly erode bodily organs and eventually cause death.Gates'lawyer,the animated and theatrical David Baluarte,asked for a continuance so he could speak to his client in private.When the trial resumed Thursday morning,Baluarte asked the U.S.Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps to produce the corpses of all 250 alleged victims,so that he could hire an independent forensic pathologist to exhume and examine the corpses.


"But you can't do that,can you,Vice Adm.Hannink?You know why you can't?Because those people do not exist,and the injections never happened.You're attempting to prosecute this man based on roleplaying games he had with friends.Nothing more;nothing less.Were they morbid?Yes.Were they criminal?No.This tribunal is a sham,"Baluarte said.


Vice Adm.Hannink,however,seemed prepared for Baluarte's challenge.


"Bill Gates is arrogant and a narcissist,"Vice Adm.Hannink said,pointing at the accused,"but he isn't sloppy.Even if there were bodies to exhume,it's doubtful we'd find much after 20 years.But Bill made sure no exhumations would ever happen.All were cremated,in some cases in defiance of the decedent's last wishes."


He showed the tribunal an ad the fledgling Gates Foundation had published in the Seattle Times in August 2001.The ad sought volunteers to receive a'revolutionary'influenza vaccine that,the ad said,would last 5 years and automatically interact with the human body to combat yet unknown variants of seasonal influenza.Participants,the ad went on,had to be between 65-75 years old and have no chronic ailments such as heart disease or diabetes.Recipients of the diabolical concoction had to sign a battery of non-disclosure agreements and a waiver absolving the Gates Foundation,Microsoft Corporation,and Harborview Medical Center,where the drug was administered,of"loss of life."Moreover,it indemnified Chiron Corporation—Gate's biotech partner at the time—against any recrimination stemming from receipt of the so-called vaccine.

他向法庭展示了20018月新成立的盖茨基金会在《西雅图时报》上发表的一则广告。这则广告招募志愿者接种一种革命性的流感疫苗,广告说,这种疫苗可以持续5年,并且能够自动与人体相互作用,以对抗季节性流感的未知变种。参与者的年龄必须在65-75岁之间,没有心脏病或糖尿病等慢性病。这种恶魔药物的接受者不得不签署一系列保密协议,并签署豁免书,免除盖茨基金会、微软公司和服用该药物的港景医疗中心(Harborview Medical Center)"生命损失"此外,它还保护了当时盖特生物技术合作伙伴凯龙公司免受所谓疫苗接种引起的任何指控。

Baluarte interrupted,asking from where the military got its copy and,more importantly,from where he could obtain a copy to verify its veracity.He said the Office of Military Commissions could have drawn the ad on photoshop simply because the military hates his client.

巴鲁阿特打断了他的话,问军方是从哪里得到这份拷贝的,更重要的是,他从哪里可以得到这份拷贝来证明它的真实性。他说,军事委员会办公室之所以在 photoshop 上绘制这则广告,仅仅是因为军方讨厌他的客户。

"Bill Gates,detainee Bill Gates,is very good at purging digital data.And what was then a very rudimentary internet—well,he had no problem making sure that any digital records were destroyed or deleted.He is not so thorough at eliminating analog evidence,and fortunately for the prosecution,the Seattle Times was still backing up its print on microfiche,"Vice Adm.Hannink said,and produced a small,metal canister."We also obtained from Harborview a list of the 253 recipients,and paperwork bearing Gates'signature.


Baluarte objected,claiming JAG had whimsically invented 3 new fatalities.

反对,声称 JAG 异想天开地发明了3个新的死亡事故。

"You said 250?Now it's 253?Which is it?"Baluarte barked.


Vice Adm.Hannink made a startling revelation;he said there were 3 added participants who had miraculously survived the Gates vaccine,but two of whom perished years later.


"Amazingly,one still lives,now 91-years-old.And I think we should hear what she has to say,"Vice Adm.Hannink addressed the panel.


Via ZOOM,a woman who identified herself as'recipient 163,'Mary Johnson,appeared on screen,a faint smile on her weathered face.

自称"163号受赠者"的玛丽·约翰逊(Mary Johnson)出现在屏幕上,她饱经风霜的脸上带着淡淡的微笑。

She spoke slowly,giving each word its owed space:"I received the shot on August 24,2001,at the advice of my physician after showing him the advertisement.The influenza season was about to hit,and I didn't want to get sick.I also have a phobia of needles,so when I heard I could get a shot to last five years,I was thrilled.The leaflet said the shot was safe and effective and might have only mild side effects—sore arm,brief chills,mild fever,that sort of thing.I read that it was sponsored by Bill Gates Foundation and Chiron and didn't think twice—until a year later."

她慢吞吞地说着,每个字都有自己的空间:"2001824日,在我的医生给他看了广告之后,我接到了这张照片。流感季节即将来临,我不想生病。我也有针头恐惧症,所以当我听说我可以打针持续五年的时候,我很兴奋。传单上说,这种疫苗安全有效,可能只有轻微的副作用ーー手臂酸痛、短暂的寒战、轻微的发烧等等。我在报纸上看到,它是由比尔盖茨基金会(Bill Gates Foundation)和凯龙基金会(Chiron)赞助的,直到一年后才想起来。"

Twelve months later Ms.Brown endured catastrophic organ failure.First,cortical necrosis of the kidneys that needed a double transplant.Then,unexplained sclerosis of the liver,even though she did not drink or take medications known to cause such a condition.A month later,she had acute appendicitis and had to have her appendix removed,followed by her gallbladder a month later.Three months later,she survived two heart attacks in a month;a year later,her optic nerves dissolved,leaving her with less than 15%of vision.Her physician called it"inexplicable systemic,cascading organ failure,"but Ms.Johnson insisted Gates'vaccine caused her rapid decline in health.


"Look,I wasn't young,but I wasn't in poor health,and it's a damn miracle I'm still alive today.And here's the kicker—after my liver transplant,I got a phone call in the hospital,and the caller said he was Bill Gates,and he asked me how I was doing.I was so doped up on morphine I didn't know what I was saying,but I said something like'Oh,hi,Bill,I'm glad you're checking up on me.'And he said to remember I signed agreements,agreements that had to be honored,and hung up,"Ms.Johnson told the tribunal.


"If I'd known my organs would liquify,I'd never have taken that crap,"she said,breathing heavily between words.


Following her testimony,Vice Adm.Hannink put the tribunal in recess until after the holiday weekend,to resume Tuesday,September 7.




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